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Benefits of Having a Personalized Contact with Your Dropshipping Supplier

Nedina Gjorgjieva
10 minutes
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Working with a dropshipping supplier that can provide you with products of good quality is especially significant for your store. In order to keep customer satisfaction at a high level, you need to offer clients a great selection of well-made items. However, that’s not the only thing you should be looking for during your supplier hunt. Having established a personalized contact with your supplier is as equally as important in running your business. This experience often includes a variety of sources that can help customers when they’re in need of assistance. By having been supplied with such useful resources, you’ll be able to establish greater trust in your supplier, improve your communication with them, tackle difficulties much more easily, and increase your store’s performance. 

In this article, we’ll take a close look at the advantages you can enjoy when working with a supplier that offers a more personalized experience. We’ll focus on giving you a detailed explanation of these benefits and concentrate on expressing the importance of finding dropshipping suppliers capable of giving you tailored solutions to your needs and problems.

Access to 24/7 customer support

Having access to customer support at all times is vital for your dropshipping store. It’ll give you the reassurance that whatever problem you might end up facing, they’ll be someone to help you in resolving it. Regardless of how good are you at managing your business on your own, you never know what kinds of unexpected issues may be pushed in your direction and throw you off the track. 

There might be times when your customers demand a refund because of a damaged item or ask for an exchange in case they’ve been delivered the wrong order. You might face difficulties with your inventory updates, which may lead to delaying new arrivals. Your store can experience postponed order processing, leading to unhappy customers. The list can go on and on. Therefore, in order to overcome such situations, your supplier should make sure you have at your disposal a great customer service team. They should be able to help you with all of these inconveniences and make sure your store is up and running in the usual way in no time. 

What does the customer service of BrandsGateway cover?

With BrandsGateway along your side, you’ll have at your disposal constant and reliable service able to offer you unlimited assistance and guidance. You’ll be provided with fast and efficient solutions to any problem you encounter while running your business. With over 300 dropshippers benefiting from BrandsGateway’s impeccable dropshipping services, this supplier stocks its customers’ stores with exquisitely-made high-end apparel pieces from over 120 luxury brands and offers clients exemplary customer support with a score of 4.6 rating.

Their customer service representatives can be reached via phone, email, Skype, or WhatsApp and assist dropshippers with all kinds of specific and general inquiries:

  • Resolving questions about shipping times, fees, or carriers;
  • Fixing order placements in the event of disruptions;
  • Offering assistance in case of lost parcels or mixed up packages;
  • Solving potential technical inconveniences related to their plugin for automation.

Option for one-on-one sessions

Despite customer service being of tremendous help whenever dropshippers face a problem, there might be situations where they need slightly bigger assistance. This is why you need to make sure your dropshipping supplier provides you with one-on-one sessions. In comparison to the customer support team which consists of a qualified group of employees, these types of sessions usually take place with the field’s professionals. They can help you deal with more serious troubles, advise you on certain dropshipping strategies, and offer you ideas on how to generate greater profits.

How does BrandsGateway provide you with one-on-one sessions?

BrandsGateway’s marketing team is more than willing to provide you with useful tips and tricks to help you increase your dropshipping sales. On request, as a dropshipper working with BrandsGateway, you can benefit from productive 30-minute brainstorming sessions hosted by the supplier’s group of experts. During these meetings, you can have a detailed discussion on finding the best solutions for your stores and engage in a creative conversion related to coming up with innovative plans that can expose their businesses to greater success. Furthermore, you’ll be able to receive honest feedback about your store from an experienced panel of eCommerce entrepreneurs and get helpful reviews that’ll assist you in improving your business. 

Therefore, as a dropshipper working with BrandsGateway, these sessions can lend you a hand in discovering an abundance of helpful marketing ideas for your dropshipping store and present you with many efficient strategies that’ll improve your promoting skills. Consequently, by applying these tactics, you’ll expose your business to exponential growth and be able to target a wide range of customers.

Delivery of weekly newsletters

The possibility of being provided with weekly newsletters is another thing to take into consideration. If your supplier keeps you updated on new weekly arrivals, upcoming brands, and sales, you’ll also be able to keep your customers posted about your dropshipping store’s novelties. Therefore, during the supplier choosing process, don’t make haste decisions before making certain your supplier can help you keep your clients up to date with the latest news.

Once your supplier has sent you a newsletter containing all of the above-mentioned details, if you happen to prefer this informing method, you can pass the newsletter on to your customers as well. Newsletters can help you drive more traffic to your website, expand your business to a larger audience, build up your brand image, and strengthen your store’s reputation. 

To demonstrate, according to a survey conducted among US advertisers, 86% of respondents agreed that newsletters had a big role in building a strong connection between their store and customers, while 88% stated that newsletters are becoming a valuable strategy for reaching their targeted audience.

