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How To Increase Sales For My Online Clothing Store

So, you’ve set up shop and are ready to sell designer clothes for quick cash. But, there’s one problem – how to increase sales for my online clothing store? The answer lies in sophisticated marketing tools. Begin with email marketing, switch to social media, and finish up with specific keywords. That’s basically what you need to automate – in order to start getting more clothing sales.

We’ve compiled a list of useful marketing tools, covering all aspects of digital marketing, for you to use. Since competition is high and the market is up for grabs, timing is essential in this line of work. Now would be a great time to take notes and decide which tools will help you most in fulfilling your dream. Let’s have a look at them.

mailtester marketing


This is the total opposite of NeverBounce because it helps you decrease the ‘spam alert’ of your emails. It works with a single copy-paste of an email address in the search bar. It’s largely used by marketers, freelancers, companies, and developers for various purposes, like work, lead generation, etc. Unfortunately, there are no options available to check batches of emails, so users simply have to check emails one by one. Keep in mind, the Q&A part of the website offers useful information about the app, so maybe you should read this before using it.

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This is the type of software that offers full-funnel marketing opportunities, where users may connect email marketing with other essential apps. You don’t have to be a programmer to do this, the dashboard is simple enough for everyone to use. Using HubSpot helps find and convert leads, drives more traffic to your landing pages, tracks overall progress, and points out the most important social media followers for possible conversions. There aren’t many features available with the free version, while the cheapest subscription costs $50 per month. Either way, this top software won numerous awards in the IT world, thus making it a ‘must’.

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What makes this email marketing software differ from the rest is definitely the template editor. Users love working with a variety of templates to choose from, creating amazing newsletters. Other features include auto-respond to emails, real-time tracking, and automatic A/B testing. Like MailChimp, FreshMail offers assistance with optimizing emails in several time zones and uploading various HTML newsletters previously created by designers. It’s available for Windows, Linux, Android and iOS-based smartphones, and web-based devices. The pricing model is set as four different options – free, monthly and annual billing, and quote-based. Try the free plan by sending emails to up to 500 subs before making your decision.

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The sole purpose of PutsMail is quality testing of any HTML email, before sending them to an audience. Initially launched in 2011, more than 60.000 emails were tested in just over a year, before being purchased by Litmus, another company in the same industry. Up until today, more than 2.7 million tests have been conducted. This shows the trust users put in this email testing software, before deciding to send newsletters. The ‘CSS Inliner’ is yet another option meant to improve the compatibility of designs by fixing and inlining the styles. PutsMail is currently free to use until Litmus decides otherwise.

brandsgateway wpforms marketing


If you’re constantly using WordPress, you must have met WPForms somewhere in the ‘plugins’ section. This amazing plugin includes a ‘drag & drop’ form builder, automatically converting templates to be user-friendly, the ability to create custom WP URFs (user registration forms), anti-spam protection captchas, and various valuable add-ons for payments and transactions, signup forms. The benefits are unlimited, which is why over 10 million users have downloaded it for their WP-based web pages. However, there is no ‘free’ edition, so users have to pay a minimum of $39.50 to be able to use it for a whole year.

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Share Link Generator

Patrick St. John is a skilled web designer, and the person responsible for the creation of the Share Link Generator. This app instantly creates Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and email share links, even with inside emails. Thousands of people use it to make content more popular, while Patrick made sure every social media channel is properly filled in before creating ‘share’ links. Even LinkedIn has its own title, summary, URL, and source links. For users with older PCs and laptops, they do not need to download and install JavaScript or iframes, it works perfectly without them.

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With plans starting at $999/year, Mixpanel is rather expensive, though highly efficient conversion rate optimization software. Analyzing customer behavior by using a different approach, the app shows literally everything that happens when users visit a certain web page. This helps marketers and developers analyze user behavior to improve in certain areas. Since the software tracks and analyzes all behavior happening on the web page, the basic plan memorizes about 20 billion actions that happened in the last 30 days – thus, the high prices. The interface is pretty straightforward and no advanced skills are required to use it. A free plan is offered to try it out and is compatible with Windows/Android/iOS devices.

