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15+ Best Wix Templates For Your Clothing Store

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Wix has been enjoying a reputation for being a super user-friendly web-building software, allowing dropshippers to set up their businesses without breaking a sweat. As a result, the eCommerce platform is currently hosting over 200 million users and has reached a revenue of over $US 1.3 billion in 2022.

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Knowing that Wix might be a perfect fit for many entrepreneurs interested in operating clothing dropshipping businesses, we’ve previously prepared a few materials to guide you through the process of launching your Wix store:

Now, it’s time to focus our attention on the more creative part of setting up a Wix fashion store – the web design. 

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The design options are one of the best features of the platform. Not only does it offer you at your disposal practical design tools and fully customizable layouts but it also allows you to choose from a variety of free, engaging, and SEO-friendly templates

So, let’s go over a few carefully chosen best Wix templates that are sure to give you both a captivating web design and a user-friendly interface.

What are the benefits of using Wix templates?

While some eCommerce platforms might require a little bit more effort in setting up your web design, Wix tries to make it as easier as possible by providing you with:

  • + 800 templates to choose from
  • Mobile-optimized templates
  • Beginner-friendly editing features
  • Convenient drag-and-drop tool
  • Fully customizable designs
  • No need for technical knowledge

What are the best Wix templates?

Having hundreds of templates at the disposal of users, it might get a little overwhelming to select the theme that would perfectly capture your clothing store’s purpose and successfully convey your brand’s message. Worries aside, we’ve covered a broad range of fashion templates to help you in the selection process.

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One-product-focused Wix templates

T-Shirt Store

If you’re thinking of specializing only in one apparel item, such as t-shirts, then this Wix template is the absolute best for your store. The T-Shirt Shop theme will help you highlight your products and showcase all of their benefits. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about shoppers finding your catalog. With the product categories available at the very top of the page, this template makes it convenient for customers to access them with just a click. 

Accessories Store

When planning to focus on dropshipping fashion accessories, aim for a template designed to accommodate such products so that visitors find your website appealing and easy to get around. Luckily, Wix knows how important it is to leave a good first impression on customers. The platform’s Accessories Store template offers you a creative space to display your designer bags, branded jewelry, fine hats, and other apparel accessories.

Shoe Store

Created for those seeking to jump into the shoe market, this template includes everything you’d need to present your store in a sensational light – a best-sellers section, ‘Contact Us’ and ‘About Us’ page, newsletter sign-up, and social media buttons, to name a few. With a design to die for and a carefully organized menu, your dropshipping shoes store will be on the right path toward fame and success.

Swimwear Store

One of the many elements that’ll get you a step closer to becoming a fierce competitor in the swimwear market is your website’s design. How you present your dropshipping store to potential buyers will speak volumes both about your products and the type of shopping experience you’re willing to offer visitors. The Swimwear Store template is minimalist in design, yet capable of conveying your brand’s message and producing an attractive online purchasing place.

Lingerie Store

When trying to get your dropshipping lingerie store out there, it’s essential to remember that your web design is pretty much the face of your business. With a capturing asymmetrical layout and easy-to-navigate menu, the Lingerie Store theme is your go-to template to feature your products and encourage customers to finalize their purchases as well as reduce cart abandonment.

Sportswear Store

Perfect for dropshippers that have entered the sportswear niche, the Wix Sportswear Store theme offers a versatile template that’ll accentuate your products’ best features and give you a professional-looking shopping site. The template allows you to play with media files, combining both images and videos, and create a neatly arranged menu that won’t give shoppers a headache when browsing through your site.

Yoga Wear Store

As a dropshipper of trendy yoga wear, you’ll want to put together an exceptionable product exhibition that’ll help you easily convert visitors into loyal customers. With a sneak peek section for your yoga wear collection, a chance to share social media posts with your community, and a choice of colors that reflect the sport’s calm and peaceful spirit, the Yoga Wear Store template from Wix will help you make a name for yourself and your brand.

