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How a Couple from Eastern Europe Makes 10k Euros per Month Selling Clothes Online

Power couple Oleg and Stacy started out with the idea of becoming entrepreneurs more as a hobby rather than a business in order to get rid of old clothing on online marketplaces. With their side hustle going better than expected, they decided to grab the opportunity to grow a successful dropshipping business venture.


Wanting to keep exploring the fashion market and expand their business outside of their wardrobe but this time without dealing with inventory, the couple quickly came to the mutual decision to start dropshipping.


However, just like any other dropshippers out there, Oleg and Stacy were firm on finding a supplier offering not just some random clothing but branded apparel they could ship internationally. Additionally, having access to a great customer service team was also a non-negotiable factor for them.


“The main criteria are the items they provide to be branded, and secondly, the worldwide shipping option. Third and also extremely important, the suppliers have to have great customer support which is crucial in this business and you are doing a great job with your support.


Moreover, it was crucial for the couple to have support with marketing in order to be able to easily direct leads to their store as well as to benefit from Shopify integration and an all-inclusive dropshipping service that’d include software development, round-the-clock customer support, order fulfillment, etc.


Luckily, they found their perfect supplier in BrandsGateway, which gave them access to an abundance of perks:


  • 100% authentic designer clothing and accessories 
  • Rich catalog of over +9,000 luxury items 
  • Apparel pieces from worldwide renowned brands
  • Worldwide shipping to over 170 countries
  • High-profit margins amounting to 250% per order
  • Automatic order fulfillment and inventory updates
  • Easy Shopify integration
  • Terrific marketing and business resources
  • Selling opportunities on marketplaces eBay and Amazon
  • Exceptional 24/7 customer support service


Oleg and Stacy’s partnership with BrandsGateway quickly transformed their business into a highly profitable venture, earning them around 10.000€ a month from selling their products and working with great dropshipping margins.


“Recently we sold a bag for €2.500 and our margin on that item was about 40%.”



Overall, BrandsGateway has had a huge positive impact on this couple’s business, who praise the supplier’s outstanding customer service, large selection of inventory, and crystal clear product images. 


“What stands out with BrandsGateway is the inventory. You are providing some exclusive luxury items which we can not find anywhere else. Also, the content – pictures, descriptions, etc. are on a higher level at BrandsGateway which helps a lot when you are selling clothing items.”


With BrandsGateway by her side, Nadia’s business has prospered greatly, with customers fully satisfied by her store’s original fashion products, paying her website regular visits, and enjoying to do shopping sprees. 

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