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How To Drive Traffic To Your E-store When Dropshipping Luxury Brands

When you have an online store, it needs to have an online life as well. The online presence when dropshipping luxury brands should exude the image and the values that your company has. It needs to be exciting and inviting since online retail is your main source of revenue. Here are 5 ways to boost traffic to your online clothing store.

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1. Have An Engaging Social Media Presence

Promoting your brand on social media is one of the most economical ways to do it. Social media is the new “word of mouth”. Remember, you are the curator of your content in this age of the “curation generation” so make sure you have a distinctive voice and recognizable content so once the customer sees it they know it’s you.

There are many social media platforms and each of them has its sense of community. To become an exciting new member of that community, seek out the influencers, as well as the events that are hosted by that particular platform in that country and become a sponsor of the event. Influencers might get promotional gift bags for special events or their birthday. Search for the mentions of your product and reply to the comments to make your presence known. Make sure you are engaged in that social media community as well as engaged in socially responsible events such as food drives, art projects, etc.

Have fun sharing different aspects of the same content on different social media platforms. For example, Instagram is all about photos and images, and Twitter lets users be witty in just 140 characters. Other platforms you can share content on include Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Youtube, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Reddit, Stumble Upon, Medium, and many others.

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2. Hire A Social Media Consultant

Although social media seems easy enough to handle, the person with the right voice and inviting humor and presence will keep the customers engaged. That is why many companies hire a social media consultant which might seem like a very frivolous job, but it is very time-consuming. When it is done badly at best there are no results (we have been witnesses many a time of how bad social media behavior has met with backlash) When it’s done well it will keep the conversation (and revenue) going between you and your customers. The social media consultant apart from being media savvy must be sensitive to and aware of the current issues of the world to make those meaningful connections without offending anyone. It is best to be done by one person rather than a whole team of unguided employees to reduce the chance of saying something offensive, or if that is the case there should be someone who will approve of the social media posts.

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3. Build An Affiliate Program

One way to increase sales while dropshipping luxury brands is to take care of the old customers you already have. A sense of community is present when old customers merge with the new ones. You can include coupons with the purchase. You can also have a customer loyalty program, for example, in the form of a membership card. This card gives customers discounts, a gift with the membership card for a certain amount of purchases, birthday gifts, or an exclusive offer if they recruit another member.

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4. Customers’ Contact Information In Exchange For Content

Having access to your customers’ emails is essential for repeat business, but one must not overwhelm them with information since they probably have too many e-mails in their inbox. You can also offer them special content when they subscribe to your online platform, such as:

  • Discounts
  • A subscription to your monthly newsletter
  • Exclusive access to coupon codes
  • Exclusive access to content
  • Entry into a giveaway
  • Updates on upcoming events and promotions
  • A chance to engage in a socially responsible project such as donations for a worthy cause

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5. Include Your Website On Promotional Materials

It is easy to forget the name of a company you’ve just seen, so it’s important to put the name of the website on your social media platforms, as well as links to all your social media platforms on your website so each one can feed into the other. Place your store’s name on your website, on promotional materials such as brochures, business cards, promotional items. Remember to also add your business name, contact information, and web address. And also remember to have fun with the design, the way you would design a business card or a logo. You can also hire a designer to consult on this issue, the way you would hire a social media consultant.


Basically, any of these methods will help you greatly to increase sales while dropshipping luxury brands. If you have a different opinion, please let us know in the comment section below.


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