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How to Find a Dropshipping Supplier that offers Worldwide Shipping

Nedina Gjorgjieva
10 minutes
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In recent times, shopping methods have evolved significantly, shifting customers’ preferences and making them choose convenience over anything else. According to a report carried out by Statista, in the period from 2016 to 2021, the number of digital shoppers worldwide has increased by a staggering half a billion online buyers, accumulating 2.14 billion customers as of last year. These statistics clearly show that internet purchases are on their way to becoming a shopping norm. Even though physical store shopping is far from dying out, with every passing year consumers seem to show a bigger preference for online shopping instead.

Having this information in mind, with the right business plan in place, there’s no doubt that your dropshipping store will benefit from exponential growth. However, when we talk about strategies that’ll expose your store to success, it’s worth mentioning that worldwide delivery plays a crucial role for most dropshipping businesses around the globe. 

Therefore, in this article, we’ll draw your attention to the advantages shipping abroad can create for your store, what kind of influence it’ll have on your business, and why it’s so essential for you to offer both domestic and local deliveries to your customers. Nevertheless, the main point we’ll be focusing on is how to track down a dropshipping supplier providing this service. In addition, we’ll supply you with a few tips on what to pay attention to during your search in order to land a legitimate supplier.

Why is dropshipping worldwide important for your dropshipping store?

Before diving into the tips and tricks on how to get ahold of a supplier that’ll provide you with international shipping, let’s lay down the benefits worldwide delivery can bring to your store. 

It expands your customer network

In this day and age, the easy accessibility of internet shopping is constantly converting customers loyal to traditional brick-and-mortar stores into online shopping fanatics. That being the case, choosing to limit your shipping services to domestic locations can hurt your store and cause a loss of customers. In addition, by confining your delivery to only certain geographical areas, you might just miss out on the best countries for dropshipping.

Worldwide shipping will expand your business internationally, expose your dropshipping store to a broader group of buyers, and drive considerable traffic to your website. This will allure a great number of consumers interested in your niche from all over the globe. As a result, you should anticipate significant business growth and plenty of favorable outcomes.

It causes an income surge

With international shipping services enabling you to establish new customer connections, these will lead to further benefits such as improvement in eCommerce conversion rate and an increase in sales. Stepping into global eCommerce allows you to reach foreign markets and, subsequently, double the number of goods purchased from your store. Additionally, offering your products both locally and abroad will give you greater chances of generating bigger income and building better financial stability.

It spreads brand awareness

The larger the customer base, the larger the visibility of your brand. Therefore, with more people having been exposed to your products, your store will benefit from a bigger number of visitors and gain international recognition. This will help you build a global presence, create a memorable brand image, easily promote your online store, and acquire a positive worldwide reputation. Consequently, customers will be able to easily identify your store and start making purchases.

It allows you to sell seasonal products all year round

When selling domestically only, in the case of seasonal products, during certain parts of the year, you’ll inevitably experience a decline in sales for those particular products. However, when targeting non-native markets as well, you can easily avoid this inconvenience as different parts of the world go through different season shifts at the same time. 

To illustrate, suppose you’re an international seller which owns an online boutique that sells plenty of apparel items including swimwear. During the September-April period, expect swimsuits sales in the US and Europe to significantly decrease as these customers will start focusing on buying winter collections. However, since during those months the southern hemisphere prepares to welcome boiling temperatures, your swimwear will continue generating profits as customers from this part of the world will be welcoming the summer weather.

How do you find dropshipping suppliers that provide worldwide shipping?

Now that you’re well aware of the positive impact international shipping can have on your store, in the next parts of the article we’ll focus on the different ways you can come across suppliers that offer worldwide delivery for your traditional or reverse dropshipping business and how to make sure they’re trustworthy and provide reliable shipping services.

Research your competitors’ suppliers

Before launching their stores, it’s not uncommon for dropshippers to take a look at their competition and get an idea of who they’ll be going against. This can help you tremendously in determining your product offerings, outlining your marketing strategies, and defining your target customers. Accordingly, by evaluating your competitor’s performance, you’ll be able to get your items to stand out, set up highly competitive prices, and improve your position in the crowded eCommerce market.

Additionally, conducting a thorough competitor analysis can also reveal the suppliers your competitors are collaborating with. If they happen to offer relatively rapid global shipping carried out by reputable freight service providers, then chances are the supplier they’re working with is a good candidate for your business as well. Putting an order in their store is probably the way to go if you wish to get ahold of their supplier’s identity and contact data. In that way, you’ll be able to find out the shipping address and get in touch with the supplier.

