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Get Inspired: How This Dropshipper Moved from Offline Retail to Dropshipping

Deciding to share their success story anonymously, this business owner dove into the world of dropshipping in 2020 by starting their company in France. The business was initially launched as an offline retail store right before the Covid-19 pandemic took over the world.  However, with people quickly turning to online shopping, it didn’t take long for this entrepreneur to give dropshipping a try.


During the course of their dropshipping journey, the entrepreneur in question was mainly working with non-luxury fashion brands which weren’t reaching their desired profits. This was something that hold this dropshipper’s business back, so they decided it was best to look for a supplier that works with high-profit margins and specifically offers rare and exclusive luxury fashion items.


“The profits you can get from selling items from non-luxury brands are significantly lower, in comparison to those from selling luxury products.“


In addition, despite a rich portfolio of products, it was important for them to collaborate with someone that’ll guarantee them punctual delivery and dedicated customer service, and support them in selling on marketplaces such as Amazon. 


Having stumbled upon dropshipping supplier BrandsGateway, the advantages this dropshipper’s business benefited from are numerous:


  • Authentic unique luxury clothing and accessories pieces
  • Hundreds of high-end fashion brands
  • High-profit margins of up to 250% per order
  • On-time shipping service
  • Selling on Amazon and eBay
  • Fully automated dropshipping 


BrandsGateway’s dropshipping service and splendid customer support team have helped out this dropshipper to transform their aspiration into a thriving business.


“I’m thrilled with BrandsGateway’s service and your customer support, the entire team is very professional, there is no doubt about it!“


BrandsGateway provided them with some of the best product prices compared to other suppliers on the market. As a result, the entrepreneur has dealt with nothing but satisfied customers and outstanding feedback on the products’ quality.


This only shows the success BrandsGateway can bring to eCommerce entrepreneurs eager to grow their businesses to their fullest potential.

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