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How One Dropshipper Made $187,000 in Sales During the Peak Holiday Season

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After losing their bank job due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this entrepreneur, having opted to stay anonymous, started thinking about entering the world of high-ticket dropshipping. They soon became intrigued by operating a business that’d be selling such products and in April 2020 decided to pursue this idea full-time.



Having previously experienced dropshipping with Chinese suppliers, this dropshipper was sure they wanted to drastically change directions and find a vendor that’ll supply their online store with high-quality products that’d not only generate bigger profits but also improve customers’ shopping experience.


I had some previous experience with eCommerce dropshipping from platforms like Oberlo but decided early on that I didn’t want to continue with suppliers from China.


Moreover, the two most important features they looked for in a supplier were the opportunity to benefit from a seamless Shopify plugin, which would make it much easier to manage the inventory, and a versatile enough collection of products as well as a broad brand selection.



In the role of a dropshipping supplier, BrandsGateway has assisted this entrepreneur in building a business that’d soon thrive in the dropshipping industry and delivered them premium services among which are:


  • Original high-ticket luxury fashion items
  • A wide collection of over 100 illustrious apparel brands 
  • Well over 9,000 clothing and accessory pieces
  • High-profit product margins of up to 250%
  • Automated dropshipping service 
  • Easily installed Shopify plugin



BrandsGateway contributed greatly to the success of this dropshipper’s online store, allowing them to steer their dropshipping business in the right direction and transform it into a highly lucrative company.


“Last year in November and December during the peak of the holiday sales, I generated a total of 187,000$ in sales with around a 47% profit margin after marketing costs and paying for the inventory.”


Having that in mind, with the unlimited support offered by this supplier, the entrepreneur in question has taken a chance at their endeavors of opening a profitable eCommerce store and has certainly succeeded in achieving those goals.

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