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Seravo: BrandsGateway’s Partner and Approved Hosting Company

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Armin Hodjikj
17th June, 2020
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Being the leading online business-to-business (B2B) luxury fashion marketplace we are always working on improving our offering. Our team has the task to efficiently connect wholesale vendors, retail buyers, and dropshippers from around the world. Our system is set up in a way where our website relies heavily on the information and data of our customers. Therefore it is necessary to make sure that the server level communication (hosting) during this information exchange runs flawlessly and our clients’ websites are operational around the clock. Over the past years, we’ve experienced that many of our dropshippers pick up hosting companies that might not have the expertise or resources to support so many synchronization calls that BrandsGateway requires. For example, during the initial synchronization, there could be around 6,000 products that you are importing in the store. That can result in tens of thousands of API calls being sent to your WooCommerce hosting. Many companies simply fail to support this as they are not optimized for this type of load. This is why we felt there is a need to help our dropshippers to make better decisions when choosing the hosting provider. And we did not wish to offer more confusion as during these times there are so many options available - and to really tell what is the difference between them, it takes time and effort. But we have made it simple for you - we don't want to overwhelm you with this information, so we have chosen the partner that we know well and that knows how to cater to our needs.


Seravo has a strong background in managing and optimizing servers for speed and scalability. Their data centers run from different continents across the globe, they are powered by renewable energy sources and they have real hand-holding service and fast customer support.  Since their solution differs from numerous other hosting providers, their packages include 24/7 monitoring, a security guarantee, and taking care of all the updates.  Although speed is one of the key factors of Seravo’s servers, the equally important aspect is security. Almost a third of the world's websites run on WordPress, the CMS (Content Management System) that WooCommerce stores are built upon.  Because of the popularity of WordPress and WooCommerce, they also become an interest for hackers. Security is an issue especially when a website is not being actively updated and safeguarded. This is where Seravo comes in handy, helping save time and money from often costly additional features such as using external plugins to protect websites against attacks. Security plugins often make websites slow down or even lead to errors. Seravo has solved this for all their clients on the server level and they back this up with the security guarantee. If any of their client’s sites are hacked despite all of the protection and updates, they promise to clean and restore it without any extra cost.

Optimized for WooCommerce

Seravo has servers optimized for WordPress and they have hosting plans built for WooCommerce stores to bring the best out of this platform to life. Speed has never been as important as it is in the internet shopping environments. Customers' patience is thin and a good web-store should never challenge it. Seravo has proven speed as according to a recent analysis done by Google, they outperform the competition. But speed is not just something that you may measure from the front-end. There are many different aspects where this power comes to play. One of the clients, Tatu Sahrman, who operates an online store with Seravo, brings up one of such aspects “We publish hundreds of items at the same time, this poses some serious challenges to WordPress. By nature, WordPress doesn’t handle this kind of massive scale of publishing scheduled products and posts that well. So the intra-daily spikes of traffic rely heavily on the server and thus the need for an optimized web hosting environment.” There are real threats with real costs when something goes wrong and this is why a service that minimizes or entirely helps avoid the downtime is a well-worth investment. 

Promo code for BrandsGateway partners

In case you use WooCommerce, just make sure you go with the hosting and upkeep that keeps you safe and secure. And this is where we strongly recommend Seravo. For BrandsGateway clients and partners, we are happy to provide you with coupon code: BrandsGateway for you to use when you sign up with Seravo. This code will give you a free trial of a 1-month of access to the server environment. Also, it will tell our chosen hosting partner to optimize the package for WooCommerce.  The less you have to worry about the technical details, the more you are able to focus on your actual business. 

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