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How Important are Weekly New Arrivals for Your Clothing Store

Posted by Nedina Gjorgjieva | May 11th, 2022
In this day and age, the fashion industry has qualified among the top-earning niches on a global level. As a result, the number of business owners investing in both traditional and eCommerce apparel stores only seems to go up. In the US, for instance, as stated by Statista, clothing stores are expected to reach over 180 billion USD in revenue in the next two years, proving that this segment of the market is indeed a highly profitable business worth giving a try. However, in order to benefit from maximized profits and enjoy great success, your clothing store will require implementing smart strategies that’ll help you in presenting your brand with a spectacular image and secure an impressive reputation. These strategies must take into account the current ins and outs in the fashion world, bear in mind the competition, but, above all, consider your customers’ preferences. One such strategy that has shown to have great success rates consists of bringing new arrivals into your clothing store.  That being said, in this article, we’ll concentrate on giving you a thorough explanation of how influential can weekly product updates be for your clothing business. Why is it important to introduce new products? What are the main benefits they bring? How can they improve customer retention? We provide the answers to all of these questions by offering you a very-much useful and comprehensive analysis of this subject. 


9 Shopify Alternatives for your Online Clothing Store

Posted by Nedina Gjorgjieva | May 3rd, 2022
When deciding on launching an online clothing store, or choosing to expand your business in the eCommerce world and transform it into a click-and-mortar business, one of the very first things retailers must resolve is choosing the right eCommerce platform to host their website. When it comes to picking outbuild a web-building software, there are many things to be considered: feature variety, plugin options, prices and budget goals, inventory, and payment management, to name a few. Holding the title of one of the largest global eCommerce platforms, Shopify is usually among the first choices. It offers a great tool assortment to help you build an impressive and attention-grabbing virtual storefront that’ll allure many visitors and convert them into loyal customers. With over 1.75 million merchants that sell their products by using the platform’s services, Shopify can without a doubt open your way for eCommerce success. However, despite being a popular option, Shopify may not always be the best option for all prospective online retailers.  Regardless of the reason why the platform isn’t the most suitable choice for everyone, having a few other possibilities up your sleeve can save you the trouble of searching for other well-qualified eCommerce platforms. That being said, we’ve taken the time to collect a few more platforms and offer them at your disposal. There are plenty of Shopify alternatives that can provide you with customizable website building, affordable subscriptions, multiple add-ons, and great scalability such as the ones we’ve gathered below.


eCommerce Conferences to Attend in 2024 [Updated]

Posted by Dimitar Alimaskoski | February 4th, 2022
In order to keep up with the latest Gen Z and millennial purchasing trends in the eCommerce market, entrepreneurs would have to continuously get updates on the current situation and market movements. There are numerous ways of how this might be performed and one of them is by attending eCommerce conferences. In essence, these types of events will always be the perfect spot where young entrepreneurs can hear all sorts of motivational speeches from some of the greatest leaders in the eCommerce world, learn a thing or two on how to manage and maintain their presence on the market and discuss new and emerging technologies. Additionally, they can also bring numerous opportunities for networking which can help in the process of growing your business and harnessing innovation. With all this said, let’s make an overview of the most engaging conferences and seminars for the rest of 2024 and the following 2025.


250+ Motivational Quotes to Boost Your Business Success in 2024

Posted by Dimitar Alimaskoski | January 21st, 2022
No matter how big or small your business may be, the way you feel about it will determine its success. Many people feel discouraged or overwhelmed with the day-to-day struggles of running a business. But in order to go forward, you need to ask yourself: What lies in the future for your business? The simple answer is more clients, more profits, and more new challenges. In order to meet those elements head-on, you'll need to be motivated and inspired by thoughts of success. Staying committed to doing the best work possible and remaining dedicated to always improving yourself as a person and as a professional will always be the best behavior in your business landscape. A great business leader knows that every decision they make is important. Additionally, a great leader also understands the concept of winning through influence. The best way to influence others is by setting an example with your actions and working hard to achieve results. However, sometimes in order to be an example for others we need a boost ourselves in order to build that level of confidence. And just like that, your motivation might be increased by some beautifully designed combination of words that can boost your spirits up and show you the right path. These witty sayings called quotes are what we're going to cover in this article. A good quote can motivate someone to achieve their dreams or serve as a reminder that they're on the right track. These positive words often become mantras that keep us going even when times get tough. Quotes can also serve as inspiration for creative projects and lead to novel ideas that solve problems in unique ways. All in all, becoming part of this new trend of using motivational quotes to inspire yourself and your audience is a great way to start in 2024, as the people of our world will have an increased need for motivation. Therefore, join us on this journey and find the best quotes that you think will be the appropriate fuel for your mind in order to generate the best results and skyrocket your business. We've additionally grouped them into various categories in order to provide the ultimate experience.


