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The Recipe for Success: How Our Partners Thrived in the Luxury Dropshipping Business

The journey from considering the dropshipping method to committing to a business plan can be filled with many uncertainties – from finding a profitable fashion niche and choosing a reliable supplier to exploring the competition and targeting the right audience.

This blog post aims to address these concerns by delving into the inspiring success stories of BrandsGateway’s dropshippers. 

Discover how our partners overcame similar challenges and drove their fashion dropshipping businesses toward remarkable success. 

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How does BrandsGateway help dropshippers build a sustainable business?

Profit from a 5-star dropshipping service

Ditch the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary! With BrandsGateway, watch your business prosper as we curate luxury, speed, reliability, and many more invaluable benefits:

  • Extensive inventory of luxury products
  • 100% product authenticity
  • High-profit margins
  • International and fast shipping
  • Seamless plugin integration
  • Practical automation features
  • Selling on online marketplaces
  • Convenient return policy
  • Educational resources and training
  • Outstanding customer support

Build a highly functional online store

Let’s talk virtual artistry and seamless navigation! 

Start a dropshipping business with BrandsGateway and its partner LemonDev – a turnkey solution provider. Build a dynamic online fashion store that perfectly aligns with your brand’s identity and seamlessly integrates with BrandsGateway’s dropshipping service.

You’ll be getting:

  • Fully customizable theme
  • Mobile-responsive design
  • Customized product and collection pages
  • Automatic creation and mapping of product categories
  • Automatic photo adjustments 
  • Professionally designed logo
  • Mega menu setup 
  • Fast loading site
  • 1-on-1 sessions
  • BrandsGateway integration

Create a customized marketing strategy

Time to turn heads and clicks into cash!

BrandsGateaway doesn’t only stock your online store with high-quality products but also helps you create the perfect marketing pitch

By partnering with ads360, BrandsGateway allows you to benefit from Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads tailored specifically to your products:

  • Integrated with BrandsGateway
  • Optimized bidding
  • Target audience analysis
  • Product catalog synchronization
  • 1 target country and currency included
  • Set up your own daily ad-spend budget

Our dropshippers’ success stories

If you don’t believe us, take it from our dropshipping partners!

Take a look at what they have to say and learn how has BrandsGateway led them to victory.

From a Corporate Lawyer to a Successful Dropshipping Business Owner

Nadia’s journey with BrandsGateway began when she decided to leave her corporate job and build her own business. 

Today, Nadia has successfully taken over the roles of both an excellent businesswoman and mother, taking care of 2 children while managing a prosperous clothing dropshipping business 7 days a week.

How has BrandsGateway helped them succeed?

With counterfeit goods being a huge problem within the branded apparel industry, finding a reliable supplier that guarantees original products was at the top of Nadia’s priorities. 

BrandsGateway supplies her store with genuine designer clothes and accessories that come with a 100% authenticity guarantee, making sure her customers are provided with only original products.

All items are authentic, with good descriptions, duly packaged and shipped in time with tracking, returns are processed quickly and payments and refunds are managed without any issues. These are the specifics I’m looking for in a supplier.

From Software Engineering to Dropshipping Success

Software engineer turned entrepreneur Assaf is the owner of a thriving online fashion store with a special accent on premium items by Dolce & Gabbana. 

How has BrandsGateway helped them succeed?

Having made the decision to sell luxury clothing, Assaf’s main challenge was scouting for a supplier that would allow his store to work with high-profit dropshipping margins and maintain sustainable growth

BrandsGateway has given Assaf an opportunity to manage a highly lucrative clothing dropshipping store by allowing him to sell products for up to $1000.

On a monthly basis, for example, in the beginning, I was making around $2000 in profit, but it really depends on the time of the year, the holidays, and the process of advertising.

Read success stories that inspire!

Read our case studies and discover how BrandsGateway can help you achieve great results.

From a Hobby to a Full-Time Dropshipping Business

Power couple Oleg and Stacy started out with the idea of becoming entrepreneurs more as a hobby rather than a business in order to get rid of old clothing on online marketplaces. 

With their side hustle going better than expected, they decided to grab the opportunity to grow a successful dropshipping clothing business.

How has BrandsGateway helped them succeed?

Oleg and Stacy were firm on finding a supplier offering a large inventory of branded apparel they could ship internationally, access to great customer service, benefit from Shopify integration, and, most importantly, high-profit margins.

Their partnership with BrandsGateway quickly transformed their business into a highly profitable venture, earning them around 10.000€ a month by working with great dropshipping margins.

“Recently we sold a bag for €2.500 and our margin on that item was about 40%.”

What stands out with BrandsGateway is the inventory. You are providing some exclusive luxury items which we can not find anywhere else. Also, the content – pictures, descriptions, etc. are on a higher level at BrandsGateway which helps a lot when you are selling clothing items.

From Zero to Hero

Sam is an Australian businessman whose journey of opening a fashion dropshipping store began with nonetheless a failed attempt at running a wholesale business. 

But knowing that’s part of the process, he decided to keep going and get into dropshipping luxury clothing, eventually founding successful online designer clothing store Azura Runway.

How has BrandsGateway helped them succeed?

Despite securing his business with on-time product updates and easy Shopify integration,  another non-negotiable factor for Sam was selling high-margin authentic branded products.

Once partnered up with BrandsGateway, the entrepreneur happily reported that BrandsGateway has changed the course of his business for the better. The business has prospered financially, earning up to +$40,000 USD per month.

Our average monthly sale value is $508 US dollars per order from BrandsGateway. That has been consistent over the period of the last 9 months. As per the total order per month, it pretty much depends on the month. The usual month is anywhere from $ 30,000 USD up to $ 40,000 USD in sales from BrandsGateway products.

Join forces with BrandsGateway today

As you’ve journeyed through these inspiring narratives of successful dropshipping stores, it’s evident that BrandsGateway’s commitment goes beyond being a mere supplier. 

From a practical web-building solution and a customized marketing strategy to seamless platform integration and an automated dropshipping plugin – BrandsGateway offers a partnership that will set your luxury dropshipping store to success.

To all those standing at the brink of decision, schedule your free demo call with BrandsGateway now!

Your success story awaits.

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