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Frequently Asked Questions

How does building my website work with Lemon.Dev?

Our partner company LemonDev builds Shopify stores where our collaboration resulted in the creation of ‘Liv’ – a Shopify theme that is part of the turnkey solution offered by LemonDev and BrandsGateway. Think of ‘Liv’ as your personal assistant in building an online store on Shopify, the largest eCommerce platform for hosting your online store. So, on one hand, we have BrandsGateway that synchronizes the products imported into the store and, on the other hand, we have LemonDev’s solution that creates the collection and manages the catalog along with all the new features from the “Liv” theme itself.

How long does the process of building my website with Lemon.Dev take?

Setting up your store with Liv usually takes up to 7 days, but filling out our onboarding form will speed up the process, resulting in a fully-functioning store in only 3-5 days.

Which products are included in the Starter UGC Plan and the PRO UGC Plan?

We include a diversity of video types, product SKUs, and brands. We choose the most requested brands and categories and keep up with the latest trends.

How can I receive the content from UGC Milano?

You need to purchase a plan at and we will share access with you immediately.

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