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15 Cutting-Edge AI Tools to Revolutionize Your Dropshipping Business

Nedina Gjorgjieva
12 minutes
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Artificial intelligence tools have been a complete game changer in major aspects of the business world –  from market research and data analysis to content generation and task automation.

Among dropshippers, this inevitably makes them ask “How can dropshipping businesses leverage the power of AI?” 

In this article, we give you an extensive answer by presenting you with the best AI tools to use for your dropshipping business

Let’s take a look at the tools’ potential to revolutionize various aspects of your business operations and help you gain a competitive advantage in the rapidly evolving dropshipping market.

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What’s the future of AI in eCommerce?

As technology slowly but surely reshapes the world of business, it’s only normal to think about the effect AI will have on eCommerce ventures in the course of time.

Luckily, AI is set to become a driving force beyond the success of dropshipping businesses. If you don’t want to take our word for it, take a look at Statista’s survey:

Find more statistics at Statista

The survey reveals that personalization, site search, forecasting, marketing, pricing, customer service, and sales have been named as the top areas where AI can tremendously help eCommerce businesses.

That being said, the future of AI in eCommerce is nothing short of remarkable. The AI tools for dropshipping we’re going to discuss next will further solidify the positive outcome AI can bring to your business. 

What are the benefits of using AI tools in your dropshipping business?

With the wave technology has made in the last few years, AI tools are becoming must-have virtual assistants. AI tools in dropshipping will benefit your business by giving you the opportunity to:

  • Generate content: AI tools give you the ability to create search-engine-optimized content ready to use throughout your website – homepage, landing pages, product pages, blog, emails, newsletters, social media posts, ads, etc. These can generate content in a specific tone, intonation, and style, giving you a perfectly personalized copy for your targeted audience.
  • Personalize sales: AI-driven personalization will take center stage, allowing online retailers to tailor the shopping experience for each individual customer. This means more accurate product recommendations, customized marketing campaigns, and enhanced customer engagement. 
  • Conduct market analysis: AI’s predictive analytics capabilities will enable businesses to forecast trends, optimize inventory, and fine-tune pricing strategies. This data-driven approach will enhance decision-making, minimize waste, and maximize profits. 
  • Improve customer support: AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants are set to redefine customer support. They’ll be available 24/7 to address inquiries and resolve issues, delivering lightning-fast response times and improving customer satisfaction.  

Best AI tools for Dropshipping Businesses

ToolMain FeaturesPricing
ChatGPT• Generates content
• Conducts advanced data analysis
• Provides multi-language translations
• Automates tasks
• Writes codes
• Free to use
• ChatGPT Plus subscription plan: $20/month
GetResponse• AI email generator
• Webinar hosting
• Website and landing page builder
• Access to autoresponders
• Free plan
• Email Marketing plan: €16/month
• Marketing Automation plan: €54/month
• eCommerce Marketing plan: €106/month
• GetResponse MAX plan: €999/month
Tidio• Live chat
• Sales and FAQ chatbot templates
• Email marketing automation tool
• Free pla
• Starter plan: $29/month
• Communicator plan: $25/month
• Chatbot plan: $29/month
•Personalized plan (starting from): $394/month
Frase• Generating SEO-optimized content
• Competitor content analytics
• Content performance analytics
• Solo plan: $14.99/month
• Basic plan: $44.99/month
• Team plan: $114.99/month
• 5-day trial for $1
Jasper• Create marketing copy
• Write, edit, and optimize blog posts
• Access to SEO tools
• Creator plan: $39/month
• Teams plan: $99/month
• Business plan: Customized quote
• 7-day free trial
Synthesia• Custom AI avatar creation
Support for 120+ languages and accents
• Voice cloning and text-to-speech
• Personal plan: $22.50/month
• Enterprise plan: Customized quote
ViSenze• Showcase relevant products
• Product search via photo or screenshot
• Automatic product catalog optimization
• Pricing available upon request
• 30-day free trial
InData Labs• Image recognition
• Custom-built recommendation system
• Customer behavior analysis
• Pricing information available upon request
Maverick• Generate personalized video messages
• Deliver messages via automated email flows
• Build branded video pages
• Starter plan: $100/month
• Pro plan: Customized quote
Ocoya• Generate captions and hashtags
• Schedule posts across platforms
• Copywriting AI assistant
• Bronze plan: $15/month
• Silver plan: $39/month
• Gold plan: $79/month
• Diamond plan: $159/month
Canva• Drag-and-drop editor
• Photo editing tools
• 100+ design types
• 250,000+ free templates
• Free plan
• Canva Pro: $14.99/month
• Canva for Teams: $29.99/month
• 30-day free trial
Phrasee• Generate personalized email copies and subject lines
• Predict best-performing content
• Enterprise Content Generation: Price upon request
• Enterprise Content Optimization: Price upon request• Generate personalized cold emails and sales sequences• Free plan
• Pro plan: $59/month
• Small Business plan: $89/month
• Enterprise plan: Customized quote
Pixlr• Exceptional editing features
• AI image generator
• Background removal and image crop
• Free plan
• Plus plan: $1.99/month
• Premium plan: $7.99/month
• Team plan: $12.99/month
Prisync• Competitor price tracking
• Price change detection
• Price suggestions
• Professional plan: $99/month
• Premium plan: $199/month
• Platinum plan: $399/month
• 14-day free trial


ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot that uses natural language processing (NPL) to stimulate human-like conversations. As a result, the tool can provide you with answers to all kinds of queries. 

Getting the absolute best answers depends solely on the prompt you insert – the more specific and detailed the prompt is, the bigger the chances of generating the exact solution you’re looking for.

Check out: How to use ChatGPT for SEO?


  • generates content
  • conducts advanced data analysis
  • provides multi-language translations
  • creates marketing campaigns
  • automates tasks
  • writes codes


  • ChatGPT is free to use
  • ChatGPT Plus subscription plan with additional features is available for 20$/month


GetResponse is a prominent email marketing platform that offers a variety of AI tools suited for both small and large dropshipping businesses. Their products include anything from email and website-building to communication and promotional tools.


  • Build and launch an email marketing campaign
  • Webinar hosting
  • AI email generator
  • Website and landing page builder
  • Access to autoresponders
  • Create signup form and popups
  • The tool seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics, WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, Zapier, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Etsy, and many more


  • Free plan with limited features
  • Email Marketing plan for €16/month
  • Marketing Automation plan for €54/month
  • eCommerce Marketing plan for €106/month
  • GetResponse MAX plan for €999/month


Tidio is a live chat platform that helps businesses build great relationships with their customers. Their versatile collection of AI solutions enables you to offer highly satisfactory customer support that will provide your customers with quick and helpful solutions to their inquiries.

The best part of Tidio is that allows you to integrate your Facebook, Instagram, and eCommerce email messages and deal with them from the same place.


  • LiveChat
  • AI-powered chatbot
  • Sales and FAQ chatbot templates
  • Built-in ticketing system
  • Email marketing automation tool
  • App integration with Facebook, Instagram, Mailchimp, Klaviyo, and Google Analytics 


  • Free plan
  • Starter plan for $29/month
  • Communicator plan for $25/month
  • Chatbot plan for $29/month
  • Personalized plan starting from $394/month


Frase is an AI content software that helps writers research and write ready-to-use SEO-optimized content. 

As a business owner, Frase gives you the advantage of generating personalized content for your dropshipping store by identifying the most relevant keywords, optimizing paragraphs that need improvement, and measuring your results.


  • Generating SEO-optimized content
  • Composing outlines with the help of autosuggest
  • Creating customized templates
  • Competitor content analytics
  • Content performance analytics based on Google Search Console data


  • Solo plan for $14.99/month
  • Basic plan for $44.99/month
  • Team plan for $114.99/month
  • Frase provides a 5-day trial for 1$


Jasper is another AI writing tool that can help you break your writer’s block. Specializing in writing marketing content, you can use Jasper to generate promotional copy for landing and product pages, social media, ads, and others.


  • Create converting marketing copy 
  • Write, edit, and optimize blog posts
  • Generate content in 30+ languages
  • Define your brand’s voice
  • Get access to SEO tools


  • Creator plan for $39/month
  • Teams plan for $99/month
  • Business plan for a personalized quote
  • Benefit from a 7-day free trial


Synthesia is a video generator that works with AI avatars to create engaging content. With their text-to-speech feature, Synthesia allows you to create stunning videos within minutes without using a camera and microphone.

The videos can be the perfect addition to your dropshipping store’s website, or a great way to create promotional content for YouTube.


  • Hundreds of AI avatars to choose from
  • The ability to create custom AI avatar
  • 120+ languages and accents
  • 65+ video templates
  • Voice cloning
  • Text-to-speech 
  • AI script assistant
  • Screen recorder


  • Personal plan for $22.50/month
  • Enterprise plan for a customized quote


ViSenze offers product discovery features that can help your customers easily find the items they’re looking for. This can greatly improve your dropshipping store’s conversion rates as your customers will be able to buy the products without getting frustrated for not being able to locate them quickly.


  • Showcase the most relevant products
  • Enable product search via photo or screenshot
  • Automatically optimize product catalog with Smart Tagging
  • Measure product performance and customer behavior


  • Their pricing solutions are available only via request.
  • They offer a 30-day free trial

InData Labs

InData Labs is a data science company that has developed AI-powered solutions for eCommerce ventures. Their tools allow online stores to significantly improve certain aspects of their businesses and implement clever solutions.


