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13 Great Apps and Websites to Help You Sell Your Used Clothes Online

The current world economy has just about every person looking for ways to make extra cash and live a less stressful life. Basically, making extra cash on the side is something that can really make a difference financially.  Yes, you can turn those clothes that you don’t wear into cash by selling them online. This article is going to recommend 13 great apps and websites that can help you achieve this. It will also give you some basic tips on how to successfully do it. So which apps are these?

asos marketplace

ASOS Marketplace

Do you have retro clothes that you want to clear from your closet? If you do, this is the most ideal platform where you can resell them. You only need to have at least 20 different clothing styles to set up a boutique on this platform. You’ll also need to pay ten percent of your earnings to ASOS – it’s their commission. Otherwise, it’s the best place to sell your used retro clothes.

wholesale clothing


The great thing about this platform is that it doesn’t limit you to selling only what’s in your closet. You can also sell DIY clothes on Etsy. How will you do it?

Once you’ve created your Etsy store, you can increase its visibility by networking with other sellers. This actually works quite well for sellers on this platform. The more your store is viewed, the higher you rank in search results. This increases the chances of people buying your clothes.

Another advantage of this platform is that you’ll only be charged around three percent for payment processing and almost four percent per transaction. Also, it costs as low as twenty cents to list your clothing collection. Basically, it’s a very cheap platform for you to resell your used clothes for extra cash.

wholesale clothing brandsgateway


This is a mobile app for selling second hand clothes. It’s pretty simple to use. How does it work?

You complete a ThredUp application to clean out your closet by selling your used clothes. Once the application is approved, ThredUp will send you clean out bags. Put the clothes you intend to sell in these bags and ship them back to ThredUp. They will pay you once they receive and process your package.

Of course you won’t earn as much as you would if you did the selling yourself. However, there’s the advantage of convenience. And you’ll still earn extra cash from your used clothes, even earn as high as eighty percent – depending on the quality of your clothes.

poshmark selling clothes


This is a widely known and used platform because its mobile platform is quite easy to use. One doesn’t have to set up their store through the website because the mobile app is well equipped for the same purpose. How does it work?

You’ll need to upload and list five to ten items to your closet. Once you’ve done this, start following people with similar tastes in clothes. You can then start engaging them so they can see what’s in your closet and shop from you, and vice versa.

When a clothing item is bought, Poshmark sends you a shipping label through email. Print it out, stick it on the package of the item you’re sending out, and ship it to the buyer.


Facebook Marketplace

There are billions of monthly Facebook users and you must be one of them. So, if you’re already a user and intend to sell your used clothes, why not do it on this platform?

Take advantage of Facebook Marketplace because you already have a community of friends. These are potential buyers. Also, Facebook won’t charge you any fees or taxes for selling on their platform. This makes it a great place for you to clean out your closet and earn extra cash!

brandsgateway ebay


eBay was among the first platforms to enable people to sell online. You have a chance of making a lot of money on this platform by setting up your clothes for auction. This would particularly work quite well if you’re reselling designer clothes. People would have bidding wars for your items until you get the price for them.

Also, on the plus side, you get 90% of your earnings because eBay takes a relatively low commission. Further, it’s a huge online marketplace with a large number of potential buyers. Therefore, you should strongly consider using this platform to sell your used clothes.

wholesale clothing brandsgateway


Refashioner is great if you’re looking to sell rare clothes. They can either be a designer or retro. Therefore, if you have a lot of unique clothes that you don’t use, consider selling them here for extra cash.

tradesy brandsgateway wholesale


There are those handbags that you’ve been hoarding and not using. Why not turn them into extra cash by selling them on Tradesy? It’s the most ideal platform for you to resell used handbags. You can also sell wedding dresses, shoes, accessories, and clothing on this platform though. So, don’t feel limited.

How does it work? Simply list your items according to brand, describe their current condition/ quality, and upload their pictures to sell. The only disadvantage is that Tradesy is a bit pricey. You’ll be charged almost twenty percent for every sale over fifty dollars.

wholesale clothes brandsgateway

LePrix (formerly SnobSwap)

You can already tell from it’s former name that it allows swapping of items among sellers/ buyers. However, if you aren’t interested in swapping, you can still make extra cash on this app in these two different ways:

  1. Take the clothes to LePrix to sell on your behalf – if they’re quite valuable.
  2. Sell the clothes yourself.

brandsgateway blog

The RealReal

This website deals in luxury items. You can sell your used luxury clothes, shoes, accessories, and jewelry here. The RealReal will pay you seventy percent of the selling price of your item. This is a great advantage.

Also, on this platform, hot items sell within three days and others within thirty days. Therefore, you can make extra cash faster than on most stores. If you have luxury items that you want to sell from your closet, this is definitely the platform for you.

wholesale clothing resellers

Mosh Posh

If you have a lot of designer items that you want to clear from your closet, Mosh Posh is the marketplace for you. It has branded itself a designer consignment company and sells gently used designer items like Kate Spade, Hermes, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton. List your gently used designer items on this site to make that extra cash!

wholesale clothing brandsgateway


The only difference between this site and eBay is that it doesn’t have the bidding option. Otherwise, it works pretty much like eBay. You upload images, list, and describe your items at your favored price, then they’re ready for sale. Mercari will charge a flat rate of ten percent on your earnings.

To summarize, you’re not just limited to selling items from your closet. You can sell almost anything on this platform. Look at the site. You’ll find that people sell a lot of things there, from soccer gear to cell phone cases.

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