How can BrandsGateway assist you in creating weekly newsletters?

BrandsGateway takes product promotion very seriously. Therefore, when it comes to helping its customers achieve outstanding advertising results, this supplier will go out of its way to make sure dropshippers are offered great marketing services. When collaborating with BrandsGateway, you’d be able to benefit from specially crafted newsletters that you can deliver to your customers on a weekly basis. 

They’d be designed according to your style preferences, and image choices, and most importantly, they’d contain specific information you wish to be included. Whether it’s about announcing new merchandise, introducing special offers, or presenting discounts in accordance with BrandsGateway, you have full control of the message you want your newsletter to convey along with its whole design. With BrandsGateway as your supplier, creating a compelling newsletter for your dropshipping store couldn’t be any easier.

Getting hold of marketing materials

Before starting a collaboration with any dropshipping supplier, ensure that they’d also be able to provide you with additional marketing materials. These can be of great assistance since they can help you work on even more hacks on how to promote your online store boutique and assist you in developing other advertising strategies. Usually, these resources contain tutorials and guides, giving dropshippers tips and explanations on various marketing subjects. For that reason, aim for suppliers that offer such tools.

What marketing resources does BrandsGateway offer at your disposal?

After becoming a dropshipper with BrandsGateway, as part of your subscription package, you’ll be given access to a rich library of premium resources written specifically for active dropshippers like yourself. These materials include:

A detailed marketing strategy guide for your eCommerce holidays 

It’s no secret that the holiday seasons, otherwise known as the eCommerce peak seasons, are the busiest shopping times of the year. Therefore, it’s important to keep track of the celebrations that take place around the globe and when the time comes, have the right selling strategies in place. With BrandsGateway you can benefit from a marketing guide tailored to increase your holiday sales. For every holiday, this guide offers you an audience that would be perfect for targeting and gives you suggested products and categories ideal for promoting.

A comprehensive SEO guide

The only way to improve your site’s ranking on the search engines’ SERPs, and with that generate a great amount of organic traffic, is by carefully optimizing your website’s SEO. if you aren’t familiar with doing this, there’s no need to panic, as BrandsGateway provides you with a complete SEO guide consisting of elaborate descriptions accompanied by multiple examples. The guide will help you better understand what Search Engine Optimization involves and assist you in becoming an SEO expert.

A thorough Facebook ads guide

In order to be able to see incredible results in your sales, social media advertising plays a major role in alluring a large number of customers. Therefore, BrandsGateway hooks you up with an exceptional Facebook ad guide that’ll guide step by step into the ad-creating process. The tutorial will teach you how to build attention-grabbing advertisements designed to increase your eCommerce conversion rate.

Ready-to-use social media images

When talking about social media, besides paid advertising, customer growth can also be achieved by creating content on the social networks. This can include creating TikTok videos, Facebook posts, Instagram stories and reels, to name a few. BrandsGateway comes to your rescue by offering you pre-made social media images ready to go viral on your social accounts. In case you want to make modifications, all pictures can be edited to your liking.

Availability of convenient plugin automation

Finally, the last thing you need to pay attention to is tracking down a supplier that provides plugin automation. When running a dropshipping store, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all of the work should inevitably fall on your shoulders.

With the various new software solutions, such as the EDI solutions, available nowadays, the digitalized era we live in today has made it possible for many manual tasks to be switched with convenient automatic systems and has given birth to automated dropshipping. Taking this into account, in order to ease up your job, plugin integration makes it possible for you to do less manual work and rely more on artificial intelligence.

What kinds of plugin integration does BrandsGateway offer? 

BrandsGateway’s plugin for automation is designed for every type of eCommerce store. It provides owners with an automated solution for Shopify stores via their Shopify App, and Wix, WooCommerce, and Shift4Shop store by installing a plugin, significantly simplifying stores’ management systems. Some of the main features included in this plugin are automatic order placement and inventory updates. Whenever an order is placed in your store, it’s automatically sent to BrandsGateway’s order processing system without requiring you to enter it manually. The same goes for inventory upgrades. With this feature, BrandsGateway conveniently updates your inventory stocks on the regular, preventing you from displaying sold-out items and supplying you with relevant data and reports regarding your products.

In conclusion

The main responsibility of your dropshipping supplier is not only to stock your store with great products. They also need to provide you with impeccable customer service that’s able to answer all kinds of inquiries, offer you helpful sessions to assist you in solving any issues, suggest advertising plans and ideas, present you with useful marketing materials and newsletters, and supply you with convenient plugin automation. With the right supplier by your side, you’ll be able to take advantage of all these benefits and create a successful dropshipping store.

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