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Guest Blog Submission Guidelines


We accept guest blogs written on topics that fall under the following categories. Fresh and unique topics ideas are welcomed and appreciated, as long as they are in line with BrandsGateway’s main brand idea.

  • eCommerce
  • Dropshipping 
  • Wholesale 


All guest blogs submitted to our Editorial Team must include 100% original content. All submitted guest blogs mustn’t be published elsewhere in print or online, before or after the publication on BrandsGateway’s blog. 

In case we detect that the guest blog you have submitted to our Editorial Team was afterward published on another medium, we will send you a removal request. If you don’t act accordingly, our Editorial Team will be forced to remove your guest blog from BrandsGateway’s blog.


As mentioned above, all guest blogs should be 100% unique and original. In case traces of plagiarism are detected, our Editorial Team will either reject your guest blog or will contact you with a request to remove the plagiarized parts. We have zero-tolerance for plagiarized content, therefore we advise you to not submit guest blogs that follow such practices in the first place. 


All submitted guest blogs should be written in semi-formal American English. We don’t accept guest blogs written in an extremely formal language and hard-to-read words, but also reject content that contains overly informal language with jargon, slang, or language that is considered discriminatory or harmful in any way. 

Accuracy and Relevance

As BrandsGateway’s main goal is to provide informative and educational content with relevant and valuable insights, we accept well-written guest blogs with content based on well-researched, accurate, and relevant data. We encourage you to and would greatly appreciate it if you include as much relevant statistics and valuable data as possible, and back up your ideas with facts and arguments. When including such data and statistics in your guest blog, link to the appropriate relevant sources.  

Internal Links

In accordance with the topic of your guest blog, internal links to articles published on BrandsGateway’s blog or Wholesale, Dropshipping, or Stocklots pages should be included. In case you submit a guest blog without any internal links, our Editorial Team reserves the right to add them, accordingly.  

Outbound Links

Outbound linking is allowed as long as it is of informative or/and educational nature. We don’t accept guest blogs with purely promotional outbound links. Examples of outbound links that are allowed are those leading to credible sources (studies, statistics, surveys, or informative articles) written with the purpose to complement readers’ knowledge.  

That being said, all submitted guest blogs that contain promotional external linking will be rejected or our Editorial Team will request removal of the links. 

Length and Format

We value guest blogs with well-elaborated topics with no less than 1,800 words. In addition to this, your guest blog should be written with shorter, easy-to-read sentences, and transition words, that will contribute to a better readability score. All submitted guest articles that don’t fulfill these criteria will be rejected. Additionally, the content of the guest blog should be broken down into paragraphs with no more than 300 words (Headings and Subheadings)


For all submitted guest blogs BrandsGateway’s team for Graphic Design will especially create a thematic featured image. As for visuals in the body of the article – images and infographics are accepted as long as they fall under the Public Domain and are Free for Commercial/Editorial Use.

If you want to include body images, we advise you to send us over the sources or add them inside the article for reference. Additionally, all visual materials should be sent as separate files (min. 900×600 pixels) and attributed with an appropriate description.


All submitted guest articles are written exclusively for BrandsGateway. This means that, by agreeing to our guidelines and terms for guest blogging, you are granting BrandsGateway the exclusive rights to use your content.

Your guest blog will be appropriately attributed and credited in the byline at the bottom. However, from the moment your guest blog gets published on BrandsGateway’s blog, we will have full rights to the content in regards to editing or reusing it in any other form.

Author Bio

Along with your guest blog, you should submit a short 100-200-word bio. Your Author Bio can contain information about your company or blog, and one do-follow link of your choice. If the content contains more than one link, our Editorial Team will decide which one to keep. 

Submission and Review

Your guest blog must be submitted in .doc or .docx file at [email protected] or shared via Google Docs. Guest blogs submitted in other forms won’t be accepted. After your submission, our Editorial Team will review the content of your guest blog and will decide if it’s in accordance with all the above-mentioned instructions. If your guest article doesn’t meet our criteria, you will be contacted to make the necessary amendments.


After the review process, if our Editorial Team decides to accept your guest blog, you will be contacted with a proposed date for publication. In case our Editorial Team decides that your guest blog is not a good fit, you will receive a rejection letter.