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How to Recognize Fake vs. Original Designer Items

When purchasing designer products from wholesale distributors or dropshipping suppliers, many people ask themselves whether the items are genuine. There are a lot of replica goods and counterfeits online, so how do we spot the ones that are 100% original?

BrandsGateway is a wholesale and dropshipping supplier that guarantees product authenticity and has zero tolerance for counterfeit, fake, or replica goods. All the products that BrandsGateway sells are 100% authentic, sourced from authorized dealers, and come with tags, warranties, authenticity cards, and certificates.

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Unfortunately, the industry of producing counterfeit is still growing, and people who want to start selling authentic designer goods are being skeptical about who to source the products from. After all, if they unintentionally end up selling unoriginal products, they can easily get flooded with customer complaints. According to a study conducted by Stakla, up to 88% of consumers highlighted the importance of authenticity in the process of deciding which brands to shop from.

This article will serve as a guide for beginner dropshippers and wholesale buyers who want to team up with BrandsGateway to assure that the products they’ll purchase from us are 100% authentic. Every designer and brand that BrandsGateway has in its portfolio, has its own unique characteristics and details. But when it comes to recognizing fake vs. real products, it all comes down to a few major representative elements – material, logo design, material, stitching, manufacturing code, and zipping.

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Fake vs. Authentic Dolce & Gabbana Bags and Wallets

When it comes to Dolce & Gabbana’s original items, you can easily spot the lawlessness in the craftsmanship and design. You can differentiate authentic Dolce & Gabbana’s bags, backpacks, and wallets by replicas if you put attention to the details. The main elements that have specific and unique features are the following:

Logo design on metal plates

The element that usually reveals a Dolce & Gabbana replica is the logo design. The Italian brand’s original logo is designed with Futura – a geometric sans-serif typeface designed by Paul Renner and released in 1927. The logo is very specific and unique which makes it quite easy to recognize when someone tries to imitate it.

The logo on the original Dolce & Gabbana items is evenly designed and applied usually on the metal plates. This is an authentic Dolce & Gabbana Black Silver Leather Briefcase Bag available at BrandsGateway.

Very often the Dolce & Gabbana replica bags have a logo that is with another font or wrong and uneven distance between the two words and the ‘&’ sign. The original Dolce & Gabbana items have their logo applied on a metal plate with (image below) or without ‘MILANO ITALIA’ (image above), depending on the style and collection. What is important to note is that numerous replicas contain the logo ‘Dolce & Gabbana’ with ‘MILANO ITALIA’ applied below it, however, very often they feature additional words which are a sign of a fake.

This is an example of an authentic Dolce & Gabbana Red Leather Zip Wallet with the logo engraved on the metal plate together with ‘Milano Italia’ available at BrandsGateway.

Metal rivets, buckles, and zippers

The authentic Dolce & Gabbana bags are designed with metal rivets, buckles, and zippers characterized by the engravings of the brand’s name. In comparison, counterfeit Dolce & Gabbana bags normally don’t have branded metal elements as they’re very tiny and it’s costly to be engraved. This is of utmost importance when looking into buying in bulk or dropship bags from Dolce & Gabbana – analyze the metal elements of the bags as most of the original models are designed with them.

There are, however, some Dolce & Gabbana models that include metal rivets without engravings, so in such cases check for other signs of counterfeit such as uneven stitching, low-quality material, or incorrect logo design.

Genuine Dolce & Gabbana bags are designed with metal zippers characterized by engravings of the brand name. This is an authentic Dolce & Gabbana Brown Lanyard Leather Wallet available at BrandsGateway.

Metal handles’ rings

Another feature that distinguishes an original Dolce & Gabbana bag from a counterfeit are the metal rings that hold the handles of the bag. It’s paramount for these details to be perfectly made in order to make the bag durable. The authentic Dolce & Gabbana bags always consist of metal rings in a form of a circle and are manufactured as a whole – without gaps. Dolce & Gabbana replicas usually have rings with gaps as these are easier to manufacture.

The authentic Dolce & Gabbana bags have handles connected with metal rings in a form of a circle and are manufactured as a whole – without gaps. This is an authentic Dolce & Gabbana Black Leather Crossbody Purse available at BrandsGateway.

Form and material

What sets an original Dolce & Gabbana bag apart from all the replicas out there are the material and craftsmanship without a question. Authentic Dolce & Gabbana bags are perfectly crafted without any wrinkles or frying. The replica bags have noticeable irregularities and inconsistencies across the overall designs, they use low-quality materials such as synthetic for the insides of the bags which is unthinkable for the original Dolce & Gabbana bags.

Authentic Dolce & Gabbana bags are perfectly crafted without any wrinkles or frying.
This is an authentic Dolce & Gabbana Brown Leather Beige Shoulder Bag available at BrandsGateway.