10 Best eCommerce Podcasts to Listen to in 2024

Posted by Nedina Gjorgjieva | January 10th, 2022
In the last couple of years, podcasts have become the latest ‘hot topic’ that quickly attracted everyone’s attention. This new form of media can be described as a mix of a radio program and a TV show. In other words, it’s somewhat like a radio discussion but recorded beforehand and released in episodes. It’s estimated that, currently, over 2 000 000 podcasts, among which business podcasts as well, are available to people internationally, making them one of the greatest sources of information in the 21st century. Moreover, with more than 100 million users in the US alone, podcasts have rapidly become one of the most accessed coverage media. One may wonder, however, how their popularity sky-rocketed in such a short time. The answer is simple. Podcasts represent a convenient way of spreading information and are available anytime. In addition, they offer you something that no other type of social media does – saving time. Listening to a podcast will never interfere with your daily chores as you can do both things at once! Podcasts cover an astoundingly wide range of topics, thus, providing enjoyable audio recordings for all types of audiences. eCommerce enthusiasts are no exception either. Not only do podcasts deliver entertaining content but they also function as an educational tool, helping prospective business owners keep up with the rapidly changing business environment and learn the newest tips and tricks for a successful eCommerce experience.  We’re more than happy to assist you in your eCommerce journey by recommending some excellent eCommerce podcasts that’ll certainly be of great help and offer you much-needed advice and guidance.


30 Best eCommerce and Dropshipping Subreddits to Follow in 2024

Posted by Dimitar Alimaskoski | October 22nd, 2021
Being part of something always comes as a benefit if you have your own business in the eCommerce or dropshipping segments. Connections are always valuable in terms of learning new things, broadening your perspectives, and moving closer to successful outcomes. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to step up the interaction game and use networking as a tool to further expand their knowledge or provide knowledge to those that are in need of it. Nowadays, there are multiple platforms that serve as connection hubs for entrepreneurs such as social media groups. In fact, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are all used as anchor points for entrepreneurs, and apart from their use as promotion tools, these services can come in handy for connecting, learning, sharing new experiences, and everything related to networking. In this article, we will mainly focus on one of these platforms that serve as an aggregator of social news, rating web content, and holding discussions: Reddit. Reddit is a network that incorporates many smaller communities called subreddits where people join to dive into their interests, explore new ones, and be part of their favorite topic’s dissection. Apart from hobbies and interests, people come to Reddit in order to discuss business, knowledge, and other things that might help young entrepreneurs in their future endeavors. As the main motto of this platform says: Dive into Anything, let’s now dive into the world of subreddits related to eCommerce.


How to Excel in eCommerce Email Marketing

Posted by Lilla Stefanovszky | October 20th, 2021
ECommerce email marketing is a powerful marketing tool that you can utilize as an eCommerce business owner to drive sales to your store. ECommerce email marketing is defined as a sales and marketing strategy when a business is sending promotional emails to its audience to encourage conversation, inspire, increase engagement, and keep its customers up to date on the brand, and with that, implement the 5cs of marketing.


10 eCommerce Companies that Offer Affiliate Programs

Posted by Lilla Stefanovszky | October 11th, 2021
The global eCommerce retail market is projected to grow further in the upcoming years and reach 6.38 trillion USD by the end of 2024. This shows that there is a constantly growing consumer interest in purchasing goods and services online, but with growing demand comes growing supply as well. As WP Forms reports, there are 12-24 million eCommerce websites worldwide with more and more being created every day but only approximately 1 million of these are making more than 1000 USD a year which is a sign of a highly competitive market. For this reason, it is vital for both B2B and B2C companies to create and execute a marketing plan that will set them apart from the competition. B2B businesses also have similar marketing tools in their hands as their B2C counterparts including affiliate marketing. Using affiliate marketing as a tool is definitely a trend worldwide that is projected to account for 7.4 billion USD in 2021 in the US alone. In this article, affiliate marketing will be explained in detail so you can understand the difference between the dropshipping and affiliate business model. Moreover, you will get a list of ten eCommerce companies that offer affiliate programs to other companies or individuals operating in the eCommerce and dropshipping industry.

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