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How Does Dropshipping Luxury Brands with BrandsGateway Drive a Part-Time Venture to Success?

Henrik, a professional who has previously experimented with various dropshipping models, shares his experience with BrandsGateway, the leading platform for dropshipping luxury fashion items.


He explains that dropshipping had always been a side venture for him to test different markets and products. However, his venture with BrandsGateway has been the most successful so far. 


What he most appreciates about BrandsGateway is their well-developed offer, the low threshold to access the market, and the extensive stock of well-known brands.


“I’ve been interested in trying different types of dropshipping models before. Dropshipping is a relatively good way of testing certain markets and products to figure out whether to scale that further into a wholesale business or something else. My venture with BrandsGateway has been the most successful dropshipping experiment for me. The model was well-baked out in terms of the offer, the threshold in terms of accessing that market was fairly low, and it was quite easy to get started. The stock, the number of brands, and all of those sorts of things that BrandsGateway has are quite compelling and mature compared to some competitors.”


Initially, Henrik tried different dropshipping models, including AliExpress, which didn’t provide a good customer experience, and high-ticket home furniture, which proved challenging in signing up suppliers.


When he transitioned to BrandsGateway, he realized the importance of dropshipping automation which allows you to run your business smoothly and effortlessly. 


“Automation is key and BrandsGateway’s API integration into Shopify is good enough to get everything running relatively soon. It offers good automation for managing products, pricing, descriptions, etc., which mitigates many challenges faced by dropshippers.”


For Henrik, a few things stood out for BrandsGateway that allowed him to easily create and run an online store:


  • The vast catalog of over 20,000 high-quality designer products
  • Over 100 brands of products available to choose from
  • The robust dropshipping automation
  • The smooth integration with Shopify
  • The ability to work with high-profit margins and earn good profits without having to sell 20-30 products
  • Practical marketing resources


Having been working with BrandsGateway for over a year now, this partnership has enabled Henrik to overcome initial challenges and achieve significant results in his dropshipping business.


Over the past year, he focused on selling Dolce & Gabbana products, finding this brand to be the most successful in his store due to its compelling discount to retail price and popularity among customers. 


“Initially, I had a lot of brands in my store, but I found that focusing on Dolce & Gabbana, which had the largest stock and compelling discounts, was more effective. Most of my sales are for men’s products, which was a surprising discovery. The most expensive sale I made was a Dolce & Gabbana blazer for $1,765. Focusing on a niche within the luxury brand segment and optimizing advertising has been key to my success. The market in the UK has been good, and I’ve learned to navigate the complexities of targeting the right customers efficiently.”

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