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8 Best Turnkey Dropshipping Store Providers

When you are new to the eCommerce sphere, entering might not be easy as you would have numerous questions or feel uncertain about how to best set up your website, whether you should do it alone, with the help of a professional, or hire a company to develop your store from scratch without you even monitoring their steps and progress.

Having a rockstar website can immediately capture your targeted customers’ attention and drive your sales. With this article, we want to help you to understand the concept of turnkey websites and find the best possible provider you can turn to in order to start your dropshipping business as soon as possible.

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What is a turnkey dropshipping store and who needs one?

A turnkey dropshipping store is basically a ready-to-use webshop that is already built, optimized for customer experience, and loaded with products. This can be the best solution if you are not familiar with CMSs (Content Management Systems) – such as Shopify, Wix, or WordPress – to an extent that you feel comfortable building your own store and you want to enter the eCommerce market the fastest way possible.

Also, turnkey dropshipping websites allow you to start your dropshipping business relatively easily and quickly as everything is set up for you. Most providers are also helping you with continuous support after purchasing a turnkey dropshipping store either through their own educational materials, and resources, or their own customer support channels. With their help, you will be able to easily make future adjustments to make sure your store is perfectly in line with your brand’s image and that you have new products uploaded constantly.

How can I buy a turnkey dropshipping store?

There are numerous providers that are selling turnkey dropshipping stores and we will list the best in this article so that you can pick the one you like the most and go ahead with the purchase. There are essentially two types of turnkey dropshipping websites you can buy.

Who are the best turnkey dropshipping store providers?

When leaving the development of your online shop to someone else, always make sure that you are doing business with a reputable provider. We encourage you not to invest and waste your money when it comes to individual developers advertising their services in Facebook groups or on personal forums. These sellers usually don’t hold any accountability after the transaction has been completed and they do not provide you with any aftercare. For this reason, we recommend that you choose a company from our top list below as they not only will develop your store but will be open to answering any questions that you have going forward.


LemonDev is the first on the list of the best providers of turnkey dropshipping stores as they are fully prepared to custom-build any type of dropshipping store. Lemon.Dev developed their own Shopify theme named Liv which is fully customizable to match their clients’ brand image, needs, and requirements.

Lemon.Dev’s turnkey dropshipping solution provides full integration with BrandsGateway’s catalog of luxury brands.

Although Lemon.Dev is specialized in building Shopify and Shopify Plus stores for fashion businesses based on Liv, they also offer custom-made solutions for stores based on other Shopify themes – all to provide their clients with a seamless solution and dropshipping experience.

On their official website, they say that “you should think of Liv as your personal assistant – she manages your store setup from the initial store configuration to product collections synchronization”.

Lemon.Dev partnered up with BrandsGateway to make it simple, easy, and fast to automatically synchronize their clients’ stores with the leading online B2B marketplace. This way, all stores developed with Liv have full and immediate access to BrandsGateway’s fashion catalog of products from luxury brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Christian Dior, Versace, Karl Lagerfeld, and many more.

The turnkey solution that they bring to the table is optimized and performs best for stores operating in the apparel industry. Some of the benefits that Liv ensures are the following:

  •  Automatic Category Creation
  •  Automatic Page Creation
  •  Mega Menu Setup
  •  Browsing at Lightning Speed
  •  Automatic Photo Adjustment
  •  European VAT Support
  •  Integration with BrandsGateway
  •  Google Tag Manager Configuration and Installation
  •  Google Analytics Configuration and Installation

DropshippingHelps offers turnkey dropshipping stores since 2017. They also have a supplier app connected to your webshop where you can source different products from numerous suppliers in the future.

All stores, both niche and general, are set up on Shopify and are offered a 14-day free trial period. On the downside, there will only be 25 products listed in your store when starting but following the instructions provided on store maintenance and product import you can always extend your offering in the future. In addition, DropshippingHelps also provides marketing support in the form of a Facebook Ads audience builder guide and a list of Instagram influencers in your niche who have high engagement rates and are available to promote your brand.


ECOMMERCEIFY is yet another turnkey dropshipping store provider that offers pre-built Shopify-based websites for dropshipping newbies. They build your store based on the most profitable niches currently on the market and deliver it to you only within 48 hours after placing an order. There are two types of stores you can choose from at ECOMMERCEIFY, one is a pre-built store that can be purchased and run immediately, and the other is a custom store that is built based on your requirements and taste.