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One of the best market intelligence platforms, SimilarWeb offers deep analysis for any app, website, or industry. Various traffic and engagement metrics are given, with SEO & PPC suggestions included, while users are allowed to see how industry leaders perform and act accordingly, based on accurate information. Giants like Microsoft, eBay, Taboola, and Flipkart use it to stay on top with their competitors, while small businesses dedicate teams working with SimilarWeb to increase profits. The cheapest ‘PRO’ package begins at $199, while advanced plans cost $499 per month. A free trial is available, showing five results per metric, and a 90-day period of web traffic data.

brandsgateway blog marketing tools


With almost 350 million pages analyzed, used by HP, Shutterstock, PayPal, Spotify, and other famous brands, GTmetrix tells a lot about any website’s performance. Its key features are analyzing page speed, page load details, testing from different regions and browsers, and giving final recommendations on how to improve the page’s performance. Remote developer teams can monitor URLs from all over the world, opting to do it on an hourly basis. Users may try it for free, or choose from four other plans, beginning at $14.95 per month. GTmetrix is used and supported by some of the world’s biggest brands like Samsung, Nike, HP, BMW, etc.

brandsgateway blog varvy tools


Divided into three separate categories, Varvy is an SEO tool as much as it is a page optimization guide. It gives a detailed analysis of a web page’s search engine optimization, page speed, and mobile SEO. Patrick Sexton, the creator of Getlisted, made sure Varvy is free to use and compensates by generating income from Google ads positioned on the website. In short, this tool shows if a web page follows Google guidelines and if not, suggestions are being provided to help companies rank higher on search engines, and interact better with visitors.

brandsgateway marketing tools webpagetest


At first, users notice the simple design, though WebPageTest is anything but simple. A simple test showing how fast your website opens can show many errors. According to researchers, 47% of all Internet users expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less. Despite this app being easy to use, multiple advanced features require someone with higher skills to set it all up before continuing. Performance results show waterfall graphs and content breakdown for a better understanding of where your web page decreases loading time. Note: It’s 100% free to use.

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Website Grader

Need to check how your website ranks in performance, security, and SEO? Powered by HubSpot, this app will break down analysis in four separate divisions: performance, mobile, SEO, and security. Users often praise their top design and user-friendly interface, with clean text, symbols, and easy navigation. Website Grader might sound much like other site analysis tools, but it will give you the much-needed information in a much quicker, more direct manner. Being part of HubSpot’s tool network, it’s available for a 30-day trial. Note: Some users believe the app does not always provide accurate analysis, while it makes up by pointing out hidden errors.

brandsgateway blog pagespeed insights

Google PageSpeed Insights

Once again, Google has proved generous enough to provide companies and individuals with a tool to improve website speed. The PageSpeed Insights (PSI) tool shows field data, origin summary, lab data, opportunities for better optimization, diagnostics, and other web performance features for free. PSI has its own classification based on human perceptual abilities. If your web page shows a green score (90+), it means that it’s among the top 10% globally. Designers and developers tend to trust Google more than other web page analysis apps because of its accuracy in providing results.

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Indigo Stream Technologies is the company behind Copyscape. Their latest invention, Siteliner, is an app meant to find broken links, duplicate content, skipped pages, page power, and related domains. If it finds errors for any of these categories, then something definitely affects a site’s search engine rankings and quality. The free edition can analyze no more than 250 pages on a single website. Other, more complex websites include thousands of pages, which require the premium edition. With it, up to 25.000 pages are analyzed, with the possibility to compare with previous reports. It costs ยข1 per page, by using the Siteliner Premium.

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With Crello, users can create static and animated designs for digital ads, print materials, social media posts, and much more. Similar to Canva, graphic designers can show their creativity in just a few minutes. If new social media posts are needed fast, Crello’s thousands of ready templates are here at your disposal. Most importantly, the dashboard is neat and easy to navigate and if you ever used similar software, you’ll get the hang of it in less than a day. The ‘Forever Free’ plan is limited with features and you can’t use animated objects, while Crello Pro starts at $8.30 per month.

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Voted ‘best website builder software’ numerous times, Wix is a cloud-based web development platform used by millions of users worldwide. It helps individuals create professional-looking websites that won’t take more than a few days, depending on experience. Users get to choose from any of the three available models – Code, Editor, or Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) and start creating. Other great benefits include SEO-optimized content and mobile-friendly version, while its tech support is praised by users everywhere. There are ready templates available, surrounded by countless other options, and prices begin at just $4.50/month. Wix also lets you build a website for free, even though with limited features.