Bridal Shop

If you happen to be in the wedding industry, specifically in bridal fashion, Wix doesn’t stop to surprise us as the platform also offers an elegant and simplistic Bridal Shop template. Designed in a minimalist style, the template provides users with a big space for featuring product images, room for reviews and testimonials, an appointment booking feature, and even a slideshow of photos.

Kids Clothing Store

If you’re worried you don’t have enough inspiration to build a bright and colorful website design that’ll reflect the kids’ apparel you’re selling, then let the Kid Clothing Store theme do all that for you. Accompanied by a fun layout and a lively background, this template design allows you to easily list your dropshipping trending products, decorate the web with captivating images, and share a word or two about your business’s history.

General clothing store Wix templates

Minimal color template 

If you have in mind a simple template with a subtle pop of color here and there for your clothing store, check out this minimal color Wix template that’ll make your website look fabulous with only a tint of paint. Additionally, being restricted in color, the template won’t take any attention from your product images, allowing you to display high-quality photographs across your website.

Product layout template 

A lot of dropshippers prefer to showcase a vast preview of their product collection right on their home pages so that customers can immediately take a sneak peek at their offers. If you’re interested in trying this approach, you might want to take a look at this Wix template focused on product layout. With this theme, you’ll enable visitors to explore your collection the minute they land on your site.

Image-focused template

Pictures do speak louder than words! And if you agree with this statement, then you can go ahead and try this concept on your own clothing store webpage by using an image-focused template like the one displayed below. With a great media layout, clickable images, and space for small yet informative text, this template will display all the necessary information customers are looking for.

Block design template

Depending on the vision you have for your online boutique, there are many web design structures you can follow which will help you build your website the way you imagined it. This block design template is one way to do it, focusing on presenting different sections of your site in, as the name already says, blocks. This type of template makes certain your webpage has a clean layout and it’s organized in a way that makes it easy for visitors to browse through it.

Multiple details template

Designed to display all kinds of information visitors mind be searching for on the home page, the Wix template you see in the screenshot below is a perfect example of a layout focused on incorporating multiple details on one single page. With this template as your design theme, the moment customers click on your website, they’ll come across your categories and as they scroll down, they can check out new arrivals, learn about your business’s story, and look into reviews and testimonials.

Short layout template

In case you’d rather keep your home page or landing page short and to the point, then you can always opt for creating a short layout that’ll focus only on highlighting the sections you find most important like the template shown below, where visitors have the option to visit the ‘Shop Now’ section or click on your must-have displayed products. Nevertheless, Wix allows you to freely edit the template and add or remove sections as you see fit.

Text-limited template

Similar to the image-focused template discussed above, Wix offers you another layout that’ll use images as the main weapon to convert visitors into customers. Designed to increase your eCommerce conversion rates through illustrations, with this template you can plaster photos with a clickable button across your home page, encouraging visitors to click through them.

Asymmetrical template

Asymmetrical templates were created for those dropshippers eager to experiment with their clothing website layout by creating a page unique in design but still practical to use. Take advantage of this asymmetrical Wix template to beat your competition in interface design and simultaneously offer visitors a place suitable for online shopping.


Wix templates are fantastic for creating a website as they are pre-built templates you can easily customize or use as it is and just insert your web elements.

  1. Login into your Wix account;
  2. Open your Wix dashboard;
  3. Click on ‘Design Site’;
  4. Select ‘Pick a Template.’

Yes, you can use the Wix templates for free without being charged any fees.

Design your Wix store today

Planning on specializing in one particular fashion sub-niche? Or maybe preparing a dropshipping business plan for an online clothing store that’ll incorporate an array of categories? Wix offers you a huge display of fashion templates that focus on hosting clothing dropshipping businesses in search of a bewitching web design. The best Wix templates we’ve featured in the article will certainly get your creative juices flowing and help you in building the Wix store of your dreams.

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