When you choose to go with the custom-built store, you will have an account manager contacting you with who you can explore the niche and style best fitting to you and your brand. The prices of pre-built sores start at $149 while the cheapest custom-made ones are sold for $199. You can always opt for an advanced solution as well, where you will additionally receive SEO optimization, your first 20 social media posts ready to go, Payment Gateway integration, and a custom logo design for your brand.


The next turnkey dropshipping store provider on our list is BeBiggy. They are selling both uniquely built stores with their own domain names and generic stores that you can get connected to any domain. As the generic stores are the same exact shops sold over time you and your customers might encounter comparable shops across all niche categories. On the positive side, you can access these generic stores for as low as $119 when they are on sale. Of course, the custom-made ones that come with a domain are retailing for more, you can get your hands on one of these for $499.

BeBiggy will also have an app installed in your Shopify turnkey dropshipping store that allows you to connect to suppliers, import and resell their products and automate order processing. For the use of this app, you will need to pay an additional $29 a month, together with the monthly subscription fee for your chosen Shopify plan. One of the biggest perks you can have with BeBiggy is that once you have purchased a turnkey dropshipping store, you can enjoy their lifetime after-sales support when it comes to maintaining your website.


Flippa is one of the markets of established online businesses where you can purchase an online store that has a proven track record and previous success in the dropshipping market. Flippa is a safe and protected marketplace for peer-to-peer selling of online businesses. Turning to Flippa is only recommended when you have a sufficient amount of capital to invest and you want to see your business selling and growing even further in a blink of an eye. The best-performing turnkey dropshipping stores on Flippa can cost up to several million USD. On Flippa’s site, you can also access additional educational materials such as blog posts and webinars that can not only inspire you to get into the dropshipping business but can serve you with great pieces of advice for the future as well.

Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers is a brokerage of already existing online businesses where you can get your hands on an already successfully operating turnkey dropshipping store. This solution is a smart choice only if you have enough capital on hand to make a relatively big initial investment. This way you can get benefits like already running social media and advertising campaigns, details and contact information of newsletter subscribers, outstanding supplier relationships, and email marketing funnels. As Empire Flippers is technically operating as a marketplace for already existing businesses they don’t offer any type of customer support once the transaction between you and the original owner is done. This can be a major drawback when you are just entering the dropshipping market because a previously successful business is not a guarantee for your future success if don’t have the experience and knowledge to grow your business without any help.

Dropship For Sale

Dropship For Sale is also a turnkey dropshipping store provider that was established in 2017. They are selling two types of Shopify store solutions, either a store custom-designed for you or a pre-built and branded one-of-a-kind store. The custom-designed stores are starting at $199 with additional add-ons like domain registration, supplier plugin integration, and automated order processing. Pre-made stores are already coming with their registered domain name and are only sold once which is reflected in their price as well as they can cost up to $1290. Dropship For Sale is also committed to delivering the full ownership of its websites to you within 24 hours after the purchase is completed. Unfortunately, they don’t offer any sort of after-purchase care to their customers so you will be on your own once you have your hands on your new turnkey dropshipping store.

Drop Obo

Drop Obo is the last turnkey dropshipping store provider on our list. They are selling pre-built Shopify websites starting at $149. With a turnkey dropshipping store from Drop Obo, you can enjoy the convenience of pre-listed products in your store, premium themes, unique design and branding, and a fully automated inventory and fulfillment process. They also offer a network of verified dropshipping suppliers that you can confidently source your products from in the future. Additionally, Drop Obo also offers a brokerage service for store owners who are already succeeding in the dropshipping market. If you drive your business to success and you are making at least $1000 profit a month but you no longer want to be involved in the day-to-day business you can sell it off for a lump sum of $24.000 with the help of Drop Obo. Moreover, you can enjoy a lifetime of after-sales care and customer service once you have purchased a turnkey dropshipping store from them.

In a nutshell

Purchasing a turnkey dropshipping store is a perfect choice if you are a newbie who doesn’t know where to begin when starting a dropshipping business and setting up a Shopify store. As creating a store is a rather complex activity, having a dedicated company to take over this task can be time, energy, and money-saving. Especially when you can’t seem to decide which theme would complement your brand idea and image, hiring a professional development company to help you is a smart move. The turnkey dropshipping store providers on this list are differentiating between themselves based on prices, features, support availability, niche, and more. Therefore, before making your decision be sure to know which dropshipping niche you’ll be getting into and what type of store you want to get it developed. Some of them are closely working with reliable dropshipping suppliers like BrandsGateway so, if you choose them, importing products into your store will be done in the blink of an eye.

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