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14 Contact Us Page Examples for Your Dropshipping Clothing Store

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Nedina Gjorgjieva
12th December, 2023
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It takes a lot of patience and dedication to build a solid relationship with your target audience that will eventually transform them into loyal clientele.

Incorporating a ‘Contact Us’ page in your dropshipping fashion store should be the starting point of that journey. 

With up to 86% of U.S. consumers voting as ‘very important’ having access to human customer service (Statista), it's clear that providing easy and direct communication channels is key to building trust and fostering long-term customer relationships.

In this article, we’ll explain what makes a great 'Contact Us' page and showcase inspirational 'Contact Us' page examples from successful online stores in the fashion industry that you’ll want to copy.

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What is a ‘Contact Us’ page?

A ‘Contact Us’ page is a dedicated section on your website that allows visitors to get in touch with you. 

It serves as a direct line of communication between your customers and your business, providing them with the means to reach out and connect with you.

What should I write in a Contact Us’ page?

A well-put-together ‘Contact Us’ page should have all the necessary information that your customers may need to contact you. Here are a few key elements to include:

  • Your business’s name and logo.
  • Contact details, such as email address, phone number, and physical address if applicable.
  • Operating hours and time zone information.
  • A contact form where customers can enter their name, email address, and message.
  • Links to your social media profiles, if applicable.

Best practices to create the perfect ‘Contact Us’ page

Keep a simple language

Don’t overwhelm your visitors with too much information or complex and confusing terminology. 

Present the details you decide to include in clear and concise language so you can avoid causing misunderstandings among your customers.

Don’t overdo the design

Naturally, the design of your ‘Contact Us’ page should be visually appealing and consistent with the overall look and feel of your website. 

However, you don’t want to make it look too cluttered, as this could detract from the page’s primary function and potentially confuse your visitors.

Stick to a simple layout to make sure your page is easy to navigate and understand.

Include a FAQ section

A FAQ section can help address common inquiries and save both you and your customers valuable time.

Here, you can include questions that are most frequently asked by your customers and provide straightforward answers. 

Add social proof

A ‘Contact Us’ page can also be an opportunity to showcase your commitment to customer service

You can include testimonials or reviews from satisfied customers, demonstrating the positive experiences others have had when contacting your clothing dropshipping business. 

This can help build trust and credibility and encourage customers to reach out and engage with you.

Best ‘Contact Us’ page examples to inspire you


Cettire’s ‘Contact Us’ page is so effective because of its clean and organized layout. 

contact us page example

Why does it work?

  • The use of white space with simple design elements creates a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness.
  • Clearly provided instructions for the most frequently asked questions by customers. 
  • The page incorporates Cettire’s branding elements, such as their logo and color scheme, which helps to reinforce their brand image and create a cohesive online presence. 

Luisa Via Roma

Luisa Via Roma’s ‘Contact Us’ page stands out with its comprehensive range of contact options. 

contact us page example

Why does it work?

  • Contacts are listed in a well-organized way, displaying them in a column-like style.
  • Information is provided for different departments, making it easy for customers to reach the right person directly.
  • Helpful links to all of their social media accounts.

Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus’s ‘Contact Us’ impresses with its visually appealing design and helpful information.

contact us page example

Why does it work?

  • Different contact options are available including call, text, and email.
  • Description of the store’s operating hours, ensuring that customers know when they can expect a response.
  • Live chat feature, allowing customers to contact them at any time.


Bluefly’s ‘Contact Us’ page keeps it simple and professional. They provide visitors with a contact page that is rich in text yet still quite easy to understand and find out the right contact customers are looking for.

contact us page example

Why does it work?

  • The most relevant and important contact information is presented in a bolded font.
  • Lets customers know specifically know long it takes the store’s team to get back to their messages. 


The ‘Contact Us’ page of the fashion eCommerce store Vitkac is a great example of the type of layout and design that works best for such pages.

contact us page example

Why does it work?

  • A minimalist design that aligns with the store’s brand aesthetic. 
  • Clean lines, ample white space, and a limited color palette.
  • Multiple contact channels, including phone, email, and social media.

