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Best eCommerce Platforms to Use for Dropshipping Luxury Clothing in 2024

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Nedina Gjorgjieva
3rd November, 2020
13 minutes

eCommerce sales are expected to account for a quarter of the total retail sales on a global scale in 2026, more precisely, with 20% of al retail sales as stated by Statista. This is the fundamental reason why more and more entrepreneurs decide to open an online store in the upcoming period. If you fall under the category of these aspired and ambitious entrepreneurs ready to open and manage an online store, you’ve come to the right place.

Especially if you are into dropshipping luxury clothing in the upcoming years, all you should be focused on now is finding the best eCommerce platform.

These days there are numerous options available that make the deciding process rather complicated. The eCommerce platforms we come across on the internet have diverse advantages and disadvantages. They vary in price, ease of use, built-in features, or design, which can be crucial elements for choosing one platform over another.

So, how to choose which eCommerce platform is the optimal solution for your online store?

Upon analyzing and comparing multiple online review sites such as Capterra, G2, and Trustpilot, and forums where online store owners hang out, we managed to create the ultimate list of the 12 best eCommerce platforms to use in the upcoming 2024.

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Pricing and plans

  • $29/month – Basic Shopify
  • $79/month – Shopify
  • $299/month – Advanced Shopify
  • *A free 14-day trial is included

Shopify User Reviews

  • “Very reliable solution for electronic commerce. ” – 4/5 – G2
  • “Shopify is an important ally in your online sales. ” 9/10 – TrustRadius
  • “Very easy to get started, with advanced features for those who need it. ” 4/5 – Capterra

Shopify is first on the list of the best eCommerce platforms, of course. It’s considered the most famous eCommerce platform in the world and is used by more than 1,000,000 businesses in approximately 175 countries. Additionally, as of September 2022, Shopify reported a Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) of $61 billion.

Why is Shopify the first choice for many luxury clothing dropshippers? For starters, it’s easy to register, set up a store, and manage it. Most designs and templates are suitable for establishing an online store to sell clothes and other merchandise, but you can always opt for the services of a Shopify development company to customize them and offer an exclusive experience to your customers.

On top of that, Shopify offers powerful tools to help boost sales. Some of them include email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, gift cards, promotions, and discount coupons. As for customer support, Shopify’s staff is available via live chat, email, and other communication methods, 24/7.

Furthermore, today some of the dropshipping clothing suppliers, such as BrandsGateway, offer dropshippers Shopify integration as well as plugins for alternatives to Shopify which makes it very simple for dropshippers to boost online sales.


Pricing and plans

  • $19/month – Basic Base
  • $59/month – Standard Base
  • $249/month – Pro Base
  • A free 14-day trial is included. Therefore, users can save up to 10% when they pay annually.

ShopBase User Reviews

  • “ShopBase’s marketplace is not as diverse as you’d expect it to be. So, the limited number of apps is a little discouraging” – eCommerce Platforms
  • “Interesting. I have created a dropshipping store with ShopBase and this site is so awesome. In fact, ShopBase is easy to use and has all the features that I need.” – Reddit users

The second on the list of the best eCommerce platforms is ShopBase. It’s believed to be one of the first platforms specialized in Print-On-Demand and White Label dropshipping. If you want to become a successful dropshipper of luxury clothing, with it, you can have a store ready in just one click, by signing up to ShopBase. Furthermore, you can design your own checkout page the way you want it, without limitations. To help with payment integration, there’s a built-in payment gateway, especially for dropshippers coming from countries not supported by PayPal, Stripe, etc.

Providing premium packaging and shipping service, ShopBase allows users to have their own logo printed on each package, which increases business branding.


Pricing and plans

License costs for Magento installation start at $22,000 per year. In addition, Enterprise eCommerce stores that generate a revenue of over $25 million pay between $125.000-190.000 on a yearly basis.

Magento User Reviews

  • “I recommend Magento for middle to large businesses.” 4/5 – FinancesOnline
  • “Fully featured eCommerce that you can support yourself, up to a certain point.” 4/5 – G2
  • “Great software, but needs a lot of effort to make it work well.” 4/5 – Capterra

The so-called ‘cloud platform built for whatever is next’, Magento is a highly suitable platform for eCommerce businesses. Used by the likes of Ford, Nike, and Burger King, Magento can prove itself to be slightly complex to use if you’re not a programmer. However, it makes it up with the highly customizable and flexible designs it offers. Basically, you can do whatever you want with your store, the platform allows you to customize the whole interface according to your preferences.

Although some wouldn’t recommend it for small and medium businesses, Magento is used by many dropshippers, especially in the fashion industry. Don’t let the technical part worry you, Magento’s app integrations are limitless and its automated mobile responsiveness is better than that of an experienced front-end developer.