Fake vs. Authentic Michael Kors Bag

Michael Kors handbags are known for their high-quality materials, sturdiness, and durability. Made from real Saffiano leather, Michael Kors bags have a guarantee of a lifetime. The main characteristics that can help you differentiate an authentic Michael Kors bag from a fake one are the following:

Form and material

As Michael Kors leather bags are known for their high-quality leather material, even at first glance you can recognize the differences between a fake and a genuine bag. For one, the genuine Michal Kors bags have a sturdy and firm appearance. The Michael Kors bags are durable and solid, while the replicas are poorly structured, have a wobbly appearance, and can easily bend. Therefore, in the authentic Michael Kors bag, you’ll immediately notice how the bag always keeps its original shape and the leather doesn’t bend easily.

Original Michael Kors bags are perfectly made with a firm appearance and durable form.
This is a 100% original Michael Kors Small Marigold Square Shoulder Bag available at BrandsGateway.

Exterior and interior stitching

The stitching is another significant element that makes the authentic Michael Kors bags firm, long-lasting, and ideal designer bags for dropshipping. Also, this element usually speaks about the authenticity of the bags because the counterfeit Michael Kors bags are noticed by loose stitching with numerous irregularities such as uneven lines. On the other hand, the stitching of the original Michael Kors bags is perfectly made with symmetrical lines and without any fraying on both the exterior and interior.

Perfectly made original Michael Kors crossbody bag with symmetrical lines, and without any fraying.
This is a 100% original Michael Kors Mercer Medium Leather Purse available at BrandsGateway.

Logo design

When it comes to the logo design, Michael Kors’s logo is recognizable for being balanced and equal in the space between the letters and brand name, and surname. The symmetrical and even distance between the letters is a characteristic of an original design. When it comes to the round Michael Kors the logo is characterized by capital MK letters which are connected in a way the angles of the letter K emerge in the letter M.

The round MK logo on the original Michael Kors items features capital MK letters connected in a way the angles of the letter K emerge in the letter M. This is an authentic Michael Kors Gilly Large Leather Bag available at BrandsGateway.

Product serial number

Another thing that sets apart the original from the fake Michael Kors products, including their handbags, is the serial number of the products. Each Michael Kors bag has a serial number inside the bag. This serial number consists of two letters and four numbers which indicate the manufacturing information – factory location and date of manufacture, and additionally a number that indicated the style of the bag. The Michael Kors replicas usually don’t have such information and serial numbers which is a strong sign of a fake item.

Price tags

Lastly – the price tags. Every brand has its unique guidelines and standards when it comes to price tags. Michael Kors bags come with price tags that consist of the following information – a serial number that defines the model, color, material of the bag, bar code, and information about the material – whether it’s made of leather or fabric.

Fake vs. Authentic Guess Sunglasses

Dropshipping designer sunglasses such as the Guess sunglasses is surely something to consider. They’re recognized for their timeless and chic design suitable for every occasion. When it comes to eyewear, the main characteristics that can help you differentiate authentic Guess sunglasses from fake ones are the following:

Frames Screws

Authentic Guess sunglasses are characterized by impeccable quality and design. One element essential for the sunglasses’ design and durability is the frames’ screws. The majority of counterfeit Guess sunglasses can be immediately spotted only by looking at how the frames are connected.

Guess sunglasses are designed with small and flat almost invisible screws that are highly durable and don’t allow the sunglasses to become loose. On the other hand, the fake models are usually made with larger and bulging screws that don’t even correspond to the original design of the authentic Guess sunglasses.

One element that sets original Guess sunglasses from the replicas is the design and durability of the frames’ screws. These are authentic Guess Black Women Sunglasses available at BrandsGateway.

Text on the glasses

Another feature that can give you a hint of whether a pair of Guess sunglasses are fake or authentic is the text applied on the sunglasses. Many manufacturers of counterfeit sunglasses try to imitate the original writing, but at the end of the day, there’s always a small detail that can reveal that the item is fake. The original Guess sunglasses feature text on both the temples and the glass. On the former, one can see an engraved ‘Guess’ or just a ‘G’, while on the latter the brand’s full name.

Guess sunglasses have the brand’s name engraved on the temples and glass.
These are an example of authentic Guess Women Sunglasses available at BrandsGateway.

Remember the following

Selling authentic fashion products, especially when it comes to designer items, is always the best path your business could follow. However, with counterfeit branded goods being manufactured and sold on the market more often than even, it has become extremely hard to differentiate between fake and original items. Nevertheless, with our tips on your mind, we’re sure you’ll be able to make the right decisions and choose a supplier that’ll stock up your store with genuine fashion aproducts our customers will go crazy about.

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