How Do Boutique Owners Find Wholesale Clothing Suppliers

Where & How Do Boutique Owners Find Wholesale Clothing Suppliers

Anyone who plans on opening a clothing boutique must have the answer to a very important question – where and how do boutique owners find wholesale clothing suppliers for their stores?

They browse online, ask around for suggestions, or simply connect with company CEOs via LinkedIn. These are the three simplest ways to do so, according to some of our clients. Then, what should you do first?

If you have already decided to open a clothing boutique and are in the process of doing so, we recommend that you start with branded clothing suppliers, since this market is small, yet much more profitable than selling low-end clothes.

Ways to find wholesale clothing suppliers for your boutique

Search Engines

It’s easy to Google and check out the first three clothing suppliers which appear in the search results. However, you need to find the right one. The right one is usually a company that has existed for over 5-10 years and is stable in terms of clients/customers. You don’t want to start a business relationship with a supplier whose business is unstable. In that case, don’t even start ordering.

Wholesale Lots

This is a great option to choose if you need a larger amount of branded clothes at extremely low prices. If you find buyers for this amount of products in a short period of time, your business will literally explode in profits. Thus, the opportunities with wholesale lots are endless, when you fight the right supplier. For example, we sell branded clothing stock lots with discounts of over 90% off retail prices. This is the perfect way to buy cheap and in large quantities.

Check wholesale directories

One of the safest ways to find suppliers/distributors is by browsing the global wholesale directories. These specialized “wholesale yellow pages” usually have some good insights and enough information for certain suppliers you’d wish to know more about.

If you’d like to find out more, check out some of the following free/paid directories for any particular supplier.

– Wholesale Central
– SaleHoo
– Worldwide Brands
– Doba
– TopTenWholesale

BrandsGateway as a boutique wholesale clothing supplier

Yes, we’ve been selling branded clothing and accessories for over a decade to hundreds of clothing boutiques across the world. We supply our clients with Grade A clothing and accessories from famous brands such as:

Dolce & Gabbana
Karl Lagerfeld
Gf Ferre
Tommy Hilfiger

Why buy branded clothes from us?

Because we’re reliable, shipping-precise, and offer only the best collections from every luxury clothing brand worldwide. Some of our best clients make over $20,000 per month, no matter if it’s a brick & mortar or online boutique store. As we mentioned in the beginning, why bother selling cheap clothes, when you can more than double your profits by selling authentic, brand name clothes? We’ll name but a few reasons why.

  • Increased profits
  • Buy multiple brands from a single supplier
  • Increase awareness as a unique branded clothing reseller
  • Deal with less competition
  • Sell online via dropshipping

You can increase profits by selling some of the world’s most famous brands, wanted by every fashion enthusiast. They tend to spend more on clothes worth wearing on any occasion, so your boutique can become their new favorite place to visit. Also, why not import luxury brands of your choice? For example, you can pick Versace and Armani as your favorite brands and have only these two sold in your boutique. That way, you’ll be known as an Armani/Versace reseller in your hometown.

This also increases local awareness and will put your store on the map of luxury brands. It’s great because you won’t have to do much and eliminate competition. Most likely, there won’t be more than a few (if none) shops in your hometown that sell the same merchandise. You can use this to your advantage and spend less on marketing and advertisement.

If you’d like to expand online, there’s an option to register as a dropshipper as well. This way, you’ll be present both physical and online at the same time.

So, if you’re still hesitating about finding a boutique wholesale clothing supplier, wait no longer! Register with BrandsGateway HERE, and good luck!

2 thoughts on “Where & How Do Boutique Owners Find Wholesale Clothing Suppliers

  1. Wait do you guys provide dropshipping for clothing? Whats the shipping times and profit margins like?

    1. Hey Joshua,

      How long does it take for delivery?
      Within the EU 3 business days and outside the EU within 5 business days such as North America, Asia, Middle East, etc. We do offer Express services with FedEx.

      To provide fair sales and profits for all our dropshippers, the profit margins are set at a minimum of 150%.

      You can register for free, and have a look at our inventory to calculate profit margins from any product category.

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