Pricing and plans:

  • $11.40/month – Startup Store
  • $17.40/ month – Basic Store
  • $47.40/month – Plus Store
  • $77.40/month – Power Store
  • $137.40/month – Pro Store
  • A free 15-day trial is included

Shift4Shop User Reviews

  • “#1 eCommerce Software.” 5/5 – Capterra
  • “Has all the bells and whistles with less of the cost and hidden fees.” 5/5 – G2
  • “Our overall experience with the software has been positive. Even though we researched other options, at the price point, we couldn’t find any that beat Shift4Shop’s features.” – SiteBuilderReport

Shift4Shop has been around for almost 20 years and during that time, had the ability to create one of the most comprehensive eCommerce platforms by creating features not influenced by outside investors.

It’s one of the easiest stores to set up with over 70 pre-built eCommerce templates and many pre-existing shipping and payment processes. Shift4Shop is on the list of the best eCommerce platforms because it’s super simple to set up a store. On top of that, it also has a ton of add-ons to help you scale your business. Their plans range from a ‘single-person run store’ to ‘enterprise-level’ clients.


Pricing and plans

It’s a free and open-source eCommerce solution. Basically, users can visit the website to download and install PrestaShop. However, any additional standard features may cost between $50-150.

PrestaShop User Reviews

  • “Although it never fails, it could be easier to use.” 4/5 – Capterra
  • “Robust platform in terms of features, but I am not really satisfied with documentation and the Joomla-like dull design.”  4/5 – FinancesOnline

Founded in 2007, PrestaShop is a freemium eCommerce solution mainly used by around 300,000 merchants. This eCommerce platform provides three main solutions, you can create a store with hosting, you can set up a store that’s fully customizable, or you can hire one of their experts to build a store for you. Finally, PrestaShop is free to install and use, however, they offer paid add-ons which are their main point of profit generation.


Pricing and plans

  • $24.50/month – VIP
  • $12.50/month – Unlimited
  • $8.50/month – Combo
  • $4.50/month – Connect Domain
  • A free trial is included

Wix User Reviews

  • “Super easy to use, but needs a few very important updates.” 4/5 – Capterra
  • “Get what you pay for.” 4/5 – TrustPilot
  • “Packs a good set of features without programming.” 3/5 – Sitejabber

To begin with, according to company officials, over 1800 people work at Wix, providing support for over 160 million users, with almost 50.000 signups every day. They try to gain leverage over competitors with low prices in exchange for a quality eCommerce site builder, simplicity, and great design. When it comes to choosing themes, Wix offers over 500 at your disposal, along with over 200 widgets for your online shop. With it, many users have built amazing online boutiques by dropshipping clothes. To conclude, with excellent reviews, Wix shouldn’t be overlooked when measuring the pros and cons of the most popular eCommerce platforms for dropshipping clothes.


Pricing and plans:

  • $29.95/month – Standard
  • $79.95/month – Plus
  • $299.95/month – Pro
  • A free 15-day trial is included

BigCommerce User Reviews

  • “A versatile e-commerce solution with advanced metrics and development tools.” 4.5/5 – G2
  • “Easy to use platform with a wide range of resources for learning to use it.” 4/5 – TrustPilot
  • “An elegant platform, just lacking some features found elsewhere.” 4/5 – Capterra

Next on the list of the best eCommerce platforms is BigCommerce. Founded almost a decade ago in Austin, Texas, this widely praised platform lets users customize their site, manage shipping and payment options, and list products on eBay, Amazon, and Facebook. The trial option is a big pro for beginners in the industry. It allows users to try the platform’s features before deciding to use it as a primary eCommerce solution.

Many eCommerce templates are available, as well as fully-customized options. As for marketing and sales, in-class SEO is built on the store, with Google Shopping and email marketing options available, too. Most importantly, to make sure conversions stay high, BigCommerce saves abandoned carts automatically, for later purchases.


Pricing and plans

  • $12/month – Personal
  • $18/month – Business
  • $26/month – Basic Commerce
  • $40/month – Advanced Commerce
  • A free 14-day trial is included

Squarespace User Reviews

  • “Great for portfolios!” 4/5 – TrustPilot
  • “It’s great for small businesses.” 5/5 – Capterra
  • “Squarespace is great, easy, and clean but has many limitations.” 3.5/5 – G2

This eCommerce platform is based upon three fundamental values – design availability, simplicity, and empowering individuals. As users mentioned in their reviews, Squarespace is a great solution for small eCommerce businesses.

It is a website builder that can be used for many purposes such as building a portfolio, blog, and eCommerce business as well. Hence, millions of users use Squarespace for their eCommerce stores, especially clothing boutiques.


