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How to Create About Us Page for Your Clothing Dropshipping Store?

Nedina Gjorgjieva
10 minutes
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Having trouble connecting with customers? Experiencing too many dropshipping cart abandonments? You’re not able to convert visitors into loyal buyers? We might have a way to get you out of those problems and make your online clothing dropshipping store a magnet for shoppers – we propose creating an ‘About Us’ page!

In most cases, in order for customers to feel comfortable buying from eCommerce stores, and for that matter from physical stores as well, they usually seek some type of reassurance of the products’ quality and the store’s credibility, whether it’s in the form of reviews or recommendations. Research confirms our suspicions by reporting that out of 1,000 questioned shoppers, 81% put trust as a deciding factor in their purchasing decisions.

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In these types of situations, ‘About Us’ pages can perform wonders. A well-written ‘About Us’ page with a good structure and engaging visual elements can easily leave a great impression on your customers. In that way, they’ll perceive your dropshipping store as a reliable place to do their shopping. 

Today, we’ll be helping you in creating a rich ‘About Us’ page that’ll elevate your dropshipping sales and build you a stronger relationship with your customers.

What is an ‘About Us’ page?

The ‘About Us’ page is a section on your website where you can create a space to share everything your customers need to know about you and your store. With this page, you can address customers directly and get closer to them by sharing information that’ll broadcast personal details about your business and yourself as well as your long-term mission. 

In other words, your ‘About Us’ page is meant to emphasize features that’ll contribute to building a memorable first impression that customers will ultimately use as a key factor in determining if your business is worth their attention.

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What should I write in ‘About Us’ page?

Having the definition above in mind, there are a number of things you can cover on your ‘About Us’ page. Here are the ones you absolutely need to accommodate:

  • Describe your business’s narrative and the purpose it serves;
  • Introduce your associates and/or team members;
  • Highlight your key principles and objectives;
  • Focus on presenting multimedia content;
  • Incorporate relevant links and social network accounts;
  • Acknowledge your customers’ opinions;
  • Apply amicable language.

In the following sections, we’ll take a look at each of them separately and demonstrate how to build a compelling and persuasive About Us’ page.

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Start from the beginning

It’s important to talk about the roots of your company so that customers can get familiar with your dropshipping store’s narrative, evoking their empathy and thus, increasing the likelihood of them transitioning into loyal clients.

Share when, how, and why you launched your dropshipping clothing business, and what served as your main motivation. Moreover, impart your store’s growth throughout the years, and don’t skip to the good parts only – mention your proudest achievements as well as your struggling times.

Present your team members

Nothing will make customers feel more connected to your store than presenting the people that contributed to providing them with a top-notch shopping experience. This will not only make your customers respect the hard work you’re putting into your business, but also make them feel important and valued.

Putting a face to the name will make things even better. To rephrase it, besides putting together a few words about your employees, insert a photo of each of your team members as well. In that way, you’ll be presenting your clothing store as a team-oriented company that uses trust and collaboration as the main ingredients in creating the ideal dropshipping customer service.

Explain your core values, goals, and visions

Whenever visitors stumble upon online stores, there’s one thing that’s constantly lingering on their minds – “Why should I shop from this store particularly?” This is where sharing your core values and aims can really come in handy. 

In order to commit to a certain store, people often want to know what has motivated the owner to tap into the eCommerce or retail market and what future endeavors they’re willing to make to provide customers with the utmost shopping services. By expressing your visions for your fashion store, you’re bound to positively influence visitors and convince them that you have their best interests at heart.

Include multiple visuals

An ‘About Us’ page with only text and no visuals will do little to attract customers and transmit your message. Although well-put-together written content can generate some buzz, you shouldn’t forget the importance of visual communication. That being the case, it’s imperative to balance out these two elements in order to be able to create a polished page. 

From behind-the-scenes photos (edited with fashion image editing apps), informative videos, and illustrations to graphics, infographics, and gifographics – the world is your oyster.

Insert call-to-action and social media buttons

As an owner of an eCommerce fashion store, you’ll want to focus on strategies that’ll improve your eCommerce conversion rate as well as spread your online presence as much as possible. One way to do that is by incorporating CTAs and social media buttons on your ‘About Us’ page. 

These will help you keep customers engaged and offer them convenient redirection to multiple pages. For example, you can create buttons that’ll lead to Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok accounts and generate CTAs that’ll direct customers to any of your website pages such as the product page, landing page, contact page, eCommerce blog, etc.

Share customer reviews

You can further enrich your ‘About Us’ page by sharing customer reviews or testimonials. These will help you prove to visitors the successful achievement of your goals and how has that influenced your customers. 

