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10 TikTok Ads Examples to Serve You as Inspiration

Nedina Gjorgjieva
10 minutes
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As it’s the case with most social networks nowadays, TikTok has grown into a massive media platform used as a breeding ground for both paid and organic advertising campaigns. It quickly outshone major apps such as Snapchat and Twitter and got extremely close to giants Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube in terms of monthly active users, reaching over 1,000 in January 2023. 

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This made TikTok a dangerous competitor for the Meta platforms and the rest of such networks as their abilities to offer advertising services were severely compromised. Online store owners, including clothing dropshipping suppliers, didn’t think twice about taking advantage of the platform’s vast exposure and soon gave a shot at creating TikTok commercials. 

But as with every creator out there, it often happens for ad ideas to get out the window and we might need a little bit of inspiration to get them back in. To help you stimulate your creativity, we’ll go over a few TikTok ads examples with a fine-tooth comb and learn how to promote on TikTok and what exactly makes these ads work well and drive plenty of engagement.

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How do you make ads for TikTok?

Creating TikTok ads is much simpler than you’d think. Everything you’d need to build your ad campaign is situated in the TikTok Ads Manager. Here’s a helpful summary of the very few steps you’ll need to follow to get your TikTok campaign live:

STEP 1: Sign up for a TikTok account

  1. Open;
  2. Go to “Log in” then “Sign up” ;
  3. Choose your sign-up method and proceed to follow the instructions.

Step 2: Switch to a business account

  1. Open your profile through the mobile app;
  2. Click on the three lines in the top right corner;
  3. Click on “Settings and privacy,” and go to “Account”; 
  4. Select “Switch to Business Account.”

STEP 3: Create a TikTok Ads Manager account

  1. Navigate to
  2. Provide all the information you’re asked for.

STEP 4: Build your TikTok campaign in the TikTok Ads Manager

  1. Click on the ‘Create’ button and start building your ad by choosing your objective, ad placement, target audience, media files, etc.

Successful TikTok Ads Examples


For the sake of getting extra exposure and coming across as a company that values personal relationships with its customers, brands frequently opt for influencer marketing. Multinational clothing brand ASOS is no exception to the rule. 

By partnering up with TikTok-er @tegaalexander, ASOS has earned a highly-engaging ad, showcasing its products with impressive visual aesthetics users will more than likely won’t be able to resist. 

Why does it work?

  • Presents the ASOS products in a way that accentuates their stylish design and rich versatility. 
  • Includes different backgrounds of a wide color spectrum based on each outfit presented in the video.
  • Uses impressive editing techniques, making the ad eye-catching and holding the viewers’ attention until the end.

#AD • Living life in stills @asos #fyp

♬ Eye Tell (!) – Jim Legxacy


Cider is another clothing brand to draw inspiration from when designing your TikTok ad campaigns. If you’re looking for new ways to highlight your products in your ads, the Cider ad in question strongly focuses on emphasizing their apparel items.

They use a simple yet incredibly effective editing technique of scrolling through their website and giving users a chance to get a glimpse of what they’re offering, which is more than enough to get them to visit their page and check out their products more thoroughly. 

Why does it work?

  • Simple yet efficient product demonstration that doesn’t call for a huge budget.
  • It shows customers where to find their trending products and lets them know about the price ranges.
  • It doesn’t reveal too much either, thus encouraging users to continue their search on the Cider website.


While it may feel like a plain ad, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t be as successful as an ad created with more advanced features. This is something marketers often forget to take into consideration. At the end of the day, as long as your ad is well-put-together, you’ll still have good chances of driving sales.

The luxury designer store Chloé chooses to go with a simple but bulletproof ad campaign style that doesn’t require advanced animations yet still delivers the brand’s message flawlessly. The ad’s clean design and incredibly well-curated photos are what makes this ad engaging and converting.

Why does it work?

  • The creator has kept the ad minimalistic in style, allowing it to lead viewers straight to its point.
  • The ad incorporates tasteful images that fit right in with the campaign’s goal, which is to improve conversion rates.
  • To avoid possible confusion, the ad’s message is even displayed along the product pictures with a bold text font, alluding to discount opportunities. 


One of the many productive strategies for building an ad that’ll convert is by displaying people wearing your clothing, and therefore, providing viewers with a 360-degree angle of your products.

To get the most out of this tactic, Farfetch’s collaboration with influencer @je.suis.louu allows the brand to give potential customers a preview of their collection and even a few ideas on how to combine different items to dress up in killer outfits.

Why does it work?

  • It doesn’t peruse through the products too quickly, enabling TikTok users to inspect all pieces carefully.
  • Zooms in and out on all products advertised, to give customers a chance to get a closer look at them as well as see how they look on a person from further away.
  • Uses a popular song choice that’s currently trending on the platform which happens to go well with the product collection displayed in the ad.


If you’re working with a bigger budget and would like to build an ad campaign that’s more on the high-end marketing spectrum, the Adidas ads are certainly something that’ll get your creative juices flowing.

Put together with the help of an engaging brand message, suitable background music, high-quality footage, and terrific editing, the Adidas marketing team has created a cinematic commercial worthy of its customers’ attention.

