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22 Instagram Ads Examples That Will Inspire Your Next Campaign

Nedina Gjorgjieva
15 minutes
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Scoring fourth on Statista’s list of most popular social media networks, it’s no secret why Instagram is such a favorable platform for marketing purposes. Fashion dropshipping stores around the world have seen splendid results with Instagram advertising primarily because up to 72% of customers have reported that their purchasing decisions are influenced by Instagram content, states Zippa.

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However, in order to benefit from the platform’s wide exposure, you’ll need to do your part as well and create a converting clothing campaign that will be good enough to fish for customers.

Fortunately for you, in the sections to come, we’ve taken the best 22 Instagram ads examples and written down the main features that make each of them successful.

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How do I create Instagram ads?

All Instagram ads are created in the Meta Business Suite which you can access by logging into your Facebook account. However, to be able to create your first Instagram ad campaign, you’ll need to set up a few other things. In general, these are the steps you’ll have to follow in the order they’re given:

STEP 1: Create an Instagram business account

STEP 2: Connect your Instagram account with your Facebook business page

STEP 3: Sign up for a Meta account and Meta ads account

STEP 4: Build your ad campaign in the Meta Business suite

Since in this article, we’ll mainly focus on successful Instagram ad examples, we highly recommend reading our guide on How to create Instagram ads for your dropshipping business.

What types of Instagram ads work best?

Instagram’s image ads are the most commonly used ad type on the platform and with that, one of the most effective. However, when created properly, the video, carousel, and collection ads can bring you just as much as valuable conversions. 

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Best Instagram ads examples

To prove our previous point, we’ve collected over 20 Instagram ads in different types and formats and took the liberty to present each ad’s strongest features which have made them successful.  

Single-image ads examples


Looking to get scrollers interested in checking out their products, clothing store Ashlen’s ad is a good example of a simple yet engaging advertising campaign that encourages Instagram users to click on the CTA button.

Why does it work?

  • Clear image. High-resolution image that highlights the products, allowing users to get a good view of all the tiny details.
  • Product focus. There’s nothing that distracts from the products. Instead, it’s clear that the bags being advertised are the center of attention in the ad.
  • Intriguing caption. Although images often help in sealing the deal with customers, a caption that expresses urgency and a big discount will even more efficiently fill up the shopping baskets.


MVMT goes all the way with its ad design by using models to help display the watch in the best light possible. And with over 3,500 links, the ad has been obviously doing its job flawlessly.

Why does it work?

  • Natural color tones. The photo uses a mix of natural color tones which allow for the bright silver watch to significantly stand out and make users understand what the ad’s trying to sell.
  • Product displayed on the model. To even better capture the product’s purpose, the ad displays a model wearing the watch, making the item appear as a must-have fashion accessory. 
  • Short but descriptive caption. Even though the caption is shortened to only a few words, the adjectives used in the tagline capture the watch perfectly.

The Luxury Closet

The Luxury Closet doesn’t fail to deliver a high-engaging ad created with a modern style for their newest collection of luxury watches

Why does it work?

  • Convincing message. The Luxury Closet doesn’t shy away from making it clear to customers that the store makes it possible to shop for watches that are both luxurious and sold for affordable prices. 
  • Simple design. The ad is created with a modern design in mind, displaying the watches on a piece of wood which perfectly balances the background colors.

Luisa Via Roma

Luisa Via Roma has chosen to create an ad campaign with a clean design and a dominating simplicity.

Why does it work?

  • Smart word selection. Don’t ever underestimate the power words have over shoppers. By implementing phrases like ‘curated selection’ and ‘best luxury shopping experience’, you won’t believe how easily you can lure customers in to check out your offer and even make a purchase. 
  • Product description. It’s important to describe the products displayed in your ads so that customers know what they’re looking for. Luisa Via Roma’s ad, for example, writes that they sell a Benna Rattan and Leather Bucket Bag. This description allows customers to learn new information about the product such as the material the bag is made of, in this instance.

Collection ads examples


Gelcharm has decided to take advantage of the collection ad to showcase their impressive jewelry pieces from close up so that customers can clearly see the product’s intricate design.

Why does it work?

  • Product in action. It’s important for shoppers to see how the product looks when it’s worn, so, as you can see, Gelcharm has taken the liberty to incorporate an image of a model wearing their necklace.
  • Product link. While the Instagram shopping ads are the only ones where you can insert a shoppable button that’ll lead to the product, there’s still a way to provide a product link with image ads as well. Simply paste the link in the caption and write a few encouraging words such as ‘Get yours now’ as done by Gelcharm.
  • Service description. If your service includes something more than selling jewelry or another fashion product, make sure that your customers are aware of that. Gelcharm, for instance, customizes necklaces by engraving the customers’ names on them, which is neatly mentioned in the caption of the ad. 


Stravidvarius takes on a similar approach, using the collection ad type to present their latest trending clothing articles in a full outfit. 