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Although the name suggests ‘free logos’, getting one will still cost you $39.95. The good thing is that you get to choose from thousands of high-quality logos, customize them, change colors, text, and appearance to your liking, and save them for future use. Once purchased, users receive ten different formats for various uses. Upon request, they send special file formats, such as for social media platforms. According to the company, more than 24 million businesses from around the planet have used their services, which are not limited to logos only, but business card designs, and other offline marketing products.

animoto brandsgateway marketing blog


Animoto is a video editing app, dubbed the ‘Photoshop of videos’. Some of the best marketing videos have been created with it, mainly because it encourages users to use evergreen marketing tricks, such as invoke feelings in viewers. You can build HQ (1080p) videos by editing slides, change fonts and customize tones, include any of the hundred licensed music tracks, adapt resolutions to fit for social media ads, and much more. A free trial is available for 14 days with watermarks for licensing purposes, while monthly plans begin at $16 per month, $8 if billed annually. Naturally, every plan includes the ‘unlimited videos’ option.

venngage marketing brandsgateway blog


Videos are one thing, but it takes hours of hard work to make the perfect infographic. Venngage does not let users start from scratch, but offers them to create infographics in three easy steps – choose templates, add visuals, and add finishing touches. Already used by Google, Airbnb, Wired, and Forbes, more than 20.000 other companies have put their trust in Venngage when it comes to publishing high-quality infographics. There are thousands of templates available, not just infographics but posters, reports, and socials as well. Businesses pay $49/month for the ‘business’ plan, and individuals usually pick the ‘premium’ subscription for $19/month. The ‘free’ plan allows 5 infographics before they let users switch to any of the other two options.

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Google Fonts

Sometimes, choosing great typography can make a real difference in the world of designers. Google’s designing team was given a task to share a directory of fonts, which they did with great success. They believe integrating the right font into a website will improve its looks, and that’s something we can all agree on. Designers are allowed to browse through hundreds of font styles, available in over 135 languages, or wait for new ones to be published, either by Google’s very own team of designers, or official collaborators. Unofficially, almost every web designer has Google Fonts bookmarked in their preferred browser.

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This app is specifically made to help load web pages much faster. Compress JPEG and PNG files while retaining transparency with this simple software, then use them anywhere you like. They will load in an instant because the size has shrunk in size while its quality was left intact. TinyPNG uses a technique not many people have heard about, called quantization. It works in a way that reduces the number of colors, without it being noticed by our human eye. There is a free edition, as well as a ‘pro’ account, which costs no more than $25/year, available for a single user. Every added user pays another $25 for a year, as per request.

marketing blog brandsgateway degraeve


This site dates back to July 1999. Steven DeGraeve is a web developer and designer, who long ago, set a goal to ‘give people the ability to do things they wouldn’t normally be able to do.’ The list of useful web tools is constantly increasing, while his most popular app still remains to be the Color Palette Generator. Other similar apps include Color Picker, Filler Text, Favicon Generator, and Logo Maker. The author allows visitors to use his tools for free, simply because it helps them solve various problems. Steven DeGraeve is definitely someone to admire and be thankful for.

hubspot cta marketing tools brandsgateway

HubSpot Calls-To-Action

Another marketing product, fresh out of HubSpot’s factory. With it, users can create custom call-to-action buttons, specifically designed to increase conversion rates. Since most marketers lack designer skills, HubSpot made sure the dashboard and functionality were adapted to this industry, for easier workflow and navigation. Choose the text, color, form, and position, save the design, and insert it into landing pages, blog posts, and newsletters for maximum conversion rate. Calls-to-action is included in the ‘Professional’ pricing plan, which costs $800/month (billed annually), along with many other products from HubSpot.

marketing tools brandsgateway placeit


With a single pricing plan worth $29 per month, Placeit gives users unlimited access to an entire library of smart templates in their quest for perfection. As a bonus, users can find thousands of video templates, logos, and designs for every industry. Apparently, Placeit is a proud host of over 12.000 designs and templates, while hundreds of others are being uploaded on a daily basis. Similar to Crello and Canva, there are tons of social media promo templates to advertise your business. For $29, designers enjoy finding inspiration with Placeit for their next perfect design.

brandsgateway marketing blog tools


Best described as a set of solutions for website traffic growth, Sumo helps increase the number of signups and subs, encourage visitors to click that ‘share’ button, and turn traffic into customers. Some of its key features include content analytics, contact forms, smart bar, heat maps, list builders, and everything else essential to e-commerce websites. The list of benefits is limitless, although Sumo kindly reminds its users that great content is easier to share and that they should focus on it more. A ‘Free forever’ plan with 200 subscribers is available, with professional plans beginning at $30 per month.

brandsgateway ecommerce tools


The successful email marketing software is based on visual campaign building and process automation, conducted by marketers without coding experience. Various email campaigns are supported, depending on the needs of either individuals or teams. There’s no limit as to whom emails will be sent because even ten emails can turn targets into clients. Its visual application and automation processes are a big plus, with additional filtering of users for so-called ‘healthy’ lists. Pricing packages start for free for up to 100 subscribers, with advanced plans beginning from $49/month or $41 if billed annually.