  • Image recognition
  • Custom-built recommendation system
  • Customer behavior analysis


  • Information about their pricing is not displayed on their site and can be required by getting in contact with their customer support team


Maverick helps dropshipping and other types of eCommerce businesses by employing AI-generated videos to enable companies to engage in personalized interactions with their customers throughout the entire user journey. 

Using Maverick, you can effortlessly deliver video messages to individual customers, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual recording.


  • Generate personalized video messages
  • Deliver messages via automated email flows
  • Build branded video pages
  • Integration with both paid and free CRM solutions such as Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, Klaviyo, and Omnisend


  • Starter plan for $100/month
  • Pro plan for a customized quote


Ocoya is a leading AI software in the field of social media content creation and management. The tool allows business owners to manage their social media accounts from one platform and create stunning content with the help of their AI assistant.


  • Generate high-converting captions and hashtags
  • Schedule posts across all your platforms
  • Take advantage of their copywriting AI assistant 
  • Convenient drag-and-drop editor


  • Bronze plan for $15/month
  • Silver plan for $39/month
  • Gold plan for $79/month
  • Diamond plan for $159/month


Canva is a versatile graphic design tool that utilizes AI to simplify the creation of visual content. Canva empowers users to design stunning graphics, social media posts, presentations, and more, even if they have no design experience.


  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Resize and edit photos
  • 100+ design types
  • 250,000+ free templates
  • 1+ million free photos
  • 5GB cloud storage


  • Free plan
  • Canva Pro for $14.99/month
  • Canva for Teams for $29.99/month
  • 30-day free trial


Phrasee is an AI-driven marketing dropshipping tool that uses natural language generation to write engaging and personalized email copies, subject lines, and content.

Phrasee helps dropshippers enhance email open rates as well as their store’s brand awareness by generating, optimizing, and measuring your marketing content’s performance.


  • Generate copy based on your brand and target audience
  • Create AI-powered content for emails, SMS, push notifications, social media, blogs, product descriptions, and ad copy
  • Get predictions about best-performing content


  • Enterprise Content Generation – prices upon request
  • Enterprise Content Optimization – prices upon request

Regie is an outreach platform that streamlines the process of creating cold emails and sales sequences. 

To make your content unique to your brand, the tool takes data from your business, making your sales pitches highly personalized and relevant to your target audience.


  • Generate personalized cold emails
  • Build sales sequences
  • Integrate with your favorite platforms: HubSpot, Outreach, Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce, FrontSpin, and more


  • Free plan
  • Pro plan – $59/month
  • Small Business plan – $89/month
  • Enterprise plan – customized quote


Pixlr is an AI-enhanced online photo editor tool. It provides users with powerful image editing capabilities, including filters, effects, and automated adjustments, allowing them to enhance and manipulate photos for various purposes.

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  • Hundreds of templates, icons, stickers, and fonts
  • Exceptional editing features
  • AI image generator
  • Background removal
  • Image crop
  • Collage maker
  • Video tutorials


  • Free
  • Plus plan – $1.99/month
  • Premium plan – $7.99/month
  • Team plan – $12.99/month


Prisync is a pricing optimization and competitor tracking tool for eCommerce businesses. It monitors competitors’ pricing in real-time, helping retailers adjust their own prices to stay competitive while maximizing dropshipping profit margins


  • Competitor price tracking
  • Price change detection
  • Price suggestions
  • Marketplace data analysis
  • Daily email reports


  • Professional plan – $99/month
  • Premium plan – $199/month
  • Platinum plan – $399/month
  • 14-day free trial


Yes! You can definitely use AI for dropshipping. There are various AI-powered tools that can help you simplify a lot of your business operations by automating a large number of tasks, performing data analysis, generating ready-to-use content, personalizing marketing strategies, and many more. 

Some of the best AI platforms to use include:

  • ChatGPT
  • Jasper
  • Frase
  • GetResponse
  • Pixlr
  • Tidio
  • Synthesia
  • Ocoya
  • ViSenze
  • PriSync

OpenAI is a prominent AI research organization best known for launching ChatGPT. OpenAI’s models are undoubtedly among the top choices for many businesses.

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Embrace AI tools for your dropshipping business

In the world of dropshipping, changes happen on a regular basis, and adapting to them is crucial in order to keep up with the market.

The key takeaway? Embrace the evolution. Staying behind will only harm your business and bring you loss. 

Armed with these 15 cutting-edge AI tools, you’ll be ready to supercharge your dropshipping business, improve customer experiences, and stay ahead in the competitive eCommerce market.

Remember, work harder, not smarter.

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