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Best Clothing Ads Examples to Use for Promoting Your Store

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Dimitar Alimaskoski
30th August, 2022
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Placing your products using paid ads is one of the most common strategies businesses use in order to get the attention of their target audience. Especially when you are running a high-ticket fashion dropshipping store or an online boutique and you constantly need to follow the current marketing trends in order to catch up with your target audience as well as your competitors.  If you’ve just started your online fashion store or are looking for ways to market your products, don’t worry, as you’ve come to the right place. 

Online shopping has become one of the main ways people obtain fashion items, and it’s increased so fast over the years, expecting to reach a staggering 1 trillion sales in 2022 in the US alone, according to Business Insider.

Statista estimates that in 2021 the number of people that bought items online reached 2.14 billion. When we look at the statistics from 2016 which amounts to 1.52 billion we can see that this number has increased by about 62 million people.

In fact, because you’re already familiar with eCommerce, it shouldn’t come as a big surprise when we say that the retail sales in eCommerce are set to rise up to 7 trillion USD from the current 5 trillion USD by 2025, according to Statista.

This gives people a lot of options to choose from, especially when it comes to clothing, so, having a good advertising campaign is something that you’ll need to seriously invest in. 

Having said that, in this article we’re going to discuss some ad examples from Google Ads and Facebook Ads that might give you an idea in which direction you need to move in order to have a successful dropshipping fashion store or an online boutique.

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Why do you need a strong advertising message?

The reasoning behind this question is that in order to make your way through the sea of various competitors, you’ll need to be creating advertisements that stand out. In fact, the online clothing market is a pretty saturated place, so, to get your voice heard you’ll need an outstanding performance in the area of marketing and advertisement.

Running an advertising campaign to promote your online clothing store or an online boutique is the greatest and most effective approach for promoting your brand, highlighting certain products that you are selling, and ultimately expanding your online audience. Even if you’re just starting in this area. 

Costs for advertising

If you’re running a campaign on Facebook, the average advertising costs are as follows:

Average Cost Model
$0.97 CPC (Cost per click)
$7.19 CPM (Cost per thousand impressions)
$1.07 CPL (Cost per like)
$5.47 CPA (Cost per download)

These statistics, however, only show the average costs a company needs to pay in order to get marketed on Facebook. Your business might have lower or higher costs and it all depends on the ad placement, the market that’s targeted, and other factors.

Running a campaign on GoogleAds is a bit pricier and varies from $1 to $2 dollars for CPC. For example, let’s say that the average you’ll need to pay for a specific keyword related to your fashion products is somewhere between $1.50 and $2. Having in mind, the average conversion rate is 2%, meaning that out of 100 people that have been to your web store, 2 will purchase some of your products, which means that you’ll have to pay from $75 to $100 in order to get one conversion.

Examples of Fashion Ads on the Google Ads platform


Zaful’s idea of copy for an ad is a straightforward information-sharing piece that’ll introduce their targeted audience to their business. The ad is practically a summary of what they offer in terms of products, a simple call of action, and a few hooks that’ll leave the potential customers interested in their offer. Additionally, they offer several suggestion links that’ll take the consumers to certain parts of their offer. 

Ellis Rosch

Ellis Rosch GoogleAds example shows an even more basic and short copy. The ad contains a call to action and informs the potential consumer of their services and additional benefits you’ll have if you become their customer. Here, the benefits come in the form of points that the buyer receives after purchasing certain products on their website. An additional feature in this ad is the provided phone number right after the link for the website.

Santoni Shoes

This ad is trying to give as much information as possible to the potential buyer. The copy contains a name and year of establishment, a slogan, and information about delivery and shipping, but also contains the types of products that this shop offers. This approach would inform the potential customer about what to expect when they visit and if any of the products offered to match their particular shopping wish. 


Adidas provides a rather extensive Google Ad that despite the standard call to action offers a more thorough picture of the products and services this brand has to offer. In fact, it mentions an extra offer of 20% for the holidays and a direct link to the newly released Nite Jogger. Additionally, there are two more types of shoes that appear in the ad, so, it’s becoming clear that the ultimate goal of Adidas is to easily persuade every potential visitor to convert by ordering something from their online store. Isn’t that every storeowner’s major goal?


Pretty similar to Adidas, Nike went with a broad Google Ads campaign that’s mainly focused on an upcoming sale which happens to be Cyber Monday. According to this particular ad, their main target is people who are in search of the best deals for Cyber Monday. Furthermore, in the first copy, they hand out information such as returns, support for other services, and special offers for people that come from certain branches. 

The ad is successful because every question that a person might have if they’re in search of certain products is addressed and covered through directed content.


This particular ad is a good example of how you can put any information in a very short and comprehensive copy. In fact, the ad offers the viewers information that there are discounted goods and a timeframe to notice them that this is a limited offer. The ad also offers information about the shipping, a little catchphrase that also adds value to it. Additionally, they offer an address of their physical shop and working hours with brief information about whether they’re open at the current viewing time of the ad.

This is a perfect example of how can you make a link between an online store with a physical one and offer potential buyers a chance to visit your shop. Of course, your ultimate goal is to boost your online or dropshipping sales, but if you have a physical store as well, this can only help you get to closing a sale.