Why does it work?

  • Products are shown from different angles. As you can see, collection ads are perfect to display your items from different angles and highlighting all products from the outfit, just like Stradivarius does.
  • Price display. If you’re working with competitive prices you know will attract customers or are having discounts at the moment, then price transparency is certainly something you to think about including in your Instagram ad campaign.

Carousel ads examples


H&M sure knows how to create a breathtaking ad campaign for whatever occasion, and in this example, they’ve put together a striking advertisement with stunning photos and a touching message for their collaboration with the UN.

Why does it work?

  • Informative description. H&M clearly states what they wish to achieve with the ad, which is donating 10% of their sales to the United Nation Free and Equal global campaign. This encourages customers to buy something as their purchase will contribute to the organization.
  • Branded hashtags. Using branded hashtags is a smart way to get extra exposure across social media. For that purpose, H&M implements the hashtag #HMPride to get users further share their message.
  • Scrolling images. As this is a carousel ad, it comes with the option to insert multiple images customers can conveniently scroll through within a few seconds.


Nordstrom really does bring everything they’ve got in the making of their spring campaign and we’ll tell you exactly why is that.

Why does it work?

  • Easily interpreted theme. Leaving spring hints all over the campaign, Nordstrom has truly delivered an ad that can’t possibly be mistaken with anything else.  From bright colors and blooming scenery to suitable keywords and CTAs, the ad really captures their new clothing collection.
  • Mix of image and video. Why insert only one type of visual aid when you can insert both image and video? This instantly makes the ad more creative and interesting.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue takes the carousel approach with the aim of introducing their newest Fendi selection of clothing and accessories.

Why does it work?

  • Descriptive text. Saks Fifth Avenue’s ad is another great example of an ad with a short but description-rich text that reveals just a few details about the new arrivals, enough to get customers curious.
  • Encouraging CTA button. To continue our point, the ad’s CTA is also in accordance with the text, persuading them to click on the Learn more button to find out more about the collection.

Stories ads examples 


With Instagram stories being viewed by 70% of Gen Z users, as claimed by Tech Jury, Cider cleverly uses the stories ad format to get through to customers.

Why does it work?

  • Option to expand the content. By clicking on the ‘Expand Story,’ viewers will be presented with multiple stories displaying more products of the same collection.
  • Convenient CTA button. Cider makes sure shoppers are provided with a one-click CTA button that’ll take them to their website directly.
  • Right product presentation. The product is showcased in a big enough display that lets shoppers take a good look at it including small details.


Alohas decides to avail itself of Instagram stories ads to convey its products in a way that will cause shoppers to stop for a moment and carefully read their message.

Why does it work?

  • Builds up curiosity. Half of the ad’s message has been cleverly cut out and accompanied by a ‘More’ button.
  • Builds up urgency. The message starts with the words ‘Last chance’ written in capital letters, signaling to shoppers to play close attention to what is being said by the ad.
  • Alluring discount info. To encourage immediate purchases, the discount is limited to 48 hours, causing customers to make a decision if they want to buy now or miss out on a good offer. 

Beautiful Earth Jewelry

Beautiful Earth Jewelry is trying to increase its eCommerce conversion rates by investing in a highly attractive and aesthetically pleasing ad.

Why does it work?

  • Impressive visuals. Creatively presented products with unique visual effects. 
  • Converting message. The message says exactly what most customers look for when shopping: ‘unique’ and ‘affordable’ items.

Video ads examples

Because of Alice

Staying in theme with their products, UK-based clothing Because of Alice opts for a minimalist design and a concise brand message, managing to deliver a very simple but fetching advertising campaign that hits every spot.

Why does it work?

  • Outfit combo. With the ad in question, the marketing team of Because of Alice has chosen to promote their products in a matching clothing combination by presenting a well-tailored timeless pantsuit. 
  • Reflective motto. The motto ‘The art of simplicity‘ perfectly reflects their brand and clearly states what the clothing store stands for: chic, simple, elegant clothing that never goes out of style and will last you forever.


As another clothing store specializing in elegant wear, Avamah conveys their brand’s message with a well-curated video ad that seems simple and made effortlessly.

Why does it work?

  • Enough time for each product change. When looking at the ad, you’ll immediately notice that the ad focuses at least a few seconds on each outfit, which is much more convenient for viewers than a video with a super fast product change.
  • Soft colors soothing to the eye. To go with their theme of elegance and simplicity, Avamah’s ad sticks to soft neutral colors that reflect their products.
  • Suitable background music. The music played goes wonderfully with the content and the products change according to the rhythm.


Net-A-Porter delivers quite a dynamic video ad that’s sure to get shoppers’ attention.

Why does it work?

  • Special effect. The use of special effects has helped in highlighting the products and making the ad generally more likable and pleasing to the viewer’s eye. 
  • Clever message. By claiming there’s a seasonal switch-up, the ad cleverly alludes to the coming of the new season, and with that, a new clothing collection, you’ll be needing for the upcoming weather.
  • Versatile products. Since it’s a video, creators here had the opportunity to showcase plenty of garments, giving shoppers a nice sneak peek into what to expect from the brand’s latest collection. 