Azura Runway

Sometimes less is more and Azura Runway proves that by putting up a ‘Contact Us’ page that’s simple and free of any distractions.

contact us page example

Why does it work?

  • A simple black-and-white design that makes it easy to find the contact information customers need.
  • Addresses to their main operational headquarters.
  • Two simple contact forms: email and phone.


Lyst is another online boutique with a simple ‘Contact Us’ page that provides customers with an easy and direct way to reach out for support, inquiries, or feedback.

contact us page example

Why does it work?

  • All contact information is presented along with a straightforward explanation of what it serves. 
  • Accessible live chatbot for real-time assistance.
  • Display of other relevant pages on the left side of the page, including links to their help center, terms and conditions, privacy and cookie policies, and sizing guide.


Farfetch offers an easily accessible ‘Contact Us’ page that is also well-stocked with different kinds of contact details. 

contact us page example

Why does it work?

  • Email and phone service hours are clearly stated.
  • Link to their FAQ section is included right next to the contact information.
  • Solutions to customers’ most frequent inquiries are conveniently provided just below the contact information.


Just like the rest of the pages of your clothing dropshipping store, your contact page should also have a good structure that can present your contacts in an orderly manner. Have a look at Mytheresa’s contact page, for instance.

contact us page example

Why does it work?

  • Clean layout with easily identifiable contact options.
  • Customers can choose to get in touch by phone number, email address, or contact form.
  • Highlighted customer service operating hours.


Revolve have created a customer care page that every imperative information a customer would need when seeking support.

contact us page example

Why does it work?

  • Phone lines, email address, and convenient CTA button to WhatsApp chat.
  • Addresses and contact info to all of their main offices.
  • FAQ, shipping times, payment options, size guide, return policy, and feedback pages are available on the side for quick reference.


What makes the contact page of SSENSE worthy of being an example is the fact that they don’t forget to mention important information that customers might frequently seek such as assistance in multiple languages or call fees.

contact us page example

Why does it work?

  • Makes it known that they can offer bilingual customer care as well as toll-free calls.
  • Has a contact form where customers can select the nature of their inquiry, making it easier for the customer service team to address their needs effectively.


If you find your page way too plain, why not insert an innovative element that will give it a zing to it? Take, Net-a-porter as an example.

contact us page example

Why does it work?

  • Contact forms can be reached via a creative drop-down menu that separates the contacts for different types of inquiries. 
  • An easily noticeable chat option is included right next to the email and phone number details.


In terms of design, it may seem way too simple, but Coltorti’s ‘Contact Us’ page effectively delivers all the information needed for customers to reach out for assistance.

contact us page example

Why does it work?

  • Brief but well-built page, supplying the most important contact details.
  • No unnecessary design elements, just a clean white layout.


At first glance, the ‘Contact Us’ page of FWRD might look like it has way too much than needed but, if closely examined, it reveals a well-arranged design that efficiently guides customers to the right resources and contact methods.

contact us page example

Why does it work?

  • Automatic display of contact form once a type of issue is selected.
  • Additional helpful information, such as social media accounts, working hours, and mailing address, are included as well.
  • FAQ, shipping, and returns policy pages are made available on the same page for self-service support.

Start building relationships with your customers

The ‘Contact Us’ page is the place where your customers can reach out to you with their queries, concerns, or feedback.

This is a great way to promote your online clothing store as a reliable business that will support customers throughout their shopping journey with whatever help they need.

So, feel free to use these examples to build or optimize your ‘Contact Us’ page to perfection.

Remember, clear communication and excellent customer service are crucial for the success of your dropshipping fashion business!


The ‘Contact Us’ page is an essential element of every website as it serves as a channel of communication between you and your customers. The primary use of a ‘Contact Us’ page is to provide visitors with different kinds of contact forms that allow them to get in touch with your support team.

A ‘Contact Us’ page should always include an email address and phone number, and sometimes a physical address, social media profiles, and business hours.

To create an effective ‘Contact Us’ page:

  • Keep the layout simple
  • Include design elements that reflect your brand
  • Use concise language 
  • Insert an FAQ section
  • Make it mobile-friendly.