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BrandsGateway’s Affiliate Program Application 


Building a successful business requires a tremendous effort around it. The more people involved, the better the outcome. As BrandsGateway keeps growing, it is becoming almost natural to come up with new fresh ideas to expand our footprint and build meaningful business relationships.

Hence, we want to involve our growing community in our business efforts and give it the opportunity to grow together. This great idea is all about building partnerships. More precisely, building a partnership with you. You read it right, yes, we would like you to be our partner. And a successful partnership would not be possible without both sides benefiting from it. 

How do we envision these partnerships? Our upcoming Affiliate Program will allow you to refer people to our dropshipping subscription service and earn up to 254 EUR/$295 USD per sign up. Every time someone you refer to signs up for one of our dropshipping packages, you will receive a cut from their payment. To make it even better, the revenue share lasts as long as they are a paying customer. You are looking at a potential monthly income for you as long as the people you referred extend their subscription month after month. Refer as many people as you want and let’s grow together!

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