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The Winning Formula: Why Top Dropshippers Choose Us

The road to launching a successful fashion dropshipping business is paved with crucial decisions, and none is more critical than choosing the right clothing dropshipping supplier. The supplier you partner with can either make or break your business. It can either transform your store from mediocre to excellent or be the downfall of your venture.

In this article, we put a spotlight on BrandsGateway – a trusted and reliable dropshipping supplier of luxury clothing and accessories. Prepare to get acquainted with the array of benefits BrandsGateway offers and the reasons that make this supplier transcend other suppliers.

Let’s transform your business together today

Learn how to start selling luxury clothing with BrandsGateway

What makes BrandsGateway stand out from the competition?

Diverse product catalog and high-quality items

Having a diverse product collection of high-quality items in your fashion dropshipping store will allow you to both retain and attract shoppers, positioning you for higher conversion rates and customer loyalty.

Bursting with premium luxury clothing and accessories from a wide pool of designer brands, BrandsGateway’s meticulously curated catalog will enable you to cater to a discerning audience seeking nothing short of excellence.

BrandsGateway offers dropshipping partners the opportunity to gain a competitive edge by providing:

  • exceptional product quality;
  • commitment to weekly product updates;
  • increased customer interest and loyalty;
  • gaining access to luxury products that are not readily available elsewhere;
  • opportunity to work with higher dropshipping profit margins.

Product categories

Take a look at the categories you’ll be able to dropship with BrandsGateway:

Our Price
Market Price

Our Price
Market Price

Luxury brands

Here’s a preview of the luxury brands that will be available to you when dropshipping through BrandsGateway:

why dropshippers choose us

Check out the full list here.

Let’s transform your business together today

Learn how to start selling luxury clothing with BrandsGateway

Lucrative Profit Margins and High Ticket Products

Profit margins serve as the main indicators of your dropshipping store’s financial health. These assume a crucial function in handling operational costs and ensuring sustainable profitability.

To secure steady earnings, the smart choice would be to dropship high-ticket items (products of high quality that sell for higher prices) that come with high-profit margins such as luxury clothing

BrandsGateway allows you to build a sustainable fashion business by providing your store with:

  • high-ticket clothing products with attractive profit margins;
  • suggested retail prices for all products listed in the catalog;
  • chance to establish different profit margins for each category.

What are the profit margins BrandsGateway offers?

Through collaboration with BrandsGateway, you have the potential to earn profit margins of up to 250% per individual order.

To illustrate, these Dolce & Gabbana silver crystal shoes have a wholesale price of €399 and can be listed for a retail price of €1,600, allowing you to earn a profit margin of 75%

Our Price
Market Price

Our Price
Market Price

Automated Dropshipping Service

Adopting automated dropshipping has the potential to transform how you manage your daily business activities. It brings forth advantages that are essential for every business owner: 

  • saves you significant time;
  • reduces the likelihood of errors
  • facilitates enhanced business scalability.

The dropshipping plugin offered by BrandsGateway will automate and streamline a majority of your business tasks. This eliminates the need for frequent manual intervention and allows you to focus more of your attention on the marketing strategic aspects of your business.

What are the benefits of BrandsGateway’s automated dropshipping plugin?

Exploring Dropshipping Opportunities on Marketplaces

Listing your products on well-known online marketplaces enables you to target a much wider audience, increase your brand’s visibility, and tap into international markets. 

BrandsGateway will support you in extending your business presence across various online platforms, including Amazon and eBay.

To start dropshipping on Amazon or eBay with BrandsGateway you’ll need to:

  1. Create an Amazon/eBay seller account;
  2. Set up your Amazon/eBay store;
  3. Build your product listings;
  4. Connect your Amazon/eBay store with your dropshipping store.

Local Warehouses for Efficient Operations

Partnering with a dropshipping supplier that manages local warehouses will ensure timely order fulfillment and affordable shipping fees.

Thanks to BrandsGateway’s strategically positioned local warehouses in the EU and the USA, your customers will benefit from:

  • global delivery to over 170 countries;
  • affordable shipping costs that start at as low as €15 per order;
  • fast delivery of 3 business days for locations within the EU and 5-7 working days for deliveries outside the EU;
  • express shipping starting at only €30 per order;
  • reliable couriers FedEx, UPS, and DHL;
  • convenient 14-day return policy.
why dropshippers choose us

Comprehensive Support and Resources

Being able to ask for assistance from top-notch customer support at all times is vital for ensuring the seamless operation of your dropshipping business. 

BrandsGateway makes sure dropshippers have a guiding hand to help them make informed decisions as they try to navigate the dropshipping market. The support service for BrandsGateway’s dropshipping partners includes:

  • a dedicated team of customer representatives;
  • multiple support channels including email, WhatsApp, live chat, and demo calls;
  • great availability from Monday to Friday from 4 AM to 5 PM CET;
  • a variety of premium marketing and educational materials, including guides, tutorials, and blog posts.

What BrandsGateway’s current dropshippers have to say?

“BrandsGateway’s inventory is on the higher end so the price point is high compared to the other suppliers. But at the same time, the discounts that I was offered are much higher than what the other suppliers offered me. This makes BrandsGateway’s stock the most profitable stock to sell.” – Sam, CEO of Azura Runway

“Your stock is very easily transferred to my Shopify store and it is updated in real-time which means I won’t sell anything that is out of stock.” – Herdis Jenssen, CEO of Fash Dash

‘’When I say customer service is important this is one of the key features which makes BrandsGateway special for me. That’s why I like calling you my business partner, not just my supplier!’’ – Rovena Kafilaj

“All items are authentic, with good descriptions, duly packaged and shipped in time with tracking, returns are processed quickly and payments and refunds are managed without any issues. These are the specifics I’m looking for in a supplier.” – Nadia

“BrandsGateway’s customer support is based on communication with people which is a big advantage. When communicating with you I always get answers from people that really care and want to help me. It’s good to know that there’s someone on the other side that is willing to take care of my and my customers’ issues. Therefore, whether I need help from someone at the warehouse or anything else, I really feel like your team cares to provide dedicated support.” – Asaaf

Unleash your business potential with BrandsGateway

As you embark on your dropshipping journey, remember that the right partner can make all the difference. 

With BrandsGateway, you’re not just choosing a supplier – you’re selecting a partner dedicated to the growth of your online boutique

With its diverse product catalog, high-profit margins, automated services, local warehouses, and committed customer support, BrandsGateway emerges as a star player.

So, embrace this winning formula and schedule a free demo call with BrandsGateway today. 

Let’s transform your business together today

Learn how to start selling luxury clothing with BrandsGateway