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More like a personal organizer than a CRM software, Freshsales lets you arrange leads, deals in process, contacts, and emails. With average user satisfaction of 95%, this platform provides event tracking, lead and sales management, show analytics and periodical reports, and allows flawless integrations with Google (and other) apps. Marketers may choose a 30-day free trial with all features included, after which they can either choose the ‘free forever’ plan with basic features, or other plans beginning at $12 per month. For all those looking to organize better at work, this is what they’ve been looking for.

brandsgateway blog marketing tools


Similar to Freshsales, Zoho is designed to help attract and retain customers for increased profits. What you can do with it is automate daily tasks, convert traffic into possible leads, import leads from external sources and distribute them to sales agents who match in the same industry/niche. Teams share a database, able to monitor status, location, account, and products offered. Real-time data may be a key feature, dubbed by the company as their ‘opportunity tracking’ tool. Social media channels like Facebook and Twitter aren’t excluded, because like it or not, most of the customers are located there nowadays. Plans start at $18 per month (per user), but there’s an option to try the free trial or use the free edition with limited features until you get some results, then continue with more advanced options.

marketing tools brandsgateway blog


Criticism is good for business, as much as it’s bad. The Mentionmapp Analytics software checks any company’s mentions on the Internet, positive and negative, identifies critical online interactions with users with network visualization. The old saying ‘Bad news travels fast’ is completely applicable to businesses nowadays, because no one wants to buy a product criticized by the majority of consumers. Useful insights and social network analysis will provide you with enough information to fix whatever it is that needs fixing and try to make it up to customers who’ve lost faith in your company. Pricing begins at $9/month, with a ‘free’ edition available for basic analysis.

brandsgateway marketing tools awario


Social media monitoring and listening apps are part of the latest digital marketing trends. Awario is considered a pioneer in this industry, with powerful crawlers that discover and analyze more than 13 billion web pages in just 24 hours. The main benefit is generating valuable insights, both accurate and predictive, letting marketers and sales teams do the rest. On top of that, Awario helps identify the perfect influencers who can assist with better representation of your brand and encourage more people to use your products and services. A free trial is included, but users need to pay $29, $89, and $299 per month for whichever plan suits their company most.

brandsgateway blog google alerts marketing

Google Alerts

Google’s very own free web monitoring tool does not only help users find themselves mentioned on the web, but it also provides alerts for any topics they might be interested in. Easy to use and navigate, alert suggestions are available to set things up faster. Search and alert filters are divided by sources, languages, regions, essential results only, and you may set alerts on a weekly, daily, or real-time basis. Content writers use it to discover new content, while journalists tend to follow the latest news around the world.

brandsgateway blog marketing tools

Union Metrics

For $49 per month, marketers and analysts get valuable social media information on their posts, such as potential reach and impressions. It lets them figure out which posts perform better and when is the best time to post. Trends research is another key feature, making it easier to find new ideas. The number of likes, shares, and click-through rates is also shown via automated insights, which may identify when the ‘key moment’ happened. Users get detailed reports on every social media campaign which they can present to clients and supervisors for future use. For team use, companies pay $199 per month, while individuals can choose either of the two remaining plans, for $49 or $99/month.

brandsgateway marketing tools followerwonk


The famous Twitter analytics tool gives users access to detailed information on Twitter users, followed by analysis, and actions taken accordingly. Companies can easier find and contact brand influencers, discover potential followers, identifiable by category, and compare accounts with competitors. All these are needed to boost your business and without them, tweets are less effective. Discover new audiences and markets, use keywords to find potential customers, and get your social account authority ranking. Use the ‘connect’ plan to try it out, and start subscribing for $29 per 30 days to get all these benefits.

google trends brandsgateway blog marketing

Google Trends

The reason why Google created its ‘Trends’ app is ‘to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.’ Anyone can now explore what the world is searching, filtered by region, time, topic, and many other options. Google Trends shows the latest trending searches and number of searches for each one, which is a major indicator of what’s currently popular. Marketing teams often research using this tool, before they start constructing this month’s strategy, knowing that the latest news attracts most audiences. The opportunities are limitless; it’s up to users to decide what they’ll do with this tool.


We’ve come to the very end. If you need extra assistance to increase sales, you can check out our other article related to this topic, called Increase Clothes Sales: Marketing Tools For Resellers.

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