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How Covid-19 Helped a Dropshipper to Get Out of Her Comfort Zone and Start Her Own Dropshipping Business

After losing her full-time job of over 20 years at a taxi central due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Herdis Jenssen decided to follow her aspirations and open an online clothing boutique. Having planned this for several years, she finally got her opportunity, and little did she know that she’d become a successful entrepreneur of not one but two businesses. One of those is her fashion dropshipping store, Fash Dash.


Finding a vendor that’ll supply her store with high-quality goods, and most importantly, luxury fashion items were Herdis’s main concerns. She wanted her business to be recognized for her first-rate designer products and build a store that sells clothing suitable for women. 


Moreover, with her store being based on Shopify, she also needed to secure a supplier that’ll provide her with a seamless plugin integration that’ll enable her to easily import all products into her store as well as benefit from real-time inventory synchronization.


“I found BrandsGateway when I googled about dropshipping clothing and I think you were the first one that popped up in the results. I have been looking around and there are more suppliers, of course, but BrandsGateway is the one that I fell for.”


Finally, Herdis aimed for a partner that’ll offer her constant customer support and expertise tips via easily accessible materials such as a blog and guides on different dropshipping topics, especially on Facebook advertising as it was something she was using and wanted to gain more experience in. 


It didn’t take long for Herdis to come across online fashion marketplace leader BrandsGateway, which happens to specialize in luxury apparel and accessories, thus making the supplier the perfect choice for her dropshipping store. As a result, her business benefited from:


  • 100% authentic branded apparel articles
  • Hundreds of luxury brands to choose from
  • High-profit margins of up to 250% per order
  • Flawless integration with web-building platform Shopify
  • Premium business materials including a full Facebook ads guide
  • A well-resourced blog containing articles on a variety of topics


Having BrandsGateway as her business partner, Herdis has not only accomplished her objective but has also been able to run her dropshipping store smoothly and efficiently. The convenient plugin solutions BrandsGateway offers eased up her work significantly and took a lot of burden off her shoulders as far as inventory synchronization and order placement are concerned.


“Your stock is very easily transferred to my Shopify store and it is updated in real-time which means I won’t sell anything that is out of stock.”


Additionally, she was provided with fantastic customer support fantastic which is crucial when it comes to operating a dropshipping business. On top of that, BrandsGateway has given her access to a wide-ranging catalog of superior products, making her product returns or complaints almost unexisting. 

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