The American Luxury Brand “Coach” Now Available in BrandsGateway’s Catalog

Kristina Gjorgievska

The famous American brand “Coach” that specializes in luggage, handbags, and accessories is now a part of BrandsGateway’s B2B portfolio of luxury brands. The brand, known for its distinctive luxe design and style, originated in 1941, and even today it is a symbol of high-quality materials and premium craftsmanship.

“Coach” joined the group of luxury brands available in BrandsGateway’s catalog to dropship and purchase in bulk at wholesale prices and discounts up to 70-80%. The company’s mission is to offer B2B premium clothing and accessories from renowned brands to owners of brick-and-mortar, online and dropshipping stores. Therefore, BrandsGateway’s team is tirelessly working toward achieving this goal and thus preserving the company’s leading spot on the market.

BrandsGateway’s Founder and CEO, Michael Tekin, emphasized the importance of constantly refreshing the company’s portfolio with new premium brands.

Coach handback available to purchase at BrandsGateway.
A handbag by “Coach” is available to purchase at a wholesale price.

“As a team, we are working extensively toward expanding our portfolio of luxury brands and supporting our network of wholesale buyers and dropshippers to reach a wider audience. I am confident that our clients will find the new pieces from “Coach” a great addition to our offering. Moreover, I am sure that these unique styles will increase their profits.”, says Michael.

Finally, he states that “having diversity in handbag styles is always a great idea and I believe that our clients will be able to attract new customers and pleasantly surprise their existing ones”.

From the “Coach” luxury assortment, BrandsGateway brings women’s handbags, backpacks, tote bags, travel bags, crossbody bags, and more. Each bag is characterized by the brand’s exceptional craftsmanship and fuse of materials and patterns.

In particular, what sets “Coach” bags apart from other brands is their signature “CC” pattern that is applied to their collections. Regardless of the style and material, whether it’s leather, chambray, or jacquard, the “CC” pattern is noticeable throughout the whole bags’ exterior, their pockets, or straps.

Coach backpack available to purchase at BrandsGateway
A backpack by “Coach” is available to purchase at a wholesale price.

BrandsGateway is the leading B2B online marketplace for luxury branded clothing and accessories trusted by thousands of B2B registered users, more than 1,000 retail customers, and over 200 online retail partners.

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