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10 Most Profitable Items in the Luxury Fashion Dropshipping

The dropshipping business model is currently the easiest and safest way of becoming a successful online entrepreneur. Especially in the industry of luxury fashion dropshipping. Did you know that the chances of succeeding in dropshipping luxury fashion are far greater than in every other industry?

Firstly, this conclusion is based on nothing else but real and trustworthy data. In fact, the sector for luxury fashion is the largest segment of the luxury goods market. The revenue in the luxury goods industry by the end of 2020 it’s forecasted to reach US$285,137m, from which US$94,313m belongs to the luxury fashion segment.

Therefore, don’t lose valuable time reflecting on whether to start a luxury clothing dropshipping business. Rather, start reflecting on which are the most profitable items in the luxury fashion dropshipping industry. Opportunities for success in the industry of luxury fashion are huge and the palette of the most profitable items is wide-ranging.

Each one is more popular than the next, and if you’re willing, you may even sell all product categories at once.

Designer Women’s Clothing

Undoubtedly, luxury women’s clothing is among the most profitable dropshipping niches. Under this category fall some of the most profitable items to dropship including women’s jeans, dresses, shirts, and blouses.

The popularity of women’s boutique clothing is always at the highest level. The reason why it’s so popular is that women are known to be bigger online shoppers than men (72% vs. 68%) and, in addition, the most popular online category for women is the clothing segment.

Designer Eyewear

Eyewear is always in demand. If your target audience is at a global level, you are safe because at any time of the year the Sun will be shining somewhere. Women’s and men’s eyewear are always popular – especially branded eyewear. The reason for this is that no one likes to wear cheap sunglasses that would cause damage to their sight. The most popular branded eyewear includes Armani, Christian Dior, Carrera, Jimmy Choo, Just Cavalli, Miu Miu, and many more.

Throughout the past year, people have searched for this term during spring and the beginning of fall, mostly in Canada, the U.S., the U.K., and Australia. By default, these should be the top markets for luxury fashion dropshipping.

Designer Shoes

There is a famous saying that goes “You can tell a lot about a person by looking at their shoes”. Not that this is the sole reason why both women’s and men’s shoes are considered a very important part of a person’s outfit. However, they play a huge role in making or breaking a style by having both the characteristics of an accessory and necessity.

Designer shoes have always been very popular and profitable items in the luxury fashion dropshipping industry so having them in your dropshipping store is a must. To acquire the best you need to find a reliable dropshipper that offers high-class shoes from luxury brands.

Designer Sleepwear for Women

This is one of the most underrated categories for online shopping. Sleepwear is always needed, no matter if you’re buying it yourself or as a gift. And on top of that, in the last years, it’s seen significant popularity in the global sleepwear market. The top reason for the growth in this segment is the rise in sustainability in the manufacturing sector. People are more and more appreciative of sustainable materials, therefore a change in their buying habits is notable. Today they would most likely buy premium designer sleepwear over cheap sleepwear made of unsustainable materials.

Designer Men’s Bow Ties

When it comes to attending a special event, men tend to invest in premium designer clothing and accessories. One of the most important accessories for men is the ‘bowtie’. This is where men show their style and taste. As their suits usually are in black or blue hues, the bowtie is the element chosen for showing glam.

Designer men’s bowties are one of the most profitable items in luxury fashion dropshipping for men. If you are thinking about selling men’s accessories from luxury brands, bowties are indispensable to feature in the collection. The competition in the dropshipping industry is not something to be feared if you choose the right supplier of designer men’s bowties. By targeting some good keywords, you can manage to rank higher in search engines and sell your bowties like candies.

Designer Socks

Colorful designer socks are the new trend that everyone is following in the last couple of years. Today, the more extravagant socks you wear, the more stylish you are. Celebrities, public figures, and social media influencers have played an instrumental role in setting this trend and it seems like is one of those that won’t stop anytime soon.

Is no wonder why designer socks made it on the list of most profitable items in the luxury fashion industry. People are more than ever interested in buying designer socks and that’s where you should step in. Dropshipping socks from luxury brands is another way of boosting sales quickly.

Designer Women’s Handbags

Another item that dominates the list of the top most profitable items in the luxury fashion dropshipping industry is the woman’s handbag. Every woman wants to have at least one designer handbag in her closet. It would be enough to have even one designer handbag if that one is a Michael Kors handbag.

Like women’s apparel, designer handbags are a great category to sell. Women are crazy about handbags. Therefore, we can conclude that designer handbags never go out of fashion, so it’s wise to sell handbags if women are your target audience.

Designer Lingerie

Another item for the ladies. Designer lingerie is possibly one of the best luxury categories to dropship if women are your target. Similar to the sleepwear category, lingerie has become one of the most profitable items in the luxury fashion dropshipping industry in recent years. The global lingerie market is steadily growing and it’s expected to reach 49.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2025.

All in all, women admire premium materials, especially when it comes to lingerie. Therefore, having pieces of designer lingerie made from silk, especially from high-end brands like Dolce & Gabanna, will definitely make your store women’s favorite shopping station.

Designer Jewelry

Premium designer jewelry is a magnet for online buyers. It’s something that doesn’t need to be tried out which is a big advantage when shopping online. The biggest pickle for online buyers might be non knowing if a particular item would fit them properly.

Furthermore, if they are looking to buy a present, it could be an even bigger problem. So, buying a piece of designer jewelry is the best way to choose a present for someone without having to worry about which size that person wears.

Designer Watches

Last, but not least, are designer watches. Regardless of your target audience, featuring watches in your collection of luxury products could only benefit you. Both women and men wear watches on a regular basis, and mostly for style. Everyone knows that today’s use of smartphones has rapidly replaced watches.

Luckily, watches still haven’t gone out of style as people continue to wear them as fashion accessories. This is the reason why designer watches remain among the most profitable items in luxury fashion dropshipping. Dropshipping designer watches is a good idea if you want to captivate the attention of true collectors and fanatics that enjoy buying high-class accessories.

In a Nutshell

Finally, to reach a wider audience in the luxury fashion dropshipping industry, you need to take into account these top ten most profitable items. Of course, if you are a newbie in this area it’s not necessary to feature them all at once in your collection of products. However, ensure to find a supplier that offers dropshipping luxury products and has a wide portfolio of premium products.

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