Pricing and plans

  • Free – Basic
  • $5/month – Connect
  • $12/month – Pro
  • $25/month – Business

Weebly User Reviews

  • ”Easy to make websites, but inflexible.” 3/5 – TrustPilot
  • ”Software that can help with easy website making.” 4/5 – Capterra

Founded in 2006, Weebly quickly became one of the highly-rated eCommerce platforms for the creation and management of eCommerce stores. As of 2019, Weebly reaches a user base of more than 30 million users.

The San Francisco-based company is much popular among business owners that dropship luxury clothing simply because it’s easy to use. It offers various built-in features and tools, including shipping and inventory tools.


Pricing and plans

This eCommerce plugin is on the list of the best eCommerce platforms for multiple reasons. First, it’s free to install and use on WordPress, although users still need to pay for a domain name, hosting service, and plugins, themes, and extensions wherever needed.

Second, according to their official website, WooCommerce counts over 40 million downloads since its launch. Do you wonder why this WordPress dropshipping plugin is so popular? In short, it lets users create the online store they want. Over 28.000 of the world’s top websites use this open-source eCommerce platform which indicates its importance in building a stronger, more efficient eCommerce community.

Users can sell just about anything with it, there are no limits on users, products, and orders.  Even luxury brands dropshipping with WooCommerce is largely common among dropshippers. In fact, there are luxury dropshipping suppliers that support store integration with WooCommerce. The goal is to help dropshippers run their online stores smoothly and efficiently by giving them the chance for automation.

WooCommerce Users Reviews

  • “Best eCommerce for WordPress hands-down. However, prepare to pay for the customization.” 4/5 – Capterra
  • “Great plugin, gets the job done!” 5/5 – WordPress
  • “Easy to use, support is very responsive” 4/5 – G2


Pricing and plans

Pricing and plans

  • $999/lifetime – GoQuick
  • $6999/lifetime – GoCustom

Yo!Kart Users Reviews

  • “You can import products, inventories can be changed and pricing can be adjusted, and many of our clients are taking advantage of that capability as they update pricing and inventory multiple times a day, especially now with the Christmas season coming to an end and the volatility of the dollar in global markets.” 4.1/7 – Capterra
  • “Yo!Kart team has been amazing. They’re not just about making sites, they’re about making your business better.” 4.7/5 – G2

Yo!Kart is an industry-defining multi-vendor eCommerce platform that equips business leaders with ready-to-launch eCommerce marketplaces and mobile apps. The platform is highly secure, customizable, and a trusted choice among SMBs as well as Fortune 500 firms. Yo!Kart comes with product catalog management, cart abandonment recovery, real-time tax management, and many other essential eCommerce features in-built. Also, it has 20+ payment methods, MailChimp, ShipStation, Stripe Connect for real-time split payment, and other pre-integrated APIs to kickstart your multivendor business without delay.Yo!Kart has helped several businesses move to dedicated servers, with branded domains, thus becoming independent. Since its inception in 2015, the platform has had over 2000 clients in 70+ countries. Yo!Kart comes with 12 months of free technical support, 1 month of free digital marketing consultation, zero recurring or transaction fee, and native mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms. 

Still, if you have doubts about whether the platform fits your business needs and budget, check out all the Yo!Kart reviews online and heads over to their website for a complete idea.


Pricing and plans

  • No Annual Fixed Rate/On Demand
  • $44,000 Annual Fixed Rate/Business
  • $162,000 Annual Fixed Rate/Corporate
  • $368,000 Annual Fixed Rate/Enterprise

VTEX Users Reviews

  • “Great e-commerce solution” – 4/5 – Capterra

This Brazil-based eCommerce platform offers much more than just customizing online stores and integrating social apps into it. It’s designed to be used by store owners operating in the following industries – fashion, food & grocery, electronics, home & furniture, and cosmetics.

Offering 24/7 support, VTEX is a serious company with more than 3.000 major clients, including Coca-Cola, Whirlpool, Levi’s, Sony, and many more. Judging by their pricing plans and trusted clients, it’s safe to conclude that it’s a platform developed to be used by large businesses.

To sum up

In conclusion, there is a reason why a wide number of eCommerce platforms one could choose from are available today. Each of them differentiates itself from the competition with different characteristics. We gathered the best eCommerce platforms in one place to present their pricing plans, the number of users, and the opportunities that they offer.

Take your time to analyze every platform on this list and don’t rush into making a decision right away. If you are part of the industry of dropshipping luxury clothing, one final element can help you make up your mind. Explore which store integrations are offered by the best wholesale clothing suppliers so that you can start your eCommerce journey in no time.

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