You’re free to display various forms of reviews, whether it’s a CTA button that’ll lead to a review platform, listing them on the side of the page, or creating a carousel collection.

Aim for customer-friendly language

When working on your ‘About Us’ page, you need to focus on one thing particularly – the language you’re using to communicate with customers. Sure, a few well-composed sentences will certainly give your story a nice ring. However, your content should sound genuine and written in your own voice. 

In this way, customers are much more likely to relate to your journey and understand where you come from. Allow them to put themselves in your own shoes and learn what it took for you to be able to bring your services to them.

How do you write an ‘About Us’ website template?

To give you a much-needed source of inspiration, here are a few models of ‘About Us’ page templates.  

Example 1

  • We are (OWNERS’ NAMES), founders of (COMPANY’S NAME). Our journey goes back to (YEAR OF ESTABLISHMENT), when we decided to go along with our aspiration of making it accessible for shoppers everywhere to get their hands on high-quality apparel products. For that reason, (DESCRIBE HOW IT ALL BEGAN). Our store has helped thousands of customers worldwide, enabling us to achieve our goal of (EXPLAIN YOUR MISSION). With our team of dedicated employees, we are determined to offer our customers the perfect shopping experience (ELABORATE YOUR FUTURE GOALS).

Example 2

  • Welcome to (COMPANY’S NAME)! We are a luxury fashion store, striving to supply our customers with only the best clothing articles on the market. (CONTINUE DESCRIBING THE PURPOSE OF YOUR BUSINESS). Consequently, those goals have led us to establish our own store (TELL YOUR STORE’S NARRATIVE). Today, we’ve grown into a company committed to making all of our customers’ shopping dreams come true by offering them trendy and unique clothing collections, bound to make them feel fashionable and stylish.

Example 3

  • (COMPANY’S NAME) is a fashion store specializing in designer clothing and accessories. Our main priority has always been to build a place where customers can shop first-rate apparel articles manufactured by world-renowned fashion houses (HIGHLIGHT YOUR OBJECTIVES). With that pressing matter in mind, we came to the conclusion that the only solution was to launch such a place ourselves (PRESENT YOUR COMPANY’S STORY). Our attempt has been a massive success, enabling us to offer customers the most remarkable pieces of clothing and provide them with constant shopping satisfaction.

Examples of well-made ‘About Us’ pages

Twenty Six Fashion

The online fashion store Twenty Six Fashion is a great example of a website with a well-composed ‘About Us’ page. They offer customers a short but informative story about how the company was founded and provide a detailed description of their services. The owners go on to explain the mission of their business and give visitors quick access to their Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube accounts. In addition to this, they’ve also incorporated a button leading viewers to their Trustpilot reviews. 

Pura Vida 

Pura Vida start out their ‘About Us’ page with a few brief personal paragraphs about the store owners and how they came up with the idea of launching their business. In their descriptions, they strongly focus on the reasons behind opening the store, the objectives their aiming for, and most importantly, the values their business is based on. To make their page even more captivating, they’ve incorporated images that capture their dropshipping winning products as well as an illustrative video that presents their story.


Sendégaro has created a well-structured ‘About Us’ page that starts by highlighting the cause their business serves and moves on to narrating their company’s journey. In their written content they use a bunch of playful language, including proverbs and metaphors which is a great way to keep customers reading. To make things even better, they’ve incorporated customer testimonials along with plenty of social media buttons.

Azura Runway

Azura Runway is another example of an online fashion dropshipping store with a simple yet informative ‘About Us’ page. Their page is created with a clean design, decorated with a visual element, and enriched with short but explanatory written content. To offer customers more clarity, their text is divided into a few sections, each of which focuses on different points, thus making their page well-organized.

Concluding the importance of ‘About Us’ pages

Your ‘About Us’ page is one of your clothing dropshipping store’s greatest fortes. It’s the ideal place to share your story, present your milestones, define your core values, and be personal with your customers. Give shoppers a chance to get to know you, and thus, build up their trustworthiness. So, don’t skip on creating an ‘About Us’ page. Look at it as a powerful strategy that keeps customers loyal to your eCommerce business and strengthens your relationship with them on a daily basis.


The ‘About Us’ page is a section on your website that contains personal information regarding yourself and your business such as your company’s history, your business purpose, and long-term goals.

Your website’s ‘About Us’ page should include a few important elements: your company’s story, your team members, your business’s objectives, visual elements, social media info, and customer reviews and testimonials, to name a few.

You can write an ‘About Us’ page by making a list of the details you’d like to incorporate such as those regarding your brand’s establishment or anything else related to your business. Then focus on creating the written content that’ll include that information. Finally, generate a few visual elements to give your page a professional look.

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