Shoppable ads examples 


Mytheresa’s ad goes to show why Instagram’s shoppable ads are another important ad format to insert in your fashion campaign.

Why does it work?

  • Witty tagline. While advertising its suit collection, Mytheresa comes up with the perfect Instagram caption that says ‘As it suits you,’ giving customers a memorable line they’ll remember their brand by.
  • Mentions the product’s brand. If you want to even further get shoppers excited about your products, insert a hashtag of the product’s brand, just like Mytheresa does with their Bottega Veneta classic white suit.


Farfetch’s ad highlights their ability to create such a simple and modest campaign that still drives sales precisely because of their minimalist approach to the ad. 

Why does it work?

  • Tagged products. Obviously, the most noticeable feature of Instagram shoppable ads is the ability to tag products. By doing so, once customers click on the tagged item, Farfetch directs them to their website where they can finish their shopping.
  • White-on-white. The ad is created with a simple white design, which has shown to give productive results, even though many would choose to spice it up, and there’s nothing wrong with that either. However, a lot of the time less is more. And in this case, that’s very true.


Pull&Bear keeps the theme for their latest ad youthful, playful, and highly engaging by implementing a few ad features.

Why does it work?

  • Multiple images. Instead of one, Pull&Bear creates a slideshow of up to 6 shoppable images.
  • Sale hint. Once they click on the image, the ad even warns customers about products that are discounted by inserting ‘On sale’ within the product tag.
  • Accurate vibes. As it promotes a seasonal item selection, the campaign gives the exact vibes customers would expect from a spring fashion collection.


SSENSE pulls out all the stops in making this shopping ad a true triumph among its audience.

Why does it work?

  • Meme-inspired. SSENSE gets all the points here for using the viral ‘whomst’ meme in the context of showing off their sunglasses collection – from the most simple design to the most avant-garde one.
  • Concise tagline. As long as your message is clear, no need for long captions which customers likely won’t read. 

Influencer ads examples

Lea Broc

With influencers having gained a massive impact on Instagram users, companies didn’t think when it came to using that influence for promotional purposes. Lea Broc is one of those social media fashionistas who take pride in advertising fashion brands she truly believes in.

Why does it work?

  • Discount code. Everybody loves a good discount and when influencers hook up their fans with one, it’s a win-win for everyone.
  • Photo slide. To give its followers a nice sneak peek at the Farfetch products she’s promoting, Lea doesn’t stop at one photo only, but at least 4, displaying her whole outfit from head to toe.

Tanesha Awasthi

With close to 500K followers, Tanesha is another top creator involved in influencer marketing who’s frequently collaborating with fashion brands and promoting to her fans pieces of clothing she herself would definitely wear.

Why does it work?

  • Explains the product’s key features. Often times a product can be worn in multiple ways and Tanesha doesn’t forget to explain the bag’s awesome versatility and draw attention to the bag’s swapping strap.
  • Outfit recommendations. Choosing a video was a wise way to go as it allows Tanesha to show viewers a few outfit combinations for the bag in question.

Chriselle Lim

American blogger and influencer Chriselle Lim uses its massive follower base to create social media interactive posts to hype up fashion brands that offer products of outstanding design and quality.

Why does it work?

  • Personalized ad. Chriselle gives the ad a special meaning by including her mom in it, where both are seen posing in a hug position and wearing Chaumet jewelry.
  • Good old-fashioned black and white photo. With no color distractions, the black and white photo perfectly captures the emotion in the image and allows the viewers to closely inspect the photo and the product that is being advertised.

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Ready to create a converting Instagram ad campaign?

When it comes to choosing an advertising method for your clothing dropshipping store, Instagram is the real deal. Even though the ad-creating process can be a little demanding, there’s nothing to worry about as now you have over 20 Instagram ad examples to draw inspiration from.

Having displayed features that make them stand out, you have plenty of material to learn from on how to build exceptional fashion ad campaigns.


There are 4 basic types of Instagram ads: image ads, video ads, carousel ads, and collection ads.

  1. Examine your competitors’ Instagram ads as this will give you an idea of what is currently working.
  2. Get inspired by various Instagram ad examples, such as the ones we’ve provided for you, so you can easily come up with creative solutions for your own ads. 
  3. Focus on delivering high-quality photos and videos that’ll capture your products in the best light possible.
  4. Insert a noticeable CTA button.
  5. Test out different ad formats regularly.
  6. Consider partnering with an influencer so you can take advantage of their follower base.

  1. Taking audience targeting for granted. 
  2. Not focusing on delivering high-resolution visuals.
  3. Underestimating the importance of testing your ads over and over.
  4. Coming off as pushy instead of trying to engage with potential customers.
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