Why does it work? 

  • Extremely well-done editing that features the product’s most important features.
  • Their newest shoe addition is introduced in a way that presents all things customers could achieve if they own a pair of their shoes.
  • The message is short and to the point but long enough to arouse viewers’ curiosity.


As mentioned a few times before, when it comes to driving brand awareness and conversion with paid advertising, in a lot of instances less is more. As long as your campaign focuses on the product, includes interactive visuals, and convey’s your dropshipping store’s brand, you should be able to assemble a profitable clothing ad.

That’s easily the case with the fashion brand Cosette whose TikTok commercial, although simple and classic, it’s attractive enough to make people engage and take action. 

Why does it work?

  • Incorporates attention-grabbing text presented with a bold font and a striking color impossible not to be noticed.
  • The message is composed in a way to cause urgency among shoppers, making them click on the ad and convincing them to purchase something.


In order to feel convinced your clothing dropshipping store’s offer is worth considering, customers want to see ads specifically tailored for their needs. In other words, you must advertise what they want to see. And what better way to achieve that than by working with an influencer who happens to have built a deeply personal relationship with their followers and makes their content solely on what viewers express interest in?

Take as an inspiration Net-A-Porter’s collab with TikTok-er @reganmia. The ad showcases Net-A-Porter’s clothing articles in super creative combinations, inviting viewers to check out the store’s newest arrivals.

Why does it work?

  • Great display of all products both by themselves and in unique combinations.
  • Excellent lighting and viral audio sound with a good tempo that lasts for the reveal of all item combos.
  • Clean editing that makes cuts where necessary and presents a flawless dress change.

MY 4 outfits I’ll be wearing for fashion weeks :)))) @netaporter #NETAPORTER #AD ⭐️💛💛⭐️💛⭐️⭐️

♬ Hey Lover – The Daughters Of Eve


One of the many trending ways TikTok creators as well as those on the other platforms help brands to promote their services is by putting together a ‘Get Ready With Me’ post. Accompanied by the famous #GRWM hashtag which is believed to have millions of mentions, such content can serve as an instrument for building highly influential ads.

H&M and influencer @jacksondean have teamed up to create this type of social media interactive post, where Jack documents for his followers his morning routine by wearing H&M sportswear which suggests viewers to shop from H&M for their winter physical activities.

Why does it work?

  • Overvoice helps viewers understand the post’s message and notice the H&M products.
  • The products are presented in a way that showcases their functionality which encourages users to look into H&M’s sport collection.


Authenticity plays a crucial role in creating an ad that’ll stand out. And the clothing brand COS surely knows how to achieve that via influencer partnerships. 

By stepping into business with fashion social media entrepreneur @leoniehanne, COS has accomplished not only to get a distinctive product promotion but also massive exposure to Leonie’s following base which exceeds 1.7 million TikTok users.

Why does it work?

  • The products are advertised in the form of a photoshoot, showcasing how they look when worn by actual people instead of mannequins. 
  • Good editing techniques, revealing a few videos and photos merged into one post.

Campaign shoot for @cos in London – Which look 1-3? 🫶🏼 Anzeige/Ad

♬ Nelly Furtado Maneater Showmusik Dance Remix – Showmusik


This Nike advertising campaign is another outstanding example of a commercial that isn’t bombarded with thousands of filters and animations, but only a few edits that make the product call for attention. 

Although it might seem there’s little going on, the ad has shown to be highly responsive, reaching over 5.000 likes and 35 shares, and thus achieving its goal which is the reach objective.

Why does it work?

  • A clean white background that doesn’t take away from the product but rather makes viewers fix their eyes on the item, without having other stuff drawing away their attention.
  • A smart way to highlight the product’s main feature, in this case, the shoes’ softness and comfort.
  • Subtle inclusion of their motto at the very end, without disrupting the campaign.

Build your TikTok advertising campaign now

With TikTok’s sudden blow-up a few years back, the platform soon transformed into a highly productive environment for dropshippers to grow their businesses on. Running ads on the social media app has been shown to bring quick user responsiveness, helping millions of companies improve customer engagement. 

To achieve that goal for your own dropshipping clothing business as well, closely examine the TikTok ads examples demonstrated in this article, get inspired from them, and don’t hesitate to build your fashion TikTok ad campaign.

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TikTok ads are the ads that appear on the social platform TikTok. Entrepreneurs frequently use them to promote their products and/or services both by creating them themselves through the TikTok Ads Manager or by collaborating with well-based influencers.

TikTok has a few different types of ads available for business owners (in-feed ads, top view, branded effects, brand takeover, and hashtag challenge), all of which can do a wonderful job in achieving the creator’s objectives. It’s best to use them all and switch them up once in a while.

Effective TikTok ads should include engaging and unique content that’ll focus on your product and transmit the message to the point, without any ambiguities. Aim for maximum of 60 seconds or even less and a minimum of at least 20 seconds. Finally, feature clear and high-quality footage. 

Yes, TikTok is a great platform to expand your advertising efforts. With the app’s user base exploding in the last few years, we guarantee you’ll find at least a part of your target audience on TikTok.

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