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Best Wholesale Luxury Sneakers Suppliers in 2024 + How to Start Selling Them

Posted by Lilla Stefanovszky | June 12th, 2024
Sneakers are highly popular among shoppers, so you can't avoid them when planning on stocking your store. However, navigating the world of wholesale luxury sneakers can be daunting for retailers. The market is saturated with numerous wholesale clothing suppliers, each offering different ranges, styles, and terms. Identifying the right ones who can provide authentic luxury sneakers at wholesale prices is key to successfully stocking your store with trending products. This task requires careful consideration of factors like authenticity, variety, pricing, and reliability. To assist you in this endeavor, our article will guide you through the top suppliers for wholesale sneakers from luxury brands and help you keep up with all of the fashion luxury trends.


What is Inventory Turnover and How to Calculate it?

Posted by Lilla Stefanovszky | May 30th, 2024
Ever wondered how efficiently a business is moving its stock? That’s where inventory turnover ratio (ITR), or simply inventory turnover, comes into play.  This nifty metric is a clear indicator of how quickly a company sells through its inventory. Think of it as a health check on a business's sales efficiency. In this article, we'll dive deeper into what makes inventory turnover a critical measure for any business, show you how to calculate it and discuss strategies to optimize your inventory levels.  Check out: How to start an online store without inventory?

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How to Start Dropshipping with BrandsGateway?

Posted by Lilla Stefanovszky | May 28th, 2024
With the constant growth of the eCommerce market worldwide, the dropshipping business model has also been gaining popularity among retailers. According to new statistics, almost 33% of businesses operating online are choosing the dropshipping fulfillment method. This is mainly due to the fact that when you operate as a dropshipper, the barriers to entry to the eCommerce sphere are relatively low since you don't need to invest in extensive inventory to get your store up and running. At the same time, however, you're giving up a huge chunk of your independence. You're handing the control over to your dropshipping supplier on matters like warehousing, order fulfillment, packaging, and shipping which means that finding vendors for your business is key to success with this eCommerce model. In this article, you can read a thorough introduction to BrandsGateway's dropshipping service and familiarize yourself with the benefits of dropshipping with them.

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