Take part in dropshipping events

One of the easiest strategies that can guarantee you’ll link up with suppliers that offer international delivery services entails getting in contact with people from your industry. And there‘s no better way of establishing these connections than participating in eCommerce events and conferences. These meetups are the perfect place for networking and catching up with fellow dropshippers. Since these events are all about sharing relevant information and exchanging dropshipping experiences, making an appearance will improve your chances of partering up with the dropshipping supplier you’re looking for. 

Connect with dropshipping experts

Getting in touch with experienced dropshipping entrepreneurs is another fantastic way to quickly hunt down suppliers that ship internationally. Rather than wasting time on search engines trying to find the right supplier, a talk with a dropshipping expert can easily get you a bunch of contacts. By joining dropshipping groups and dropshipping forums, such as Shopify Discussion, or reading dropshipping blogs, like BrandsGateway’s blog, you’ll immediately come across a large community of dropshipping professionals that are willing to share their supplier info.

What to look out for once you’ve found your dropshipping supplier?

After you’ve succeeded in finding a supplier that offers international product delivery, don’t rush to instantly get into business with them. There are still a few things to go over before making it official. Here’s what you need to get informed about prior to sealing the deal.

Convenient delivery times

When it comes to shipping packages outside the geographical location of your warehouses, make sure to carefully verify your supplier’s shipping times. Although it’s expected for these deliveries to take longer, you don’t want them to take quite a while as shoppers can easily turn into unhappy customers if their products aren’t delivered in a reasonable period of time. According to Loqate, in case of a bad shipping experience, 57% of consumers won’t be coming to the same retailer. Keeping that in mind, remember to ask your dropshipping supplier plenty of questions in order to be assured that they’ll provide you with rational delivery times.

Affordable shipping costs

Another thing to take into consideration is the shipping costs you’ll have to endure. If the supplier you wish to get involved with demands high delivery fees, compare those costs with the shipping prices of another dropshipping supplier in order to get an idea of how much is charged in general. Therefore, get well acquainted with your supplier’s shipping costs so you don’t end up experiencing financial loss that could be damaging your store.

Trustworthy freight services

Last but not least, avoid opting for any supplier until you make certain they’re using trustworthy shipping carriers. Sure, on occasions packages can be lost or delivered in a damaged condition. However, this shouldn’t become a repetitive pattern. So, it’s wise to investigate the freight services your prospective supplier is working with. Look for information online or read reviews about the shipping companies in order to ensure that your customers won’t be exposed to such inconveniences.

Why choose BrandsGateway as your dropshipping supplier?

If you’re looking into the fashion niche and are interested in selling luxury apparel pieces to an international audience, then BrandsGateway is your perfect choice. Offering you at your disposal high-quality clothes from over 120 designer brands, this supplier working with the b2b2c business model will fill up your store with the latest trending fashion items for both men and women. Dropshippers like yourself are given the opportunity to work with high margins that can reach up to 250% per order, hence providing you with the chance of earning great profits.

Moreover, their dropshipping service offers full support in running your store through features like automatic inventory updates and order placements. For online stores based on Shopify and Shift4Shop, this supplier has a convenient Shopify App and a Shift4Shop App through which clients can access automated dropshipping, while for those built in Wix and WooCommerce, customers benefit from practical plugin solutions.

When it comes to international delivery, BrandsGateway ticks off all the boxes analyzed above. With warehouses located in both Europe and the US, this supplier ships to more than 170 countries worldwide. Packages within the European Union have an estimated delivery time of only 1 to 3 business days, while those outside the union arrive within 5 to 7 working days. Orders are delivered through reliable carriers including FedEx, UPS, and DHL with shipping fees starting at €15 depending on the delivery destination.

With BrandsGateway as your supplier, you’ll be able to offer your customers both exquisite fashion pieces and fast and efficient delivery, ensuring your shoppers are provided with only the best of services.

All in all

Teaming up with a dropshipping supplier that’s able to deliver products to customers all over the globe is the priority for many dropshippers out there and it should be for you too. Worldwide shipping will enable you to grow your customer network, reduce dropshipping cart abandonment, generate considerable profits, and build an impressive international brand image. Bearing this in mind, collaborating with a supplier that’s both reliable and offers international delivery is something you should definitely be striving for. In order to get get the best results, make use of our tips on finding such a supplier that’ll certainly get your dropshipping store thriving and growing.

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