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10 Must-Have Wholesale Products in Your Clothing Store + Tips on How to Promote Them

Nedina Gjorgjieva
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Apparel products are regarded as one of the most indispensable items on a global level, purchased by customers on a regular basis. With people adjusting to style changes so does the clothing industry, manufacturing new collections all year round and keeping up with the latest fashion trends. This has caused massive growth in fashion consumption, which, consequently, has enabled the apparel market to climb to the very top of the retail industry. As stated by a report published by Statista, so far the clothing segment has generated a total of 1.71 trillion USD from both online and offline sales. That revenue is expected to keep rising by 3.39% annually, classifying clothing pieces in the group of most shopped products worldwide.

According to Forbes magazine, in 1930 the average American woman owned no more than 9 outfits, in comparison to now, when that number has risen to 30. This only proves how much has the fashion world extended, offering its customers a great variety of clothing pieces to choose from. As a result, regardless if you run an online, traditional brick-and-mortar store, or a click-and-mortar business, it’s key to make sure your wholesale supplier is able to stock up your boutique with enough amount of diverse apparel items. 

Some fashion products, however, are sold more than others. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure when buying products in bulk that your store will be offering highly demanded men’s and women’s wholesale clothing around the clock. To make certain you don’t miss out on those clothing pieces, we’ve made a comprehensive list of must-have wholesale products and have provided you with a few tips on how to advertise your online boutique and keep growing your business.

What are the best wholesale products to sell?

Wholesale dresses

If you take a look down the memory lane of fashion, you’ll easily come to the conclusion that dresses have never gone out of style. Women’s trousers didn’t become popular until the 1930s and 40s, making dresses and skirts the only clothing item available to women before that period. Nowadays, retailers worldwide make staggering figures by selling this iconic fashion piece. With a current global revenue of 100 billion USD, the dress segment of the apparel market is certainly something to consider when making your product selection.

BrandsGateway as your wholesale dresses supplier

If you’re on the hunt for a reliable supplier that sells designer dresses of top-notch quality, then BrandsGateway might be the perfect fit for your store. From fancy cocktail and evening dresses to everyday-wear pieces in the form of sweatshirts, A-line, and off-the-shoulder styles, designed with a variety of prints among which tartan, lace, polka dot, and flower prints. All in all, with BrandsGateway as your supplier of wholesale designer dresses your customers will never suffer from a lack of options.

Wholesale tops

Tops are another promising item that can bring you significant profits. Taking into account the fact that they’re one of the most worn clothing pieces, rest assured that your customers will certainly make a demand for a cool summery t-shirt during the hottest months of the year and a nice warm sweater for the winter period.  

BrandsGateway as your wholesale tops supplier

With BrandsGateway as your wholesale clothing supplier, your customers will be able to shop from a large collection of branded tops from different styles and designs including long and short-sleeved shirts, blouses, printed T-shirts, and formal tops for both men and women.

Wholesale pants

With all the latest pant trends coming back to fashion, this apparel item is greatly demanded by shoppers worldwide. According to Statista, the pants segment has current revenue of over 120 billion USD, which makes them among the top-selling clothing pieces. That being said, you won’t regret stocking up your store with both good old-fashioned and newly trending quality trousers.

BrandsGateway as your wholesale pants supplier

BrandsGateway offers at your disposal almost any type of designer pants. From the men’s section, you can choose from classical trousers, regular jeans, sporty tracks, and jogger pants. In the women’s section, you’ll come across pattern pants, wide-leg trousers, and fit jeans, among many others.

Wholesale suits

Regardless if they’re needed for a special occasion or work purposes, suits are one of those apparel items that everyone should have in their closet as you never know when they may come in handy. Taking into account the fact that power suits have become a major thing nowadays, your customers will be pleased to know that you’re able to supply them with simple but nicely tailored suits.

BrandsGateway as your wholesale suits supplier

With BrandsGateway, you can sell to your customers not any suits, but high-quality designer pieces from some of the biggest brand names in the fashion industry including Dolce & Gabbana. They can easily satisfy your customers’ preferences by offering both men’s and women’s suits of various styles and materials.

Wholesale sleepwear

A great night’s sleep doesn’t only require minimal light, a good mattress, and a supporting pillow. It also calls for comfy pajamas your body can relax in and wake up fresh and energized. That being the case, be the one to contribute to your customers’ well-rested sleep by providing them with soft well-made sleepwear.

BrandsGateway as your wholesale sleepwear supplier

With BrandsGateway on your side, you don’t need to worry about product quality. Their sleepwear pieces are made of soothing materials, such as cotton and silk, guaranteed to be approved by your customers.

Wholesale jackets

Jackets aren’t only used as a protective layer but are also highly fashionable pieces of clothing that can effortlessly pull up a look together. As a result, customers are always on the lookout for a new coat, blazer, or simple denim or leather jacket that can complete their outfits. With an annual growth expectation of 3.36%, jackets are for sure an item you’d want to offer your customers. 