Dolce & Gabbana

This Dolce & Gabbana ad on Google informs the targeted audience of its new clothing arrivals and the upcoming Spring Summer collection. In the main copy, there is information about shipping, payment security, the type of garments sold on the website as well as the availability of gift options. 

Furthermore, Dolce & Gabbana adds several additional links below the main copy which can lead the potential buyer to certain sections of their official website. These links are used for more specific offers or as a faster way to take your potential customers to the place on your website they need to be. This ad is a great example of what an ad for clothing should look like. 

Hugo Boss

This is a short and simple ad design from Hugo Boss which offers the viewers a brief introduction to all of the things you get if you decide to shop with them. The header emphasizes that the company is selling luxury items and offers two perspectives on clothes, whether the potential clients are searching for business looks or casual garments. 

They also mention a loyalty program which is a great way of attracting more customers as you’re providing something more to those who would join this program. Additionally, the ad also mentions a live chat which is a reliable way of communication with your clients and can give your business an additional boost. 


This ad contains all the parameters a successful ad needs to have and introduces the potential customer to what Versace offers. The standard mentions for secure payments and information about the store and the return policy are present, but here Versace adds another option that says that they’re receiving orders by phone.

It’s in fact very interesting that a Google ad that targets online audiences contains something like this, but their intentions are to attract even those who are still a bit skeptical about online purchasing. Let’s admit that although online shopping is one of the most convenient ways of purchasing goods at the moment, there are still people who’ll want to use the traditional methods of shopping or making orders. 


This is an ad that’ll most definitely help you shape your ad creation. Farfetch is an online platform for designer clothing that includes numerous world-renowned luxury fashion brands in its offer. Therefore, following their example of ad placement might come in handy for your luxury online store whether it’s an online boutique or a dropshipping business. All you need is a short and catchy copy to inform the customers and another set of links that will describe the specific options from your online store. 

In this particular ad, Farfetch incorporated a link to the list of designers featured on their platform which would be quite helpful for anyone that is interested in browsing your store. Other links might lead to the women’s section, men’s section, collaborations, etc. 

Facebook Ads

Facebook is a bit different when it comes to placing ads and here you need to think about how to implement a visual piece that’ll also catch the attention of your preferred audience. In fact, the visual parameter might even be the critical component that’ll attract your potential clients and persuade them to purchase from your store. In order to give you a glimpse of what that would look like, let’s see several examples of ads placed on Facebook. 

Maxx Group

Maxx Group has decided to go with a carousel ad that contains several types of products that if clicked can lead the potential buyer to that particular product in their store. The store sells designer shoes and in this ad, it markets the brand, Karl Lagerfeld. For this purpose, they use a very short message directed at their audience, which literally calls everyone to visit the website and shop online and serves as a call to action message. 

Moda di Andrea

In this ad, we can see the same carousel approach with different products. This online boutique sells luxury items from various brands, so, it uses a very short copy that describes what they sell, with a mention of their prices. If you want to better inform your potential client about the latest offers and discounts (if any) on your web store you might want to expand a little bit more on the copy providing this information in a non-invasive way. 

It’s true that people on Facebook mostly look at the pictures of certain ads and are usually attracted by the visuals. However, giving them something more means that they’ll get even more interested in what you have to offer and eventually end up making a purchase from you. 

Raffaello Network

Another interesting approach is placing a video ad that’ll go on autoplay once it reaches your target audience. People love watching videos, so, it’s more than likely that your dropshipping video ad or video ad for your online boutique will be noticed. Here, you need to be careful not to place bad video content as doing that’ll have the exact opposite effect.

This particular ad contains a video and a very short copy that only lists the brands that this online store offers and a link to their shop. This might be enough if you’re going with a video ad, but depending on the content or the intention of your aim, you should craft it to fit your current needs. For example, if you’re offering a discount on certain products from your store you need to add this to your copy, so, the people know what to expect when entering your online store. 

Vogue and AMI PARIS

In this collab ad, the brand AMI Paris is presented through a fashion campaign that features the actress Chase Sui. The actress is photographed in multiple locations and in various settings carrying the L’Accordeon bag designed by AMI.

The copy informs the readers about what the ad represents in a stylized word formation that wants to persuade the audience that the bag is a must-have accessory. Of course, the ultimate goal of each ad is to attract more audience and by doing a special something will be more valued than a simple and rather boring copy and a call to action. 

In a nutshell

Picking up the best ad strategy can be a bit of a struggle at first because you’ll really need to find what triggers your desired audience’s attention, and what makes them click on specific ads in order to explore or even buy certain products that they found out about online. Simply said, the sentiment of your potential buyer needs to align with the sentiment of your placed ads. 

But that’s not all. You’ll really need to come up with just the right words, to send the message to your targeted audience, and even make them change their thinking process from “do I really need this” to “I must have this.” Therefore, experiment with your wording, and use everything at your disposal to create an ad bundle that’ll stand out from the competition. Only by incorporating diverse ads in your marketing strategy, you’ll be able to increase your standings in terms of targeting, engagement rates, and lastly, conversions.

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