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Looking Back on 2021: A Year of Significant Achievements and Milestones

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It’s almost impossible not to start our review of 2021 with the following quote from Steve Jobs: “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people” as it summarizes BrandsGateway’s core value that leads the company on the path to success.

As we said goodbye to the challenging and unpredictable 2020, we kicked off 2021 better prepared and with a stronger team spirit. We’re excited to say that this past year, our team grew even bigger and continued working and providing superior client support remotely from several locations around the world which helped us deepen our impact on the market. There’s one thing that we consider crucial for establishing and maintaining good relationships within the team and with our clients and that is – effective communication.

As the Covid-19 pandemic continued being part of our everyday lives for two years and counting, we learned how to evolve in response to it and to take the worst out of it and turn it into positive things for our team and company. From the very start of 2021, we took the leading role and didn’t allow 2021 to overwhelm us. On the contrary, we can proudly say that we confronted 2021 with an even more reinforced business strategy as we devoted ourselves to delivering greater results than the previous year. And BrandsGateway’s team is at the heart of these efforts – its dedication helps the company to deliver this particular positive outcome.

For the upcoming 2022, BrandsGateway’s vision and mission are to strengthen the company’s position in the dropshipping and wholesale industry. Our plan and strategy are to grow our team even further, build strong relationships globally with dropshippers and wholesale buyers, and extend the palette of services that we offer to our B2B clients.

We want to welcome 2022 by emphasizing some of our milestones in 2021 that wouldn’t be achieved if it wasn’t for our teamwork, effective communication, focus, and commitment. Each team member’s skills and experience are part of the puzzle that we call success.

Milestones and achievements that marked 2021

We can proudly state that one of the milestones that brought us and will continue bringing immense success is the onboarding of 5 New Vendors with warehouses in Italy (2), the United States (2), and Germany (1). This is something that will surely ensure faster dispatch and delivery of our products to the end customers.

Moving onto the next milestone – the total Amount of Shipped Orders and Products in 2021 equals 42,243 and 158,128 respectively. Additionally, the Number of Countries Across the World that we have shipped orders to in 2021 is equal to 89 and the Top 5 countries are the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Netherlands, and Spain.

Another milestone that highlighted 2021 is the Growth of SKU’s numbers which reached 200%. Moreover, 40 New Luxury Brands became part of our portfolio and the Top 5 Best-selling were Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Michael Kors, Emporio Armani, and Versace.

Finally, our Best-selling Categories of products were sneakers, watches, handbags, wallets, and scarves, and the Average order value for 2021 equals 228€

New luxury brands for increased value

One of the strategic goals that BrandsGateway pursued in 2021 was expanding the diversified catalog of luxury brands and products. We’re excited to confirm that we reached that goal and onboarded 40 new renowned luxury brands that increased the value of our services.

To emphasize, major fashion brands among which Gucci, Givenchy, Jimmy Choo, Coach, Phillip Plein, Saxone of Scotland, Jacob Cohen, and Ungaro Fever became part of BrandsGateway and thus a part of our clients’ businesses. This showed to have an extremely positive impact on the overall experience that our B2B clients have with our dropshipping and wholesale services. Many of them shared their gratitude and excitement about the arrival of the above-mentioned brands and reported an increase in their stores’ profits after the catalog upgrade. This is yet another motivating factor for BrandsGateway to continue working toward further developing our portfolio of brands in 2022.

Strategic partnerships for a seamless experience

Another highlight that marked 2021 as a successful year for BrandsGateway’s team is the formation of a strategic partnership with the development company LemonDev. With the idea to provide full support to beginners and experienced dropshippers to kickstart their dropshipping stores quickly, BrandsGateway and LemonDev teamed up and launched a turnkey dropshipping solution.

To put it simply, LemonDev’s team specializes in custom-building online dropshipping stores based on Shopify, which is one of the most popular platforms in the eCommerce landscape. The company is committed to delivering full development services to business owners who aren’t tech-savvy or want to outsource the development of their stores in order to focus on other aspects of their business, such as marketing.

As part of LemonDev’s turnkey solution is the custom-built Shopify theme, named Liv, which makes every part of the dropshipping process easy and simple. Liv includes several features such as a mega menu setup, automatic photo adjustments, color swatches, mobile responsiveness, European VAT Support (which is included in the product page itself, not only on checkout), and more.

To conclude, if you’re just starting or planning to start your dropshipping journey in the luxury fashion industry in the upcoming 2022, BrandsGateway and LemonDev are the companies you should consider partnering up with, as you’ll get, on one hand – BrandsGateway’s plugin for dropshipping automation and catalog with thousands of branded fashion items, and, on the other hand – LemonDev’s service that will custom-build your store super fast.

Continued acknowledgment of premium support and service

The recognition for premium support and service from our B2B dropshippers and wholesale buyers continued at the same pace as in 2020. We’re proud and excited to state that our company’s rating on Trustpilot reached 4.5 stars based on an amazing 93% of positive reviews and feedback. Some of the reviews with which we would like to close the 2021 chapter are the following:

BrandsGateway is nicely integrated with Shopify, and very easy to use! I was able to connect my e-shop very quickly and give a second breath to my business thanks to the very large offer and the good conditions proposed by BrandsGateway. Great delivery times and responsive customer support. – Brian Ngweny
Brandsgateway has an OUTSTANDING Team! I am absolutely thrilled to be working with them. Everyone is friendly, helpful, and professional. I feel blessed to have stumbled across BrandsGateway. You have my eternal gratitude! – Grayson
Working with BrandsGateway has been truly an astounding experience. From the variety of products offered to their A-Class wonderful support team, there was no single complaint or issue I have ever faced. – Amine

Looking forward to welcoming 2022 with tenacity and determination

As we look ahead, we’re closing the extraordinary 2021 with an eagerness to embrace what’s expecting us in 2022. Our business has grown immensely during this last year but we’re ready to grow even more and accomplish greater results.

BrandsGateway’s plan is to continue to leverage the business’ core strengths, including the wide-ranging array of luxury brands and products that we offer, and our exceptional customer service, and to strengthen our leadership position in the global market. In 2022, we’ll aim to further enhance our impact in the field through continuous updates of our brand portfolio. Additionally, we’ll continue serving our B2B clients in the best way that we know, as we’re proud of the overall progress we’ve made, but we also recognize that there’s always room for improvement in order to achieve the next level of success.

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