BrandsGateway as your wholesale jackets supplier

Whether you’d like to sell winter or summer jackets, BrandsGateway has got you covered. Your customers could shop for comfortable cashmere and silk branded jackets, fitted blazers, elegant trench coats, patted and bomber coats, to name a few.

Wholesale lingerie 

If your goal is to target the women’s market, then lingerie is one of the ways to do it. Estimated to reach a value of 78 billion USD by 2027, the underwear market is constantly on the rise, making it a great opportunity for investment.

BrandsGateway as your wholesale lingerie supplier

BrandsGateway will not only supply your store with great quality underwear from an abundance of fashionable designs but it also offers you to sell your customers exquisite pieces of designer lingerie from worldwide reputable brands such as Dolce & Gabbana.

Wholesale shoes

Considered to be one of the highest-earning segments of the apparel industry, shoes, in particular designer shoes, can certainly be put in the group of most profitable clothing pieces. This fact can be supported by looking at the market’s global revenue which amounts to 488 billion USD. However, this number should come as no surprise since shoes are regarded as an essential item in everyone’s wardrobe.

BrandsGateway as your wholesale shoes supplier

Keeping in mind this product’s popularity, you’ll want to provide your customers with a wide range of footwear by selling them various shoe models and designs such as the ones offered by BrandsGateway. This supplier will fill your store’s shelves with both formal and casual designer shoes for all seasons including boots and sneakers, sandals and loafers, heels, and flats, to give an example.

Wholesale bags

Despite women being very loyal handbag customers in particular, when we talk about bags in general, the customer audience is much broader as everyone at some point has needed a well-made bag whether for traveling or everyday purposes. Statista reports that the luggage and bag segment has so far generated an income of over 160 billion USD, thus, making this category quite popular among shoppers.

BrandsGateway as your wholesale bags supplier

Now, you have to be careful when it comes to choosing the right wholesale supplier as you should make sure that you’d be selling stylish yet durable bags. BrandsGateway will help you achieve that by providing you with resistant high-end handbags, travel bags, wallets, and backpacks designed by Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Kors, Versace, and Jimmy Choo, among others.

Wholesale jewelry

Outfits can often look incomplete without a few pieces of jewelry to give them the necessary finishing touches. Therefore, jewelry pieces will always have a permanent place in the apparel market. Having generated a significant revenue of 292 billion USD in 2022, we can confirm that jewelry is a must-product for your store.

BrandsGateway as your wholesale jewelry supplier

Give your customers the best possible jewelry shopping experience by offering them a versatile selection of branded jewelry. By teaming up with wholesale supplier BrandsGateway, your clothing store will be supplied with an exquisite collection of rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and cufflinks created by worldly renowned fashion labels Dolce & Gabbana, Ermanno Scervino, John Galliano, and other. Consequently, you’d avoid the risk of selling poorly-made jewelry pieces and putting your store’s reputation on the line.

Tips on promoting your wholesale products

Take advantage of social media

Over the years, social media has become the ultimate marketing tool for growing your customer base. It’s creative, affordable, and highly successful. Some of the most used social apps are without a doubt Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest where you can set up a business account for free and start promoting your store and products. These platforms offer various types of content you can choose to create including stories, posts, reels, and live videos, which you can enhance by making use of photo editing apps.

In case you have a slightly more generous budget, you can always give paid social advertising a go as well by opting for Facebook clothing ads, for instance, and controlling your ad budget via the Facebook ad metrics. Another way is by hiring influencers, for example, who can market your products in various ways, including Instagram shoutouts.

Run an email marketing campaign

Despite social media platforms currently ruling the marketing field, eCommerce email marketing is still a great way to get your products out there. Customers may not always get to see your Instagram stories about your newest clothing collection since they’re available for only 24 hours, but your email newsletter will wait for them in their inbox. With up to 60% of customers having made a purchase after receiving a marketing email, this advertising tool continues to be an effective marketing strategy.

Let your customers leave reviews 

Never underestimate word-of-mouth marketing as you may not be aware of how many customers have purchased your products based on previous customers’ opinions. According to Invesp, up to 88% of shoppers have shown great trust in recommendations given by people they know. For that reason, there’s nothing more efficient than allowing your customers to write reviews and let them take care of product promotion for you. With an astounding 95% of consumers relying on reviews before deciding to buy a product, be certain that reviews will benefit your business tremendously in the long run.

In a nutshell

To ensure your business is generating great profits and your customers are offered the best shopping experience, make sure to stock up your store with the products we’ve discussed above. However, when selecting your wholesale supplier, whether it’s from the American or European wholesale market, don’t pass on investigating their product quality and diversity before getting on board with them. Go with trustworthy suppliers that are known for their great services and have excellent reviews like BrandsGateway. In addition, in order to maximize your sales, use our advice on product advertising and present your store in a positive light.

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