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From Software Engineering to Dropshipping Success

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Software engineer turned entrepreneur Assaf is the owner of a thriving online fashion dropshipping store with a special accent on premium items by Dolce & Gabbana. Having always been passionate about starting his own company, Assaf has now accomplished his goal of launching and running a highly successful clothing business.



Having made the decision to sell luxury clothing, Assaf’s main challenge was scouting for a supplier that would satisfy his business’s requirements, such as offering him a plugin for his Shopify-based store and aligning with his store’s goals. Moreover, what was even more important to Assaf was to benefit from a dropshipping service that would allow his store to work with substantially high-profit margins.


“There are dropshippers that want to focus on small products with small profits but that’s not the right approach I’m looking for. I was looking for products that would allow me to get a large amount of profit with a smaller number of sales.”


Furthermore, Assaf highlights that having well-established communication with his supplier is a top priority for him. Instead of working with customer service robots, he’d rather wish to have at his disposal a human-based customer support team.


“We are in the middle, and we want our customers to feel like we are really giving them support and we can’t do it without our supplier.”



BrandsGateway’s dropshipping offers made it possible for Assaf to launch the dropshipping store he envisioned by providing him with the following features:

  • High-fashion apparel products
  • More than 100 luxury clothing brands
  • High-profit margins of up to 250% per order
  • Automatically synced orders and product updates
  • One-click category import
  • Outstanding in-person customer service
  • Seamless Shopify integration
  • Optimal marketing and business resources



BrandsGateway has given Assaf an opportunity to fulfill his ambition – to manage a lucrative clothing dropshipping store. By selling BrandsGateway’s portfolio of luxury clothing, Assaf reports that the sale of one of the male suits, for instance, came to around $1000.


“On a monthly basis, for example, in the beginning, I was making around $2000 in profit, but it really depends on the time of the year, the holidays, and the process of advertising.”


Besides that, good communication has also positively affected the growth of his business. BrandsGateway’s customer support team of highly qualified professionals has landed him a hand in getting his business to its current position, delivering him all the help he needed throughout the whole process.

“BrandsGateway’s customer support is based on communication with people which is a big advantage. When communicating with you I always get answers from people that really care and want to help me. It’s good to know that there’s someone on the other side that is willing to take care of my and my customers’ issues. Therefore, whether I need help from someone at the warehouse or anything else, I really feel like your team cares to provide dedicated support.”

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